The Christmas Tree Spirit

 Gifting a Golden Age

by Christos Lightweaver

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The story of 'The Christmas Tree' is an exquisite metaphor for the
Christ light descending on all branches of the 'Tree of Life'
as promises the 'Abundant Life' at the heart of the
emerging millennial golden age on Earth.

Get the Spirit 'Fire' at the Heart of the
Next Economy, and
Pay It Forward;
the holy Spirit of LOVE-in-action is
 for giving...


is the Christic
presence in each
and all of us under this
CAPstar’ as your Creative
Ascent Process that raises the
  gold standard for
a ‘New Economy’...
 the Currency of Conscience at the heart
of emerging global civilization as it becomes
more civil with abundance to gain for everyone.
Peace on Earth with ‘interactive mass TeLeComm
will upgrade ‘core Constitutional freedoms’ worldwide
as our Net reality infrastructure is upgraded for
and “uprising” (ascending) with universal freedom and a new
opportunity for liberating suppressed capabilities with abundant
and clean, virtually
technologies, Universal Self Care, and
an abundance of conscientious common sense in our hearts and minds.

is always
for giving.
This is our ordained divine destiny, a new beginning for our history as we’ve known it.
    Welcome a world where the
inner sense of love unwraps the gift that keeps on givingJ

 All Ways … Always.

 ~ Christos

PS:  Note the ‘ornaments’ that are hanging on the tree,
        and the 'gifts' that these shining focuses promise.
      Be a ‘star’ on your own ‘tree of networks’ as you
pay it forward and network for the Net worth of
Christ-Mass Conscience awakening as ‘Christmas’.

Please forward this e-mail freely to celebrate the Spirit
of the ‘Three Kings’ gifting the newborn Christ Light
that lighteth every soul that comes into the world.

By “linking the light’ (networking) this ‘Christmas Tree’,
    you are part of 'The Alliance' on the network of networks,
        the “Mother of all networks” (‘web of light-as-
      that has been winning from the beginning with the ‘
    at the heart of divine destiny for Earth’s evolutions now.

THANKS for bringing
Spiritual Fire to Christmas
 at the heart of
Christ Mass Conscience. ~ C.

May the Spirit-Fire of Christ Mass Conscience be with US!
 "Unless the eye catch fire, God will not be seen;
     Unless the ear catch
fire, God will not be heard;
Unless the tongue catch
fire, God will not be named;
 Unless the heart catch
fire, God will not be loved;
    Unless the mind catch
fire, God will not be known."
        ~ William Blake

"Man can harness the winds, the waves and the tides,
but when he can harness the
power of love,
then for the second time in the history of the world,
man will have discovered
~ Teihard de Chardin


CopyRound © 2011

Networking for the Net worth of Net reality that
cultures the Power of Love at the heart of
pure intention as will focus attention
love's retention for conscious
evolutionary ascension into a
conscientious dimension
with the new currency of


        To love with all your mind ~ , eft-brain ogic of a inear nature,
                               and all your heart ~
 , right-brain intuition of a nonlinear nature,  
             and all your strength ~
 , balanced brain of a synergy nature,
and your Netizen neighbor ~ 
in our Global Village (whole brain)
                              as thyself ~ 
, interdependent TLC Co-Creation.


Establishing the Worldwide Foundation with our
better discernment as judgment of, by and for
more Light and Love… easier and faster.

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"This is a test to see if your mission on Earth is over.
If you are still alive, it's not."
 ~ Sir Francis Bacon