Executive Summary: Future Memory ~ On The Path

April 8, 2015
Christopher Rudy
Heartcom Network
Host of Cosmic
(7 years @ BBS Radio)
Ron, to summarize with three points re: package sent to your LA office:
Future Memory is a true story of inspired vision fulfillment that will give hope and inspiration to people worldwide... and I'm still alive and well, capable of coordinating a creative team of script writers who are intent on authenticity.
The film begins with a future scenario as though happening, and then flashes back to the first 'chapter' at 'On The Path' with the rest of the film progressing to completion-bookend of the first scene.
When you read 'On The Path' you'll see the mind-blowing conclusion that begins this amazing story as includes:
1- Origination of universal law language for global communications that was presented at Buckminster Fullers World Game Studies Workshop (1974) and then to 10 agencies of Fed-Gov on Capital Hill a few months later, a  Mr. Smith Goes To Washington moment.
2- The development of 4 holistic health centers, pioneering quantum medicine in 1991, and developed a free Internet website model for worldwide holistic healing with Global TeLeCare (2014).
3- The development of heartware (Web 3.0) as the next phase of the computer/Internet revolution after previous emphasis on hardware (70s), software (80s), netware (Web 1.0 / 90s), and Web 2.0 social networks (2000s). Since 2010, heartware has modeled the future of global
TeLeCommunity and TeLeConscience with a potential for global humanity that is hopeful, inspiring and promising... a future we can all agree will optimize general enlightenment.
Match me with some good sci-fi Net-savvy script writers. They'll love this; true science for global conscious evolution that is so far beyond the current milieu that it seems like magic... an experience like windowing into a vivid 'future memory' flash of insight in the continuum of high touch high tech... where global civilization is going; the opposite of dystopia.

There is NO competition in that category of film-making.
New standards create new industry; huge new markets,
catching the wave 'currency' by culturing
TLC 'valuation'
that is a win/win for rich and poor, from greedy to needy.

And it is reality based with a sequence of experiential discovery that people can identify with... as well documented with more than 100 websites going into the trendfit of potential with the zeitgeist of our times. Think: 'Facebook' movie, but more real-time, ahead of the curve, previewing Web 3.0 'Future Memory'.
I have imagineered (Bucky Fuller term) numerous scenarios for dramatically modeling heartware as an interactive interface for mass-to-mass TeLeComm, pioneering the last frontier of "Inner Space" (InnerNet).
Heartware features heart coherence and brain field holodeck coordinates (personal and collective) for culturing social conscience in social networks: www.heartcom.org/HeartSource.htm, www.heartcom.org/holodeck.htm, www.heartcom.org/lightlanguage.htm and www.heartcom.org/VISION.htm.
ON THE PATH can make this real for almost 4 billion global Netizens who are hungry for inspired opportunity with our new Net reality.
This is a prime candidate for early promotion with a Kickstarter campaign with some novel incentives like an On the Path slide show 'teaser' with my voice over... and free tickets for an online premier, etc. And what if you mentioned that half of all movie profits would go to developing heartware for global social networks? That's never happened! Sufficient buzz could produce more viewers/income than without this social conscious impetus.
Not to mention early investment options (financial team) for advancing  the "
TLC cloud infrastructure" (heartware-) at the heart of social networks from OuterNet to Internet. Marketing plan available per request.
Read the first chapter, On the Path. It happened Ron. And what happened since then is no less 'miraculous' in a Future Memory way.  This 'reality movie', in my opinion, has been 'divinely directed from the beginning 'On the Path of the Mysteries of God and Country'.
This is a legacy film. Could be yours.

By the Grace of Cosmic ,
this Vision has Found it's Time,


A unique frame of reference for organizing
    individual, indivisible (universal) RIGHTS 

in a new 'global village' (public) SPHERE - 
with upgraded CHECKS and BALANCES - 

framed by a HIGHER STANDARD for

In the continuum of one's space-time relativity
 we're all accountable for conscious selectivity.
 Relations of relevance and ultimate reverence
 will thin the veil or by default mean severance.

There are rules whereby Creator's intention
is self evident to those who focus attention
 above as below with Great Love's retention,
 wising up to rise up for conscious ascension
 in a unified field of co-Creation's dimension.

  The enlightenment phase for a long golden age
   is Language of the Angels, the heart of a sage.
  The Law of the Angles thus frames a new page
    to write on, to journal, our conscious ascension
 into co-Creation realms of the fifth dimension.


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