BIG TEST:  Full Moon Energies Now

  Understanding… “The Kingdom of Heaven Within You”

 Here’s a ‘Heads Up’ for those who appreciate
  your connection with “cosmos” (quantum field)

“On Earth as it is in Heaven”.

by Christos Lightweaver


Feb, 25, 2013


There’s a Full Moon today, and several other aspects are also challenging many of us. And in the larger-quantum scheme of things, the larger scale energetics of our solar system and galaxy have a lot to do with the energetics resonating in our DNA, consciousness and the world-at large.


It’s ALL resonant, connected and ‘alive’
in ways we are just discovering.


Mercury just went retrograde a couple of days ago, and it has some ‘retro’ effects the next few weeks; a good time to reboot your memory -- a recent life review – to learn the lessons needed for moving on.

The Sun aligned with the ‘Pisces’ galactic constellation this last week and that soft feminine energy is aligned with Neptune which is now conjuncting the Sun, bringing more soft feminine energies that are the higher octave of Venus energies.  And Venus enters Pisces today, adding more soft feminine energy to our ‘DNA tuning forks’ which have been activating with the surge in the
Source Field.


That’s the DNA in 90% of the brain
which was once called ‘junk DNA’
because they didn’t understand

 'RESONANCE' in the quantum field.


Resonance - Beings of Frequency


If you have the patience to watch this exceptional video, you'll have the science to understand the quantum field resonance of this Full Moon and the effect of all this soft feminine energy as softens the heart of humanity. The challenge is hardened hearts and the hard masculine energy which lacks the ‘spirit that matters’ at this time.


Real women ‘get it’:
The Healing Power of the Sacred Feminine’.

Real men ‘honor it’; their feminine side.
(knowing that there is no suffering like
 disconnect from the sacred feminine)

"It is the ego that maintains the separation, 
the soul that knows better, and the 
divinity that calls us home." 
~ Christine Page, M.D. 

Since the Moon resonates with unconscious emotions, and since it is now aligned with the galactic constellation energies of ‘Virgo’, this combined effect is challenging many of us with a delicate balancing act between being hyper-sensitive and obsessive-compulsive. In other words, it’s a good time to be centered and connected with heart-coherence and self control.


Be on guard. Half of any test is to know what the test will be, and tempers may flare as Mars aligns with retro-Mercury over the next few days. Some may ‘lose it’, and project anger your way. So keep your harmony with compassion-in-action.


This Full Moon also comes with a unique challenge because it is not only in opposition to the Sun – with Earth in the middle – but also because both the Moon and the Sun are square Jupiter, which greatly magnifies the other challenges mentioned.


This is the type of combined challenge that compels one to either
(1) make needed changes in your life or (2) go completely off the rails.


Or as my German Grandfather used to say when
urgency dictated: “Crap or get off the pot!”


It was Founding Father, Thomas Paine, who originated the saying. “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.”  His ‘COMMON SENSE’ sparked the American Revolution. That was just the beginning.


Connect the dots of the ‘Big Picture’:

global evolution revolution now.


Realize that the ‘global brain’ -- our new ‘Net reality’ – has been raising consciousness, bringing us from the Internet to the ‘InnerNet’… from cyberspace to Inner Space.  And now, both hemispheres on the inner and the outer are BALANCING in RESONANCE with quantum field heart coherence and mind congruence of a common-universal 'sense'... unity in diversity that HONORS differences with 'Unity Conscience'; authentic power with the wisdom to synergize right-brain heart coherence with left-brain mind congruence... TO GET OUR ACT TOGETHER:


The Family of Man in a Global village.


A new ‘Common Sense’ is emerging for the United Sovereigns of Earth.
It is more than individual sovereignty, or state sovereignty, or national sovereignty.  It’s more like universal sovereignty in the ‘Quantum Field’.


‘There is a field… and I’ll meet you there.”
~ Rumi, Sufi Mystic-Poet


So be on guard. Watch your temper. Keep your harmony. And claim the Victory of Cosmic that is winning from the beginning of this ‘test’.


BE-ATTITUDE for this Time:

Better to see the opportunity with any challenge
rather than the problem with any opportunity.



 All Ways ,

~ Christos


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"This is a test to see if your mission on Earth is over.
If you are still alive, it's not."
 ~ Sir Francis Bacon

And as the Internet peaked in it's growth rate back in 1997,
the final incarnation of
Sir Francis Bacon had this to say:

"Let us have one plan, and let us go with that plan, and let us go with it big time.
Let us do that. Let us not have little groups here and little groups there,
thinking they know what to do when you have to have MasterMind consciousness
that you are going to transform not only a nation but a world.
This is a global situation and nothing less, so you must think globally
and you must realize... This is a pivotal moment...
There will never be a greater moment, a greater opportunity
to solve the problems of Earth..."

~ Saint Germain, Jan. 1, 1997, via E. C. Prophet