Preventing Flu

Proactive Prevention Practices

 by ‘Dr. Christopher

 If you follow the news, you know that there’s a major outbreak of flu
  across most of the U.S., and as for proactive prevention practices…
it’s time for a check up from the neck up.

 5 Powerful Practices for Preventing (and Treating) Flu and Colds 

Over the holidays, many people reading this have been exposed to people with flu or colds. To prevent or treat either, a little common sense goes a long way.

After decades of experience through my 3 holistic health centers, I’ve accrued a modicum of wisdom regarding foundational health practices that are priceless for the prevention or treatment of flu and colds. 

1-  Alkalize your chemistry: Holiday excess with candies, cookies, red meat, soda drinks and alcohol beverages are the most common culprits for an acidic chemistry that breeds viruses in the biological terrain of the body. The cause of flu and colds is not so much the exposure to viruses as it is the body’s unbalanced acidic environment in which they thrive. Louis Pasteur admitted this on his death bed, but the cult of treatment rather than prevention has dominated medicine.  Restore a more alkaline body with a more conscientious abstinence of the culprits that acidify your bio-terrain while eating more vegetables, drinking more pure water, and if you feel a cold or flu coming on, alkalize quickly with miso soup or drinking tea with a few tablespoons of a good tamari sauce… available at health food stores.

2-  Respect your ‘bottom line’:  Your colon is the ‘bottom line’ for health. Numerous studies have shown that as much as 80% of your immune systems is gut related. If the colon is “backed up” (constipation), or if you have a “sick gut” (gas or diarrhea), toxic wastes can leak through the membranes in your colon to poison your blood stream and every cell in your body. That is actually quite common, and many colds and flu-like symptoms are actually the body’s response to eliminate toxins from a sick gut. Probiotics are commonly used to restore healthy colon flora, and as an experienced colon therapist, I’ve found the most advanced probiotics to be ‘Soil Based Organisms (SBO’s) with the most effective blend called ‘Prescript-Assist’, available on-line and with many health professionals.

3-  Jump-start your immune system:  Vitamin D3, beta-carotene for Vit. A, and a buffered form of Vit. C can dramatically boost the immune system. Perhaps the most important commonly available supplement is ‘essential fatty acids’ such as flax-seed oil as if often recommended by holistic practitioners for severe immunity crisis as with cancer. Also available at health food stores, Borage oil and Evening Primrose oil are other forms of essential fatty acids that boost the endocrine system by providing the hormonal precursors for the glands that regulate everything in the body.

4-  Consume primo ‘superfoods’: There are different ‘superfoods’ touted by health experts, but there is only one that is in a category all of its own, and so effective that it is used in drip-IV’s for immunotherapy after the immune system is wiped out by chemo and/or radiation. That ‘UltraFood’ is Swedish Pollen Extract (SPX) which provides the richest form of RNA/DNA genetic material from the source of the food chain. Developed by the same Swedish company that developed the ‘RAST Test’ for allergies, SPX is non-allergenic and is used widely in Europe and Asia as a prophylactic for prevention of colds and flu. You don't get sick as much and you recover quicker when you do. Peer-reviewed clinical trials prove it to be the most effective natural food for increasing the white blood count and other markers for a strong immune system. Available online at wholesale prices, ‘SPX’ is the superfood that sets the standard for ‘super’.

5-   Combine 1, 2, 3 & 4: There is a biological “symbiosis” (synergy) when these health-building practices are integrated with core life-style habits of good attitude, organic foods, pure water, and aerobic exercise.  The key to health integrity is holistic integration of these ‘common sense’ keys.  The symbiotic ‘whole’ is truly greater than the sum of the parts.

To Your Whole Health,

 ~ ‘Dr. Christopher

PS:  As for flu vaccines, be aware of Vaccine Dangers
 and be forewarned by this quote and its source:
“The entire vaccine program is based on massive fraud.”
~ Russell Blaylock. M.D., neurosurgeon for 25 years, who
 was on the editorial staff of the Journal of American
Physicians and Surgeons, the official journal of the
 Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.


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