Unveiling Higher Power

We're obviously not alone in the universe.

by Christopher Rudy, Host of 'Cosmic Love'


1- Mass sightings of UFOs worldwide;

2- Our Galactic Family is with us now;

3- Cosmic signs ordained these times.


Recently there was a whole fleet of star ships doing maneuvers over Mexico
as shown in this Mexican news program, where such things are reported:

And check out this 39 second video of a giant UFO over Rio, Brazil.

Note the close-up of a giant UFO going 'inter-dimensional'.

Makes you wonder: (1) Why are they showing up now? (2) What are they trying to tell us? (3) How do we get our act together to SHIFT into a higher global-unity consciousness that is honest and open about a 'Higher Power' on Earth as in Cosmos?

I'm reporting this now because many of the best YouTube videos of UFO's get removed soon after posting.  Last week there was an amazing video of the Russian asteroid explosion right after a UFO clearly exploded it with a pulse beam weapon.  I went to post it today but the YouTube link said it was removed.  Hmmm.

This begs the questions: (1) What do they want? (2) Are they here to protect us? (3) What does it take for us to wake up, wise up and rise up to join Galactic civilization?

We're obviously not alone. And obviously these visitors are peaceful. Why else would they be appearing in our skies for so long yet doing nothing to harm us?

For more amazing videos of our 'Galactic Family', watch this:

Keep in mind, these visitors are leaving many 'cosmic hints' of their benevolent presence. The size and sophistication of crop circles this last year have been stunning, as seen here:


See the three UFOs filmed creating a giant crop circle in Wiltshire England:

There are other 'Cosmic Signs' that unveil portents of a 'Higher Power'.  Before astrology became astronomy and science divorced itself from 'spirituality' in the
inter-dimensional quantum field (linking heaven and Earth), it was understood by 'wise men', East and West, that the order of the Universe ABOVE provides 'Signs of the Times' BELOW.

Today, Feb. 28th, the planet Venus is aligned with Neptune, and both are aligned with the deep-space constellation of Pisces.  In quantum frequency terms, Neptune is the 'higher octave' of Venus, representing beauty, harmony and love of a more nebulous 'etheric' nature.  Neptune is said to 'rule' the mystical energy of Pisces because it resonates with, and 'steps down', those frequencies more powerfully than the other planets, each with their own 'frequency coordinates' like your seven energy centers (chakras) as correspond to the seven most powerful glandular centers of your endocrine system.

Are you aware that your glandular system
governs your immune system?

Do you see the correspondence of galactic frequencies to
your energy centers and immune system?

Would you agree that we
make the best of these times
when we focus attention with pure intention and
love's retention for conscious ascension
in a 'common sense' dimension?

The cosmic energy from the sector of 'Pisces' - 1/12th of our solar plane's horizon - represents a profound sensitivity to the 'spirit that matters'; it is a soft feminine energy that is amplified by alignment with both dreamy Neptune and enchanting Venus at this time. 

So today is a good day to tune into the 'Sacred Feminine' within us.  This 'Presence' is magnified through Saturday when the Sun -- in the emotional water sign Pisces -- is in harmonious 'trine' with both the Moon and Saturn in another emotional water sign, Scorpio.

Take advantage of these sweet-sensitive alignments with a walk in nature, a romantic weekend, or a 'good cry' watching the Hallmark Channel:)

"In our ability to think about something differently
lies the power to make it different."
~ Marianne Williamson

Unveiling the 'Power Shift' with Revival of the
Divine Feminine in Co-Creation with


~ Christopher

PS:  It's almost six years since I began my 'Cosmic Love' Internet talk show with my true story 'On The Path' of unveiled mysteries.  Before I publish that short story on Amazon Kindle, I'd like your feedback.  For now, it's free at: 'On The Path'. ~ CR


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