Equinox Alliance Launch Update

 by Christos Lightweaver / 3-25-2012

This is an update of the Spring Equinox article:

"Labor to keep alive in your breast
that little spark of celestial fire
~ George Washington,
The Rules of Civility, Circa 1748

Three Good Points for ‘The Founders’:

    Part 1 - Cosmic Love ‘Heartstreaming’ the Equinox Message

 Part 2 - Ascent of the Evolution Revolution REVELATIONS

     Part 3 - The Greening of ‘AMERICA’ (I AM RACE) Worldwide


 Part 1 - Cosmic Love ‘Heartstreaming’ the Equinox Message

The March 20th Equinox saw the ‘Launch of the Alliance
at the time that the days and nights were equal in both
the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, a symbolic time to initiate the 2012 Alliance of both East and West in the North and South for the United Sovereigns of Earth.

As amazing synchronicity would have it, David Lewis of
The Hearts Center was giving his keynote lecture at his
Equinox Conference in Miami at the same time as my
Cosmic Love talk show, and David graciously agreed to
patch in the live audio for listeners of Cosmic Love.

David’s lecture: 'Beyond Awakening - Love, Heal and Thrive' – was inspiring to say the least. As a Messenger
for Saint Germain, David’s content was 'perfect' in pure intention focusing our attention with love's retention for our evolutionary ascension into a higher
unity dimension as truly represents the fulfillment of Saint Germain's sponsor-ship of a global rEVOLUTION in higher Conscience

You know... it's the 'Currency of Conscience'
at the
heart of the 'Next Economy’ and the
Aquarian Dispensation J

The audio for most of the presentation was excellent but
there was a problem making a connection the first eight minutes.  However, the archive of the show is being corrected with the recording made at the Conference, and if you would like a free pass to this archive, just e-mail with the subject ‘archive pass’ – to GeoNotes@mcn.net -- and I’ll e-mail back the pass code so you can hear it.

A big THANK YOU to David and his ‘A-Team’ for
heartstreaming the message of Saint Germain.


Part 2 - Ascent of the Evolution Revolution REVELATION

"We are bound, you, I, and every one, to make common cause…
 to maintain the common right of
freedom of Conscience."
~ Thomas
Jefferson, 1803

This is the time of ‘Revelations’, and as we move beyond mere ‘Awakening
Accelerated Ascent of the Alliance, ‘A-teams’ are spontaneously
forming to occupy the moral high ground of
Conscience in core
social, political and economic institutions worldwide. 

 See: ‘A-Team’.

Advance of the Ascent Alliance;
A-Team’ ACTIVATION as the
Shift Hits the Fan’


2 0 1 2

Our Election
Made Sure

 ‘The Elect’ are those who elect
or otherwise choose what is
naturally best for freedom
and opportunity for all
of global humanity;
our ‘
calling’ and
election made

Initiates of the HEARTcom Network are aware that the ‘cosmic fire’ of the Source Field
has been increasing dramatically this last decade, and is now surging with dramatic Earth
changes worldwide. Likewise,
"that little spark of celestial fire called Conscience"
has been
surging over this last year, unveiling the Whole Truth and challenging the Big Lie.

There is a ‘movement’ in the conscious evolution of global humanity.
 Over this last year we have seen clear ‘out breaks’ of this
with ‘Arab Spring’, ‘Tea Party’, ‘Occupy Wall Street’ and the global
   ‘Thrive Movement’. The spark of
Conscience has caught fire, big time.

Many are ‘awakening’ to realize that global humanity now has the opportunity for unprecedented abundance. Obviously, Internet capabilities are liberating the ‘Currency of Conscience’ with a natural upgrade of core Constitutional freedoms which culture social Conscience in our social networks. Up-wising and up-rising with abundant Conscience makes ‘DUH’ obsolete.

The trajectory of this movement is self-evident to those who can
 connect the dots or otherwise see the ‘handwriting on the wall’.

While this movement will liberate free-energy technologies and holistic healing breakthroughs,
it will still be a challenge to the deeply entrenched paradigm paralysis of ‘scarcity economics’ – the ‘value of scarcity’ – that limits abundance of all kinds, especially mainstream truth of all the potential abundance which, once conceived and believed, will naturally achieve public demand for global shift from the ‘Aristocracy of Corporatocracy’  to the ‘Democracy of Meritocracy’’.

 A meritocracy is the win/win paradigm of an economics of abundance.
  Cooperation is the spirit of private/public win/win for the Abundant Life.

   The corporatocracy is the win/lose paradigm of an economics of scarcity.    
      Competition is the spirit of win/lose behind culture wars of rich versus poor.

This corporatocracy has been privatizing all our social institutions
and socializing the cost with increasing taxes and austerity.

But that system of '
predatory capitalism' is disintegrating in 2012.

Will you be surprised to see how civility emerges
as corporatocracy continues to disintegrate
and meritocracy continues to integrate
along more enlightened ‘lines’ of
the ethical gold standard’
for our conscientious
common sense?

A decentralized grass-roots golden rule raises the win/win standard.
  The individual ‘wins’ with the same ‘golden rule’ whereby society ‘wins’.

  This is an ‘Ethical’ standard – a ‘moral compass’ – as cultures civility.
  It is the
E-valuation criteria for cyberEthics at the heart of ‘wEb 3.0’ as
  defines, refines and combines interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm
  and ‘shines’ the 'law or reciprocity' whereby that which goes around
comes around
, also known throughout civilization as:
the "law of cause and effect" (philosophy)
the "law of action/reaction" (physics)
the "law of stimulus/response" (biology)
whereby we "reap what we sow" (theology).

Are you aware how the global ‘Currency of Conscience
has thrived with a free and open Internet as
the new ‘Freedom of the Press’?

"Our citizens may be deceived for awhile, and have been deceived;
but as long as the presses can be protected,
 we may trust to them for light."
~ Thomas Jefferson to Archibald Stuart. 1799.

Is it true that a new ‘Freedom of Assembly’ with the Internet
 has cultured social
Conscience in our new social networks?

"Conscience is the most sacred of all property."
~ Chief Architect of the Constitution, James Madison

Would you agree that what we do for the worldwide web of Conscience
will determine how government of the people, by the people and
for the people will thrive for all humanity?

"No provision in our Constitution ought to be dearer to man than
 that which protects
rights of Conscience against the
enterprises of the civil authority."
~ Thomas
Jefferson, 1809

The Movement Towards wholness

This movement is a systemic metamorphosis of global civilization.
A revelation revolution has resulted from all-connected Net reality
with our instant-everywhere and interactive Internet capabilities.

The emerging of this ‘movement to wholness’ is now upon us.

Global humanity has arrived at the ‘-Point’ of 2012 Manifestation...
the '
mega-Point' of 'pportunity' for coperation and whleness.

The ‘Movement Manifesto’ is towards ‘Unity Conscience’,
the vision of '
United Sovereigns' in our New Global Village:

The ordained ‘Law of ne’ is unveiling ‘Mysteries of atNEment’
as reveals the ‘Two-in-
ne’ of “polarity” (versus divisive duality),
   as reveals the ‘Three in
ne’ of the “trinity” (3-fold flame of LOVE),
  and revealing the ‘Four-in-
ne’ of “wholness” (overview ‘plan’),
  to unveil the whole “Five-in-
ne’ meaning of our 5-D Conscience.

Note the circle of
neness in each of the four  archetypes:

This is ‘Cosmic Law 101’, the 1st principle of:
The Divine Order in the Holographic Universe,
The Unified Field as Harmony of the Spheres,
The Source Field as the Global Web of Love.
The integration of ‘4-sides’ to wholEness.
The 5-D synergy greater than 4-D parts.

Look to SEE… Know to BE...
eometrically Ordered Divinity
as the
Law and Language of
Angles and Angels of
Form and Frequency:

‘The Elect’ are those who elect
or otherwise choose what is
naturally best for all kind men
among mankind…

For there is the kingdom of heaven
and the power and the glory
beyond paranoid fantasies
beyond warring insanity
beyond paradigm paralysis
and to a more enlightened

One universal ‘cosmic’
’ in terms of:

 - Pure intention of, by and for the
aw and anguage of
                     (above as below / within as with all);

   - Focused attention through the
             ‘Spherical’ Spirit of One

                   (what goes around comes around);

 - Love’s Retention through the
Holy Spirit of LOVE-in-action.
is for giving, 70 x’s 70);

  - Evolutionary Ascension along
        more enlightened ‘lines’ of the
One Eye Love':


The 5th Dimension of
is ‘
Capstone Conscience
of, by and for ‘
Ascent’ with
the ‘cross-referencing’ of
,  and  in the
for a synergistic whol
that is far greater than the
sum of the 5-D processes
as will make it so

 The key to integrity is integration of all the keys to
Law of the Angles of “G.O.D.”
Geometrically Ordered Divinity)
framing the
Language of the Angels of Love
(our better humane-loving nature)


Part 3 - The Greening of ‘AMERICA’ (I AM RACE) Worldwide

In the cosmic scheme of things...
  the higher meaning of 'ascension'
 is in 90% of the word 'revolution'
     as focuses conscious
evolution by
raising the ‘childhood mantra’ of

"Toys'R Us"
to a mature adult prescience re:
"Evolution'R Us"

Look to SEE, know to BE, the ‘I Am’ of DIVINITY.
This evolution revolution is for our 'revelation'.
  is for wholness as in
holistic healing in good
for the Greening of 'AMERICA'
which is an anagram for
'I AM RACE'...
and all that follows this
'I AM' is how we affirm 'BEING'
 since what goes around in this
 comes around to winning from the beginning
  of ‘
co-Creating with the Spirit that matters for rEVOLUTION.


Note: The blue of pure intention + the yellow of wise dominion
the green of evolutionary ascension.
(more on 'light codes' at 'KoF Series’)

 This evolution revolution provides revelations as to the nature of
'Awakening' with 'Awareness' of 'Higher Conscience' …

BEYOND dualism, nationalism or any other ‘ism’ that
               divides -- rather than unites – the
               of all of ‘
US’; United Sovereigns of Earth.

 "More powerful than standing armies is
a vision that has found its time."

~ Victor Hugo

So Seize the Vision... The Law of the Angles,
   Embrace the
Virtue... Language of the Angels,
Commit with
Valor...  In Good Conscience ,
and Claim the
Victory whereby

 All Ways Victory in the Spirit of Cosmic ,

 ~ Christos, a rEVOLUTIONARY…
On the Path of God & Country

Easter ‘Egg Head’ in my Egg Rocker
 (Self portrait as explained HERE)

    If that picture doesn’t freak you out…
please forward this message freely.

You never know who will read it
and 'get it' and
give it  to others
who will 'get it' and
give it  in the
spirit of '
LOVE is for giving'.

You always know that what
goes around, comes around
to finish where we began
when we were all together
winning from the beginning.

BE the ALLIANCE you want to SEE.

For the Greening of 'AMERICA'... worldwide,
may the prescience of divine light inform it,
and may the zeal of divine love perform it!

Long Live the Alliance of Alliances
on the network of all networks
- the Mother of all networks -
as we align our ascent intent
from the outer to the inner
moving from the Internet
to the global 'InnerNet' as a
connection with the
of, by and for STRONG WILL
coupled with
pure intention
for our wise dominion via
unmitigated love.


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