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Here’s How Everyone Wins

Upgrading~Rebooting our
Individual and Collective
Conscious Evolution

 by Christopher Rudy / Oct. 1, 2014


Global civilization has succeeded to the point
where the potential for abundant conscience
challenges status quo economics of scarcity.
In response to abundant social conscience
emerging in global social networks, a choice
for the opportunity of 'Global Enlightenment'
is becoming self-evident with a love of truth,
the truth of universal at the heart of
global social networks shaping our Net realty.
Knowledge power is a good thing but global
power without the wisdom of common
is like freedom without common sense morals.
Watch the following short 2 minute video for
a powerful overview of the global ‘OuterNet’
technology that is networking the foundation
for worldwide
TeLeCommunity with .

 More on the OuterNet and ‘InnerNet’ HERE.

The full implications of the global computer/Internet revolution will naturally provide checks and balances on the monopoly capitalism that represents the collusion of big business with big government as monopolizes major “free” markets at the expense of core Constitutional freedoms.

The market mentality of Wall Street at the expense of Main Street America has made the rich richer and the poor poorer while shrinking the middle class with government policies that legalize the plunder... for all with eyes to see.

Witness the divisive ‘Citizens United’ decision that gave personhood to impersonal corporations who can now virtually buy elections with unlimited funding of big money candidates of, by and for the 'corporatocracy’… NOT for representation of the public at large.  If the Supreme Court actually believes that monied power should be the law of the land, then public checks and balances on the abuse of power are naturally needed, and that's now possible as never before.

Realize that Corporate Law, which puts stockholders first when profits are at stake, is diametrically opposed to Constitutional Law which puts the interests of the public above all.

See: Corporations and the Rich Viscerally Oppose the Common Good
                                             by Noam Chomsky

Is Monopoly Capitalism Actually Like Communist Socialism?

Witness the riots in Hong Kong this week over democratic elections. The Communist Chinese state government promised self-rule for Hong Kong when the British ceded ownership of this entrepreneurial hub of Asia. But now the totalitarian Chinese government has said they get to choose who can run for any election… choosing who can be chosen.

This is what the corporatocracy now does in America.

By rigging elections with candidates chosen by the corporate elite, power to own and control the human and physical resources of the masses is no longer of, by and for the people. It’s for monopoly power OVER the people.

Of course this psychotic break from Constitutional reality goes back 100 years to privatization of the U.S. Treasury; the creation of the privately owned Federal Reserve central bank. More recently we’ve witnessed how the 9-11 inside job led to false-flag ‘Patriot Acts’ that have sacrificed core freedoms for security until we now have less freedom and security.

So how do we create a win/win for self and civilization?

A systemic reboot of global freedom and opportunity is the natural fulfillment of the computer/Internet revolution with unity in our diversity, the spirit of ‘come-into-unity’ that defines and refines ‘community’ through real-time instant-everywhere TeLeCommunications, emphasizing the TLC… the heart of the interactive interface for Global Net Activation with .

Liberation of conscientious common sense for global enlightenment begins by coming out of denial of the problem. I learned that while developing and managing three holistic health centers. There is no healing of one's body or civilization-at-large unless and until we come out of willful ignorance of the problem. Healing begins with good intention to be made whole. And a well-defined problem is half way to a well-defined solution.

2014 was the year that more people got their on-going world news from the Internet rather than corporate media as is highly scripted to promote the interests of the military-medical industrial complex, which can be seen with incessant fear-mongering for more war and drugs for whatever ails you.

The Choice at the Turning Point: Dystopia or Utopia?

One of the 'cause-and-core' problems we face is the cherished illusions which are created and managed by corporate media that profits from “scarcity’s value” (scarcity economics) by creating and managing a scarcity of peace and health through fears of war and disease that clamors for more ‘solutions’ that too often represent the military-medical industrial complex, NOT the public.

The truth is that the scarcity of peace and health in the world today can be quickly transcended with a systemic global revolution in social conscience that heralds the emerging blueprint for a golden age. It is only the scarcity of conscientious common sense that maintains the Big Lie of tyranny from the top – the corporate hierarchy of power without love-centric principle. But that win/lose game plan whereby the 1% win and the rest of us lose is “retro” (devolutionary) and rapidly disintegrating with dysfunction and dystopia.

The choice of the Family of Mankind in our new global village is the opportunity to either liberate the abundant power, wisdom and love of, by and for ALL people
                                 – The
United Sovereigns of Earth –
or by default, the concentration of power, information control and tyranny over the hearts and minds of mankind will continue to invert, subvert and pervert the conscious evolution ‘gold standard’ at the heart of the Next Economy.

“Conscience is the most sacred of all property.”
~ Chief Architect of the Constitution, James Madison

Although we can’t legislate or 'program' morality, we can create an environment in our ubiquitous social networks whereby the Currency of Conscience can thrive.
That process, known as ‘information’s ecology’, is the recycling of general
knowledge in the way that empowers wisdom with heart coherence… a process that involves and evolves our individual and collective conscience through the origination and e-valuation of programming in social networks.

In other words, freedom of speech and assembly upgraded in a way that is consistent with existing global Internet capabilities from InnerNet to OuterNet.

The Currency of Conscience and the ‘New Enlightenment’

Enlightened global civilization will naturally evolve through an upgrade of the horse-and-buggy legislative systems that are out-of-touch with instant-everywhere and interactive communication capabilities. The New Enlightenment concept of ‘voting’ will represent ‘volition’, the well-informed choice of global Netizens. That is naturally optimized by representation of five core Constitutional freedoms at the interactive heart of mass-to-mass TeLeComm; cultural DNA.

CyberEthics at the Heart of Global TeLeComm

The introduction at the Heartcom Network Home Page provides a frame of reference (and video) for understanding the worldwide Shift Movement
- from victim dictum to victory virtues - claiming the victory of a golden rule/law light language as the interface for Global InnerNet Activation .

Such a universal standard for global self governance, self education, and self healing also provides a model for ethical sustainability – a conscience ‘compass’ -- that provides enlightened reflection, direction and perfection of for PROTECTION, because there’s no security without purity.

It is perfect that casts out fear, neutralizing
 Dense, Unconscious and Heartless policies of "DUH".

   The higher the concept of in form and frequency,
as in frequently, the greater the results as a universal
governing principle for interactive global TeLeComm
with the holistic (whol) spirit of -in-action.

Fearless Faith in our Divine Potential
Upgrades and Reboots Net Reality
with the Power of Love Universal
 in Three Integrated Processes:
1- Deleting (forgiving) all that is less than
    the  that is for giving through
    interactive mass-to-mass
   - the holy spirit of -in-action -
   as naturally neutralizes (transmutes)
  the dark side of the sinister force of
FUDFear, Uncertainty & Doubt),
2- Downloading (upgrading) with :
   - Conditional MIND of
(Law of Angles;
Geometry Of Divinity)
  - Unconditional HEART of ne
(Language of Angels; our better nature)
   – Balance/Synergy of + in
(greater than the sum of the parts)
- 4D components to the 5DCAPstone”
            (Creative Ascent Process via )

3- Networking for the Net worth of
    Establishing the currency of conscience
    for global enlightenment at the heart of:
    – Self Governing with
Light Language,
  – Self Learning with Heart Education,
– Self Healing with Universal Self Care,
     – Self Mastery with CAPstone VISION.
Co-Creating a Global Platform for
Conscious Evolution.

So Keep the Faith, See the Good
and Make It So
Winning from the Beginning of
a Vision of Virtue and Valor
for the Victory of .

 Imagineering a Vision of Virtue and Valor for the Victory of  
Pure Intention as Focuses Attention with Love's Retention 
Conscious Ascension in the Soul's Dimension of
Divine Intercession and Eternal Progression