Initiating the “Light Side” Thrust
For a Global Healing Purpose

March 23, 2010

by Christopher Rudy, Editor
GeoNotes News

Vision-Aries Cardinal Fire Coordinates
For Initiating Global r
 Via Holistic Healing


As the veil thins at an exponential rate on the 2010-2012 timeline,
many are experiencing “Spherical
Conscience” (O-point)
that I’ve explained as the natural cycle at this time
in the article “Conscience Convergence”.

Mass awakening is progressing very quickly.
Some are awakening quicker than others.
Lightbearers “get it”… how some people
have more light than others, and that the
more light you have, the more you know
how good things can be for all humanity,
and how the dark-side is being neutralized
 as more light is anchored in our Net reality

(the morphic grids of our ALL-connection).


By now I hope you’ve had the opportunity to review the Equinox Meditation that sets the matrix for overcoming the opposition to pure intention that focuses attention on our evolutionary ascension.  It ain’t rocket science.  Mankind has free will, and the collective power of global intelligence, harnessed at this unprecedented time, can truly set the matrix for a millennial Golden Age. 

Many lightworkers, lightweavers and lightbearers are discovering the portents for "more light" flooding the Earth now as the spiritual catalyst for cultural DNA at the heart of the “Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age”.

Quite honestly, can you think of anything better to do than
catch the unprecedented wave of "more light" now?

I don't mean to be arrogant, a temptation of all Aries as myself.  A dear friend has tried to convince me recently that I have Aspergers Syndrome, a form of full-spectrum disorder, that psychologists recognized as a rather common phenomena in 1994.

This “disorder” is typically less emotionally sensitive and more mentally focused in one area. In my case, that's a rather self-absorbed sense of mission focused on "universal online self care standards", "global holistic healing models", and upgrade of global representative self government via "mass-to-mass TeLeCommUnity" that is centered and connected with a universal law/language standard of  in form and frequency (as in frequently).  And I always thought I was bringing order to disorderJ

So I don’t mean to sound arrogant to those who feel otherwise.
I’m not trying to make anyone wrong or hurt your feelings.
It’s  just that I can’t think of anything better to do…
and just as I want to get a grip on a holistic
vision of change we can all believe in,
I want to share what I’ve found,
and connect with all who
truly appreciate the
“light side” of

As for Power in  as the triple A
Alpha Archetypes for Ascension,
there is no better time for
anchoring “
 than now.

The new High Way requires a new “AAAJ

It is well known by wise men throughout history that the Spring Equinox can be used to initiate agendas not just for the year but for years to come.  There is a powerful “cardinal fire” energy in the Spring Equinox that can be used for great good… or abject “evil” of a selfish or even nefarious nature. 

The only "sin," if you will, is interfering with the growth of a soul,
your own or anyone else's, and the result is DEvolution
with as many more chances as needed NOT to do that.
- Message from Matthew (August 1, 2007)

That’s even moreso true now – the consequence for good or bad choices -- as the veil thins at an accelerated rated on the 2010-2012 timeliine.  In other words…

If you're not moving to the “light side” with your choices,
by default, you're backsliding to the dark side.
And once you are truly enlightened,
there’s no going back to
“victim dictum”.

Victim dictum is poverty consciousness – a lack of abundant Conscience.  Full spectrum Conscience is the birthright of every soul that is born into this dense octave of incarnation.
Too often we forget that love is
for giving, not for getting or forgetting that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.  But the veil is thinning with awareness of all things spiritual quickening our standard of living with the gold standard of loving.

Every child of the Great Spirit of God-Love
understands how the Father-Mother
nature of divine God-Love is
the Parental Presence
which raises our

Let’s be honest.  Higher Conscience of Higher Power floats all boats – all souls – on the calm sea of light that finds solace, strength and conviction at the all-seeing eye of the hurricane… the whirlwind of karmic consequence as old ways of believing, thinking, feeling and acting are brought to the surface on the 2010-2012 timeline for TRANSMUTATION... like corporate tyranny that challenges our Constitutional freedoms.

The collective Conscience of global humanity is
quickening the purging of subconscious
habits and dysfunction like corks
bobbing up from the depths
of the (our) collective

It is a collective initiation on the 2010-2012 timeline.  What is true for each soul is true for all souls.  Those who realize this timeless truism for soul evolution now can appreciate how we’re all in this together as never before in known history.  There’s no “hanging separately” – no escape from the Great Law of consequences that will not budge.

The old ways will pass away one way or the other.
We can “kick at the pricks” (victim dictum)
all that we want… or we can embrace
a vision of virtue for the victory
of a global rEVOLUTION
in “higher” (holistic)

All crisis we see are, at heart, for lack of Conscience.  The wise man doesn’t get angry, he evens the score with more light that naturally neutralizes dark side habits individually, and also, collectively in those social institutions that no longer serve well the purpose for which they were created... like corporate "health care" that puts profits before people.

There are natural consequences for corruption
in our social institutions; they corrupt all of us.

We shape our social institutions and they consequently shape us. 
Heaven knows there are serious “signs of the times” that have
serious portents for change whether we know it or like it or not. 
No other “change event” will influence global civilization more. 
And the choice point  (O-point) for all souls is reaching a climax. 

In the eternal scheme of soul evolution, we either go to the “light side” sooner... or later.
We all get "stuck" every so often, but pure intention will sooner or later focus our attention
on the path to soul ascension that goes
into the light... and out of the comparative night.
Each soul goes to where they are coming from... and a choice for "more light" is bright.

We can set the matrix for Golden Age healing now with
a conscientious rEVOLUTION in
AAA standards.
We can reform “Health Care reform” with
choice over population control rules
  that resist a real public option.
Yes we can embrace an
AAA standard for
freedom in


The holistic, healthy or otherwise holy whole of public opinion
-- the convergence of
Conscience of United Sovereigns (U.S.)
 is like the
, and components to the capstone in .
The holy whole synergy is greater than the sum of the parts.


Forgive my Aspergers, but I can’t think of anything better to do
for navigating the vast unchartered frontier of Inner Space

All Ways

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