Equinox Equilibrium ~ Sept. 23, 2015

Global Equinox and Energy Shift Equilibrium

The Equinox today is not your usual 'tipping point' of seasons. It's far more than just the beginning of Fall in the north and Spring in the southern hemisphere of Earth. There's a much bigger 'tipping point' going on globally. It's affecting everyone... from the inside-out.

Wave X frequencies are peaking this week, so keep your equilibrium. Keep your faith in the future of global humanity. Keep your head while others are loosing their minds as they have known them... as the frequency shift of Earth's "heartbeat" (Schumann Resonance) increases with resonant brain-wave frequencies in the higher alpha range of heart coherence - the spirit of divine love - that has always been the glue holding together the fabric of space-time with the golden ratio harmonic 'set point' for a coherent heart-mind connection.

This golden ratio harmonic for Geometric Ordered Divinity in ‘The Field
- the fractal order of the holographic universe -
is the golden rule/law language governing cause and effect,
action and reaction, stimulus and response; reaping
what we sow on Earth as in Cosmos-at-large.

Global "Keepers of Frequency" (KoF) appreciate this gold standard for cosmic law governing shift equilibrium: a balanced 3-fold frequency for empowering wisdom with love… the synergy of the trinity.
This is it folks. We've arriving at global "-point" (mass awakening). Full disclosure of the secret space program and ET presence has gone mainstream worldwide through Internet TV's Cosmic Disclosure Series with David Wilcock and Corey Goode. Extremely advanced technologies are being unveiled ranging from space travel and star gates to clean free energy technology, global enlightenment capabilities, and free-online holistic healing breakthroughs for all Netizens of Earth.
The 'Whole Truth' is the end of the 'Big Lie' as we have known it.
This is naturally disruptive to scarcity economics and the scarcity consciousness that maintains it. In good Conscience we can see the end of the world of 'Big Oil', 'Big Media', 'Big Pharma', 'Big Banks', 'Big War' and the collusion of 'Big Government' with a 'Big Brother' Orwellian agenda as we have known it.
Call it 'Evolution Revolution', 'Global Economic Reset', 'Jubilee Judgment', 'Shemitah', or the inexorable advance of fearless faith in the face of faithless fear... Deep SHIFT Happens:)
In the larger scheme of the cosmic continuum, it's all in divine order.
Source has rules. Creator has methods. And a Unity State of is winning from the beginning of global sovereignty for the Family of Mankind.

So Keep the Faith and Love Freely for Global Equilibrium,
~ Christopher
   PS: See also: 'Continuum News' (updated 9-22-15):
Universal for global equilibrium.

There's nothing more valuable than a vision
of virtue and valor for the victory of
conscientious common sense
that has found it's time.


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