What the Mayan Calendar and Benjamin Fulford
have to say about a deep downturn of
the economy this fall.


9.9.9. and the Mayan Calendar
Carl Johan Calleman / September 6, 2009



In the manifestation of these evolutionary waves we may now as we approach the Ninth level notice an amazing synchronicity. This is that the upcoming date 9.9.9 (September 9, 2009 in the Gregorian calendar) happens to coincide with the beginning of a Mayan Sacred Calendar count of 260 days. <cut> . If we ponder what this synchronicity may be telling us the most natural conclusion to draw is that on this particular date we are called to focus on the number nine and especially the Ninth level of the Mayan calendar system, whose coming into existence we are soon about to witness.


<cut>…we thus have reasons to expect an unprecedented period of change in a very short period of time. This is partly because we are entering the final phase of the eighth level of evolution and partly because a wave movement of a very high frequency, the Ninth level, will radically come to transform the collective consciousness in such a way that we will see the world in an entirely different light. It is for this reason that in the three upcoming Sacred Calendar rounds that follow upon 9.9.9 we will need to network and focus our intentions so that they converge in the birth of a new world. This is all the more important as there are several sources that seem to indicate that the sixth night of the Galactic Underworld, beginning on November 8, 2009, may come to generate a deep downturn in the world’s economy.

--------- Note: This corresponds to what Benjamin Fulford is saying.  He's a “deep cover insider” (hiding in Japan), who reports
                      what's really going on with definitive signs of a financial collapse of the United States starting on September 30th.
                      See his 2nd article below for details. 

                      The first article following is a humorous spoof, but with serious reference to the intent of power elite potentates to
                      reduce global population by several billion people.  Replace the "Project Bluebeam" link with "Mass Vaccination"
                      and you can see the nefarious intent of the effete elite in a more immediate context of imperil.  ~ CR


by Benjamin Fulford 

Let’s do Armageddon

The secret government of the West has been run according to astrology and astronomy. They, like the Mayans, believe the solar system rotates around the galaxy once every 26,000 years and that the current cycle ends on December 21st, 2012. Illuminati insiders say the world was run according to an ancient plan and that the script runs out on 2012. They know they will lose power after that date but they are scared and confused about what will happen next. My suggestion is to carry out Armageddon in order to purge monotheism of its obsession with end times.

The New World Order thugs have actually been planning a fake end of world scenario known as Project Bluebeam. This Satanic plan of course was aimed at killing 4 billion people in order to “save the environment.”

Instead why not carry out the biggest inside job in history and fake Armageddon without actually killing everybody. I was hoping to invite David Rockefeller and other honchos of the secret government to a big party at the Tokyo Dome where we could all smoke a peace pipe before launching “Armageddon.” Then we would do our best to scare the bejesus out of everybody by making as many brainwashed “sheeple” as possible really believe the world was coming to an end. For example you could broadcast realistic computer animation of New York being nuked. After that you would cut off all communications with New York. People in New York for their part, would be made to believe they were the last city on earth. Then of course all those fake UFOs and holograms of Christ and Buddha etc. could be brought out too. We could also start auditions for an Antichrist who was good enough to fool people into thinking he (or she) actually was the devil. Nobody could portray the actual messiah so that part should be assigned to all humans collectively as the birth of the human collective consciousness that arises to save the world. At the end, hopefully, humanity would be so stunned and awed they would never again ever want to have war.

Before starting the Armageddon, though, we will need a new Marshall Plan to rid the world of poverty and environmental destruction so that humanity really did have something to celebrate in 2012.

After the Armageddon ends, humanity will need to set up a new pyramid of power. Now I know that sounds like New World Order propaganda at its best but the fact of the matter is there will always be some sort of pyramid of power. The trick is to make it a completely transparent and free pyramid so that any peasant from Nigeria, or Chinese schoolgirl, or whoever, could, if they were good enough, climb to the top. In other words, set up a meritocracy.

The secret societies could then go to sleep but stand by to intervene if the world ever started to again decay into anarchy and war.


by Benjamin Fulford 

Updated and expanded: Dr. Van de Meer predicts monetary collapse of US starting on September 30th

A private but extremely influential silent individual,  Dr. Michael Van de Meer is the person predicting a financial collapse of the United States starting on September 30th. That is the end of the fiscal year and the final date for payments the Federal Reserve Board wants to act, but cannot, because it is in a catatonic state, as the leaders of every state in the world is.

There will also be indications on September the 16th, he informed me some ten months ago, “Although September 30th will be the tipping point at which the tree’s fate is determined, the branches will not hit the ground until October 7 and 27th and going on into November,” he says.

Dr. Van de Meer correctly predicted the financial panic that started in September of 2008 (also 10 months in advance) and has made many other accurate predictions.

In a separate confirmation the Chinese Government is no longer entertaining and investing in derivatives, and have declared a Nova-to, meaning they will not be paying the trillions “due” on these illegal instruments. In fact the Chinese are using stronger language saying these criminally foisted instruments are a declaration of a financial war.

Meanwhile, in a significant break in corporate media censorship, the CBS TV program 60 minutes reported that Alan Greenspan, in concert with Bill Clinton and George Bush Senior facilitated in the year 2000, during the middle of the night, the passage of a criminal, highly illegal unconstitutional Bill that created the mortgage and property bubble. The bill allowed unscrupulous individuals in the major Banks and Insurance Corporations such as I.A.G. to hedge bets at a cent to the dollar. This allowed them to create derivatives contracts whose supposed face value runs into the quintillions of dollars (In either the British or American systems that is the next number after a quadrillion!) . On September 30th all these fiat numbers created out of nothing will no longer be accepted. Both China and Japan have not said they will only accept gold from America but they have none. Bernanke and Geithner are desperately calling the people who own the gold and asking for some but they have been told they will not get even one ounce. 

The bundling of the worthless inflated dollars created a devaluation in the banking system and major banks went down in a domino spiral, the affects of which will be felt for many years around the world. The destruction of the world’s accounting system is so extreme that the tax base of every state and municipal government is strained, some house values have fallen 80%, farmers cannot get credit for parts, seed, fertilizers and water meaning many innocent people will pay, maybe even with their lives.

The Wall street banksters that own the Fed are being forced to put all their derivatives garbage on the books by September 30th. If they do that, they will be exposed as totally bankrupt.

The new financial system has been embraced by the Vatican, the British Empire and the Dragon family as well as the new Japanese government so it is hard to see how the Fed will be able meet the demands. Also people are now on to them and without secrecy their entire fiat con-job ceases to function. 

There are still so many smart people, supposedly educated in “economics” and “finance,” who do not understand the true nature of the banking system that is now collapsing. People need to march on Washington by the millions to demand that the right to issue currency be returned to the people.

Those of us who are aware need to get as many people as possible to learn the truth about the Feds. The Federal Reserve Board is a conglomerate of 12 banks and the Rothschild family. They spew out trillions of worthless “Fiat” (out of nothing) dollars to the Americans and the world at large.

Please read what is on each dollar bill (this note is legal tender for debts, public and private) and try to explain to the public that means we are spending worthless debt dollars. We all need them to ask exactly who we owe this “debt” to.

Please call this number ,1-800-595-6596 to order a book written by Edward Griffin entitled The Creature from Jekyll Island. It is guaranteed to anger you and make you demand change. It is about how the Feds took control of the US’s security by seizing the right to print and control money. It must be brought to your attention that the Federal Reserve is a hoax that has been insinuated on the US and the entire world by means of the contrived name “Federal Reserve.”

Even people who have taken an MBA and have studied all the subjects taught at universities about “Finance” and “Economics” are led to believe the  Fed is owned by the government, ie “we the people” when it is not. I was a financial journalist for 25 years and yet never learned this truth until recently. The fact is the Fed is a pariah institution created in the dead of the night in an empty Congress on Christmas Eve in 1913. Close to a hundred years later they have put us in debt to the tune of quintillions of dollars, meaning theoretically we and our descendants will be debt slaves forever. This system must be brought to closure. The book will rivet you.

The book explains how a group of Europeans were able to steal the American people constitutionally given rights. Here are the names of these criminals.

1.   Nelson W. Aldrich, business associate of J.P. Morgan and father in law of John Rockefeller Junior.  :

2.   Abraham Piat, assistant secretary of Treasury.

3.   Frank A. Vanderlip: president of National Bank representing William Rockefeller and the banking and the banking house of Kuhn & Loeb & co.

4.   Henry P. Davidson, partner to J.P. Morgan.

5.   Charles D. Norton, president of J.P. Morgan’s " First National Bank.

6    Benjamin Strong, head of J. P. Morgan's First National Bankers Trust Company.

7.   Paul M. Warburg, head of J.P. Morgan's Bankers and Trust company, a brother to Max Warburg , head of the Warburg consortium in Germany and the Netherlands, all representing the Rothschild's.

These people plotted their evil deed of enslaving the American people on Jekyll Island in Georgia, U.S.A. before returning to Europe. The compromised the America way of life by taking control of their money and the rights to create it. They then took control of all industry and created the tax code in 1914 to force Americans to pay for the compounded debts insinuated on them from that moment on. they would insinuated upon the american populace from that moment on. This was facilitated by the arch traitor Woodrow Wilson. We the people need to rid ourselves of the Pariah known as the Federal Reserve Bank. The people need to reverse this evil and start issuing real dollars again that are based on the good will of the American people and their ingenuity. The financial devaluation that has happened over the years has led to a loss of sovereignty for the American people and has caused untold calamity throughout the world.

To get the whole story order the 600-page “Creature from Jekyll Island  1-800-595-6596. The hard cover copy is 36 dollars and the soft cover 20.

The new financial system that will replace the Fed will not allow any off ledger transactions nor any hedge funds or derivatives. Wall Street will not be allowed to as Dr. Van de Meer puts it to “do all their contrivances selling worthless air and paper and contrived named instruments that by their very names are comic to the ear. They have been gerrymandered to fool the millions who buy worthless stocks just like little old ladies in sneakers working slot machines”.

 The American people who are 4% of the world’s population but consume 40% of the world’s resources have been paying for it all with illusory money. The illusion has burst and there will be a 90 degree fall in the value of money, followed by a lot of hard work as the country rebuilds itself back into greatness. Fortunately, by developing all the new technology that was suppressed by the Feds, the end result of the rebuilding will be a golden age for all. But remember, there will be no gain without pain. However, the Americans are resilient people and will pull together and be a more informed and strong nation once again. First though, they need to seek out this Wall Street crowd; tar and feather them, and run them out of the country on a rail.


by BenjaminFulford 

Signs of American decline are everywhere

Signs of the coming collapse of the US empire are everywhere. First of all you have the US’s main supplier of money, Japan, fall under control of a government that does not want to buy any more US treasuries. This alone spells doom.

To add to their woes, as already mentioned, the Chinese are not going to let themselves get ripped off by fraudulent derivatives contracts. They have also been avoiding Treasuries. Bye bye money center banks and bye bye Federal Reserve.

Then you have Russian and German leaders meeting in Poland and forcing the US to back off its plan to put missiles there. It is like saying to the US: “Eastern Europe is no longer your turf.”

Meanwhile in the US back yard of Latin America Mexico and Argentina are decriminalizing drugs. The US would have been able to prevent that even a few years ago.

With the September 30th deadline approaching, this sort of news is spilling out of the corporate media. They can no longer keep the big lie going.


by BenjaminFulford 

Chinese to destroy Feds by refusing to honor fraudulent derivatives contracts

The Chinese government has told Chinese companies they do not have to honor derivates and commodity futures contracts made with Western financial institutions.

This is one of the most important of many nails in the coffin for the soon to implode Federal Reserve Board. The Chinese have every right to renege on those contracts because they were fraudulent. First of all the Feds manipulated the commodities markets to their benefit and to the detriment of the Chinese. They also allowed 100 times leverage thus allowing for astronomical ponzi schemes to be set up. Furthermore, they almost certainly did not properly explain the risks when they made their deals with the Chinese. Now that their attempt to rip off the Chinese is blowing up in their faces, these financial institutions will implode. This will set off a chain of events that will make the Lehman Brothers implosion seem like a storm in a tea cup. The total amount of derivates contracts outstanding is now over $5000 trillion or 100 times world GDP. In other words it is just a giant illusion waiting to vanish along with the institutions that peddled it.



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