Everything is in Divine-Universal Order.

There is a cosmic order governing all of Creation
 and the conscious evolution of souls.
by Christos Lightweaver / May 27, 2011
(upgraded 5-29)


In order to be up to speed, vibrationally ready
for the reality of personal and planetary rebirth,
 take ownership of the way you feel, and decide
 to feel good about alignment with the source of
‘Unity Conscience’ flooding the Earth at this time.

Watch this YouTube video called
'Consciousness Drives the Universe'
to better appreciate



This is what our Milky Way Galaxy
looks like from deep space.
Notice the Galactic Plane of
"cosmic fire" (photon belt)
that our solar system is now
crossing in it's 25,800 year
Precession of the Equinoxes;
(Hopi/Mayan Prophecy)

In ancient Biblical history, or some would say 'mythology', there was an extinction level event on Earth.  Apparently there was a lot of evil on the Earth, and some say Noah lived remotely at the same time of mythical Atlantis -- a highly advanced civilization -- which also supposedly suffered an extinction level event of severe crustal displacement of the Earth with the deluge of rising waters as entire continents sank. Noah allegedly built an Ark, a huge vessel by ancient standards, to survive with two of every kind of animals to repopulate the new Earth.

Modern 'mythology' of the Hollywood type has given us the blockbuster move "2012" which grossed almost a billion dollars in worldwide markets. This entertaining 2012 myth effectively provides cover for the reality of a crash program of international projects to finish massive underground shelters in 2011. Bill Gates and 25 national organizations have contributed to an international seed vault in a remote area of the Arctic, an underground 'Arc' to protect the genetic diversity of life on Earth.

One thing for sure, there is a massive amount of public disinformation about what is now happening quietly and quickly with hundreds of government and extrajudicial (private) agencies preparing for Planet X (PX), aka Nibiru, aka Elenin, or dozens of other names given to this 'dwarf star' which orbits into our solar system every 3,660 years. FEMA contracted for a billion dollars of food reserves back in February.

If this subject interests you, and you want to know what the fuss is all about, I suggest you watch these two recent YouTube videos on the PX trajectory, time line and pole shift portents for September-October 2011.  If you can't watch these videos on your computer, read:
 "The Mother of All Prophecies".

FIRST VIDEO: (uploaded May 21st, about 15 minutes long). This shows a direct correlation between recent major earthquakes and the inbound alignment of PX with the Earth and the Sun. It provides a 'warning' for the PX trajectory, time line and pole shift portents with an ominous alignment Sept, 26 2011, right before the PX makes its closest fly-by of Earth the following month.


SECOND VIDEO: (May 4th, 112 minutes).  PANEL: Ed Douglas, Richard Goodwin and Terral Croft of the Comet Elenin Research Team. This mysterious 'comet' was supposedly discovered in December 2010 by Russian astronomer Leonid Elenin.  Many have tried to vet his background with frustrating results and now wonder if he is a real person, or just a code word for an E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event), from the constellation LEO. In this panel interview, the goal is to help listeners to sort through this conundrum, so they can focus on what matters most - survival.

I pray you will receive this with an open mind, loving heart, and strength of will to transcend any fear or confusion.  And with the courage of conviction in the power of a “united prayer field” (shields) for Earth's protection, please forward this freely on the Internet.

If this is true, all other ‘distractions’ now facing humanity
are like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic!

But what I find interesting, from a cool, calm and collected perspective
 -- the eye of the hurricane so to speak --
is that...

It's ALL In Divine-Universal Order.

There is a cosmic order governing all of Creation
 and the conscious evolution of souls.

In the larger scheme of things, stars live and die
after billions of Earth years as we know them.
In the smaller scheme of things, we live and die
as sentient beings in the process of conscious
evolution, embodied for a 'schooling' purpose.

The order of the universe has rules governing the cycles within cycles for stars and planets as well as for souls and civilizations. In this regard, spiritual preparations for 'come what may' are as important as physical preparations.  In fact, if 'ELENIN' is actually an acronym for 'Extinction Level Event' (ELE) + 'NIN' as in NINeveh of the 'Jonah and Nineveh' story... then a global spiritual awakening to the Spirit that matters AT THIS TIME may be our only salvation.

Bear with me, as 'crazy' as this may sound.

If you watched the panel discussion in the 2nd video interview above, you'll discover that the path of PX appears to change, navigating asteroid belts as if under 'intelligent control'.  That's not surprising if you read, "Galactic LIGHT Flooding the Earth".  Our whole Galaxy is under intelligent control.  There is a Sentient Intelligence directing PX to Earth for a purpose which does not compute to the puny intelligence of godless science.

There is a Higher Power governing the order of the universe.  The unified field theory at its highest level is the Spirit that matters above all. This is the divine destiny of the crew of 'spaceship Earth'. Either we raise the shields -- the quantum field as a
prayer field of Unity Conscience -- or the birth of a new Earth will be much more painful than otherwise.

We're seeing the contractions or 'birth pangs' now.

Earthquakes and volcanoes are increasing in frequency and magnitude.  Look at the extreme tornadoes, floods and droughts worldwide.  It may be hard to see this as a natural consequence or 'judgment' for godless depravity as at the time of Noah, but...

"We ain't seen nuttin yet!"

Give it a few months and watch what kind of hurricanes come out of the Gulf of Mexico. 
It's been heating up since the oil spill changed the Gulf Stream in a loop back into the Gulf.  Mankind has violated nature, and as the reluctant Prophet Jonah might say, we're about to reap the whirlwind.

I've tried to tune in to what Jonah would have to say about the mad scientists and power mad elite 'giants' who are ethical infants. Most people are unaware of the violation of Nature by extremely advanced technologies that have weaponized scalar waves -- the all-connected hyperspace fabric of the universe -- as did the Atlanteans in Noah's time. More of us are aware of the genetic engineering of food that is making crap out of our DNA.  There's no future in such inordinate love of power which lacks the ordained power of universal love.

Jonah would simple say we're going to be destroyed
if we don't repent of this self-destruct course.

THE GREAT HOPE for humanity is mass awakening as an alignment with 'God' or 'Cosmic Love' or 'Unity Conscience' or 'Universal Co-Creation with the Spirit that matters' or however you conceive Galactic Aignment with the Great Sentient Intelligence emanating from the Great Central Sun of our Galaxy... radiating through hundreds of billions of star systems in the Galactic Plane... going active Big Time in our Sun... and resonating in the "miniature suns" (atomic nuclei) within every cell in our bodies.

The whole system -- see 'Powers of Ten'  (9 minute video)
is going 'on-line' with systemic Galactic Alignment in 2011,
  triggering Earth purification for rebirth as the 'Great Crossing'
   reboots the timeline with etheric fire of a
Conscience nature...

The choice of collective self-determination for humanity has arrived at a definitive ‘Judgment Time’.  The public-at-large can either upgrade the first principle of self-determination with the Constitution of Conscience -- the Spirit that matters for a global rEVOLUTION in higher Conscience – or by default, the birth of a New Earth will suffer a far more painful transformation.

There are sacred-natural laws which will not budge.

The Chief Architect of the U.S. Constitution said, "Conscience is the most sacred of all property." (James Madison)  It was the pure intention of Christ-like virtue that inspired the Constitution, and is kept alive in the hearts of the public.  And it is the second coming of that Christ-like Conscience in the fabric of space and time now -- globally -- which is our great hope for salvation as self-elevation in our Unity Conscience... raising the 'shields' of Earth with the correct polarity of etheric fire to be in harmony with the coming 'judgment' of PX inbound.

Either Great Souls on Earth 'raise the shields'
with a higher
Conscience of Higher Power
in alignment with the Spirit that matters
or naturally there will be a selective
'judgment' of out-of-alignment
consciousness devoid of
the Power of Love for
Co-Creation with

PX is definitely a trigger event forcing the issue of
each soul’s relationship with the Spirit that matters.

The 'X' factor in "PX" is mankind's free will to either "reboot" (repent) with mass awakening in the spirit of freedom and opportunity as galvanized the American Revolution, or else. The great 'LIGHT' (etheric fire),  now flooding the Earth, has the intentional impulse to restore free will and self-determinism to the governing systems of Earth.  What we see in the Mid-East revolutions and in the true 'Tea Party' movement in America resonates with the tsunami of 'ETHER' = 'LIGHT' = 'COSMIC FIRE' flooding the Earth.

"Truth is a tsunami. We surf it or we die."
~ David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD

In other words, we're now facing an evolution revolution to finish globally what U.S. Founders began locally. Yes, there are some dark-sinister humanoids on Earth who do not want human consciousness to evolve because it is not profitable for them to do so.  But they are history, or soon will be.  Let the past be past. Love is for giving... and heaven is merciful if we unite with pure intention as will focus attention on our evolutionary ascension.

Conscious evolution of, by and for our humanity
is on the threshold of a quantum leap.

Realize that the quantum field or 'fabric' of infinite space and the 'timeline' as we have known it is ALL CONNECTED to the mind of 'G.O.D.' with the heart of LOVE.  PX is merely a "Messenger of G.O.D." (divine order in the universe), for our adjudication of the Cosmic Law of Love through Galactic Alignment at this auspicious time - the correct end date for the Mayan calendar, the end of October, at the SAME time that PX will be closest to Earth.



So is this the 'Final Judgment' of souls as a final testing to see if their faith in a Higher Power is greater than their fear of death?

Is it true that all souls 'go to' their just rewards based on where they're 'coming from' in the larger scheme of soul evolution?

Would you agree that there's nothing more valuable than a vision of virtue and valor for the victory of

Four years ago, I began hosting my radio talk show 'Cosmic Love' on BBS Radio because I sensed the urgency of the time and couldn't think of anything better to do than interview people more enlightened than me.  I don't learn fast but I learn well, and I've had a long history pioneering the new frontier of 'inner space' to get a better grasp of the whole, healing and otherwise holy meaning of this 'cosmic love' thing.

On the Jan. 1st  show of Cosmic Love in 2011, I interviewed a lady called Eden Sky who gave an amazing introduction to the Mayan Calendar. Last week on Cosmic Love, Scott Davis took my understanding of the Mayan Calendar to a higher level.  It is an extremely advanced understanding of the divine order of cosmic cycles, cosmic energies and cosmic law setting the matrix for aligning the evolution of life on Earth.

And it's ALL in divine order.

To the extent that we conceive that divine order, and align with it, we achieve it. And there are 'rules'... the 'prime directive' aka the 'golden rule' to do no harm or suffer the consequences.  Divine Love has methods whereby divine Love rules.

Every facet of Life on Earth is interconnected to a
 Great Sentient Intelligence ('God' or 'Source'),
and there are consequences for disconnect.

The kingdom Conscience whereby all are "KING" (Keys to the INternalization of God-love) is the sovereign right of all humanity. This is the heart of the Prime Directive, the Great Sentient Intelligence at the heart of Universal Co-Creation, and the message of BOTH PX and the Mayan Calendar:

"The completion date of the Mayan calendar however only means that the final field of consciousness is then established on our planet. It does seem likely that it will then still take some 'time' after this date until a harmonious world settles, but 'time' will then never again be the same."
~ Carl Johan Calleman, May 22, 2011

Carl Johan Calleman, PhD, is the brilliant researcher who decoded the Mayan calendar and adjudicated the timeline with our Gregorian calendar system, coming up with the end date on Oct. 28, 2011 long before astrophysicists at NASA began tracking the arrival date of PX. 

Which begs the question: "How did the ancient Mayans know?"  That answer is well known to indigenous cultures worldwide who have been visited by the 'star people', as was the Mayan, Pacal Votan (325-830 AD), who ruled for 50 years at the height of Mayan civilization, codifying the Mayan calendar. The record of 'ancient astronauts' is all over the world. 

Of course, official disclosure of the alien presence and the awareness of extremely advanced technologies as could SERVE HUMANITY would be the final judgment and end of the status quo's mainstream monopoly -- the military-medical and mass-mind media manipulation of the material (3-D) matrix.  Which is why the "shadow-masters" -- the dark-side elite -- are trying to suppress the self determinism of conscious evolution as would transform their monopolies on Big Oil, Big Banks, Big Pharma, Big Media, Big War and Big Government...

A Memorial Day Movement for Healing the Wounds of War:

FROM: A scarcity of social Conscience in social networks, allowing inordinate (selfish)
for profit and control over the physical and human resources of mankind.
   TO: An
abundance of social Conscience in social networks, allowing ordained (selfless)
     power for the 'best for all' use of the physical and human resources of mankind.

Historically, all major conflict has been caused by mis-matched expectations between:

     1- a win/lose scarcity-based currency for the inordinate power and control of a few;
a win/win abundance-based currency of Conscience for ordained public power.

But this to shall pass with the “Great Purification” (rEVOLUTION) in higher Conscience
Now is the time ordained when “cosmic fire” (more
LIGHT) is the end of the world for
principalities of darkness behind Big "DUH" (Dumb, Unconscious & Heartless).

The final 'Judgment' is thus of, by and for the "Discernment of Conscience"
(Spirit that matters), BEYOND 3-D physical senses to an integrated
4D '
Effective Sensory Perception' and 5-D Unity Conscience.

As the veil thins at an accelerated rate, the more ‘Cosmic Fire' that you anchor with spiritual practicality, the greater the results for Unity Conscience as will raise the vibration of others and raise the shields of Earth.

Make it So!

~ Christos

PS:  It's no coincidence that you have read this far.  If you 'get it', give it; please share with others who may find this enlightening. Support your optimal health via survival and 'thrival' products at UltraMedics Services. Contact me personally for modest shelter spaces for individuals and families. All Ways LOVE, ~ C.

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"This is a test to see if your mission on Earth is over.
If you are still alive, it's not."
 ~ Sir Francis Bacon