Family Solstice-Christmas Letter for 2013


After a mild-mannered Autumn, Winter came early with a deep freeze and wind chill of 40 below here in Paradise Valley Montana. External interests outdoors gave way to indoor introspection with Internet windows into our global village.  Worldwide weather weirdness is increasing with the Earth's magnetic pole shift and 'wobble' that sends the jet stream in larger loops North to South. The 'cosmic connection', from comets to galactic alignment, has been much of the buzz on the Heartcom Network. Shift happens:)

This is not your ordinary 'Christmas story'. Yes, the Christ in 'Christmas' is emphasized, and the ghosts of Christmas 'DUH'
are still quite the Dickens:)  But unique gifts from the Christmas Angels are also offered
with 'The Blessing' of global TeLeComm capabilities for the Family of Man.

A Solstice/Christmas Gift for Everyone!
There's a gift here for everyone, hidden among other presents.
So be fully present, welcoming 'The Presence' of your highest and best gift of prescience... intuitive knowing... Effective Sensory Perception (ESP)... enlightened intention, attention, retention and ascension in a dimension of
LOVE as the 'Law of the Angles' and 'Language of the Angels' of our better nature.  Enjoy! ~ C.

 Co-Creating Christ Mass Conscience

The Tragedy and Triumph of the
'2nd Coming' In the Continuum:

The Infinite Here & Eternal Now
of the Aquarian Dispensation

Co-Creating Christ Mass Conscience

Is it true that global humanity struggles with
power elite institutions that serve a few
at the expense of 99% of humanity?

Are you aware that a global revolution in
higher consciousness is in progress
to wake up, wise up and rise up?

Would you agree that normal people like
you and I can be courageous when
  we challenge inhumane policies?

 Based on your pure intention for the highest
 and best use of your talents and resources,
  consider the #1 tragedy afflicting all of "
(United Sovereigns of Earth), and the core
  solution for
peace and prosperity on Earth.

The golden rule-law language for every golden age
is the 'golden thread' weaving the fabric of civility
with '
TLC' (heart coherence) as naturally cultures
conscientious common sense of an enlightened
Effective Sensory Perception" (ESP
) nature.

 This is how we overcome the
#1 tragedy:

The dangers of "willful blindness"

A town with a mortality rate 80 times higher than elsewhere,
 and the willful blindness of the locals, except for one person.
With vision, the public thrives. Without it, the people perish.

The Family of Man and
'Universal Co-Creation'
In Our Global Village

The higher the vision of virtue, valor and vow for
the victory - unity in our global diversity -

The path of co-Creation with Universe
begins with coherent vision at the heart
of all Creation, the virtue of the Creator,
the valor of co-Creating with the Creator,
and the vow for victory of 'The Creation'
via conscientious evolutionary ascent.

       "Life isn't about finding yourself.
 Life is about creating yourself."
               ~ George Bernard Shaw

     Co-Creation 'V-Days' All Ways
   (Vision, Virtue, Valor & Vow for Victory)

This is the natural evolutionary path of the
instant-everywhere and interactive Internet
as Net reality matures with 'Cultural DNA'
for culturing social conscience in local
and global networks of the Family of Man.

As the veil of separation thins in relations,
the 'Law of the One' centers co-Creation,
with conscious evolution's incarnation
in the 'Circle of Wholeness'; divination.

The '' of spherical Conscience
 with five circles of wholEness in


After each sojourn of Spirit into matter,
we're judged by the Spirit that matters.

To each their own judgment by their Self;
the higher Christ-like 'Self' that matters.

It's all a matter of this mind over matter.
With better discernment, Spirit
Without such vision, selective blindness
is often afflicted with '
willful blindness'.

Triumph over tragic spiritual blindness
naturally follows '
willful discernment'.
We can do better when we know better.
It's a can do when we willfully want to.

Eternal progression of each unique soul
is defined, refined, combined and 'shined'
by co-Creation with one's ‘OverSoul’ as
'Universal Presence' of the ‘I Am Sacred’
as loves ‘the light’ overcoming 'the dark'.

There's no security without willful purity.

This is the path of pure willful intention
that naturally
serves to focus attention
with heart coherence
- love's retention
above as below -
conscious ascension
in infinite-eternal
here-now dimension.

This path of fearless faith for evolution
naturally follows discernment of Spirit
as overcomes faithless fear devolution
from moment-to-moment and life-to-life,
co-Creating with the Spirit that matters.


A new generation of souls has incarnated with 'spiritual immunity'
that resists the
BS (Belief System) of separation from the eternal
  sense of enlightened vibratory resonance in
The Quantum Field.

"Fortunately, some are born with spiritual immune systems
   that sooner or later give rejection to the illusory worldview
  grafted upon them from birth through social conditioning.
        They begin sensing that something is amiss,
and start looking for answers.
          Inner knowledge and anomalous outer experiences show them
    a side of reality others are oblivious to, and so begins their
    journey of awakening. Each step of the journey is made by
following the heart instead of following the crowd... and by
choosing knowledge over the veils of ignorance."

~ Henri Bergson, 'On Intuition vs. Intellect' (1907)

    Education of the heart is the beginning of wise dominion...
     for as you 'thinketh' in your heart, so shall shall you manifest.

 The inner sense at the heart of innocence
is resonance with the 'Christmas angels'
who 'gift us' with the Spirit that matters...
    no matter how such marvels are revealed:



 “One should be always on the trail of one’s own
     deepest nature. For it is the fearless living out of
    your own essential nature that connects you to
the divine.”
~ Henry David Thoreau

As the surge in the Source Field 'sparks' souls with the
 "Power of Love" (heart coherence), shift happens:)

"Conscience is the most sacred of all property."
~ Chief Architect of the Constitution, James Madison

In good Conscience, universal law language ()
emerges as the 'Blueprint for a Golden Age', and
seals the door where dissonance dwells.

The choice of HOW one co-Creates
  is how we are ultimately judged…
and that is positive or negative
according to attitude of either:

Life’s a hoot and then you reboot”
(evolution ascent via fearless faith)

“Life’s a bitch and then your dead.”
(devolution descent; faithless fear)

with as many lessons as needed to
wake up, wise up and rise with the
Spirit that matters for one’s ascent
     through ‘
wholEness’ and cell healing.


Health factoid:
Everyone has cancer cells but a strong immune system
 will keep fungus, bacteria and cancer viruses in check.
The spirit that matters for optimal health is positive and
  practical with support of the body 'temple' for immunity
  against disease, the value of a
Super-Immunity Combo.

 Some will only see the problem with
 any great opportunity, because the
   poor-in-Spirit will always be with us.

Others see the opportunity with the
    problem of mass negativity, because
       it makes victory over it much sweeter.

     That’s why ‘discernment of spirits’ is
the 1st gift of the Holy Spirit of

  To ‘meditate’ is to ‘mediate’ (co-Create)
with Great Love-God-Source ‘Creator’

as has always been the 'Art of Loving'
    with 'heart coherence' as a "frequency"
(as in frequently).

How you focus your energies of:

  BELIEF… spiritually
THOUGHT… mentally
FEELING… emotionally
ACTION… physically

with either a ‘higher’ or ‘lower’
Spirit that matters
is naturally how you resonate
  in the Unified Field with either
higher conscious evolution
or lower "
DUH" devolution
Dim, Unaware & Heartless)
 with as many life lessons as
 needed to overcome
(Stuck In Negativity).

  BY DEFAULT, for lack of 'Light',
 self-dimming '
DUH' devolution
descends to dark dis-ease as
 ‘faithless fear’ and worrying.

To worry is to 'pray for'
what you don’t want;
negative results.


In the larger scheme of conscious evolution,
it is not aptitude but the attitude of gratitude
that determines one's 'altitude'... whether we
soar with the eagles on thermals of grace, or
scratch with the turkeys on bugs of begrudge.

In the global scheme of evolution revolution,
the Aquarian attitude of divine freedom and
opportunity is morphing the matrix of reality
with Internet tools and heartware processes
for involving and evolving social Conscience
in our all-connected global social networks.

 This process is at 'the heart' of the Aquarian Dispensation.

 The Constitution of Conscience is derived from Natural Law.

       Keepers of Frequency (KoF) raise the standard of Conscience

    The '2nd Coming' of Christ Mass Conscience in our Net reality
     is co-Created with 'The Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age'.

   With natural-universal law-language as the rule,
lightbearers who are light-servers will link the
 light of
Christ Mass Co-Creation to make it so!

Christ Mass Co-Creation for Christmas 2013:
 An Open University Course from Christ Mass 101 to
 "107" (Doctoral Program for World Healers-Saviors)

Christ Mass 101: Insight and Outlook for Understanding the Overview
                                Christ Mass 101 -- InSight and OutLook

Christ Mass 102: Code to the 'Source Code' in our Heart of Hearts

Christ Mass 103: Charting the Course for Global "Power Shift"

Christ Mass 104: Graduating with Full-Spectrum Conscience

Christ Mass 105: Graduate Level Integration of Capstone Components

Christ Mass 106: Masters Program for Fulfillment of the Capstone Vision

Christ Mass 107: Doctoral Program for World Healers-Saviors


Culturing Global
The Gift of Unity, Community, Communication and Communion
with the Holistic, Holographic and Holy Whole of Creation
Defines, Refines, Combines & Shines ‘The Blessing’
for Mastery in our Personal/Planetary Holodeck.



The Universal Holographic Source Field

Holographic Universe Workshop Series


Gift for ADEPTS:

Holographic Synchronicity and Intuitive “ESP
(Effective Sensory Perception)