The Attitude of Gratitude


by ‘Christos Lightweaver

For those who would appreciate a more 'conventional'
  orientation to the '
Blessings of Gratitude', click HERE.

For those 'initiates' who appreciate more of a
' perspective... be grateful for
       the soul's eternal process of conscious evolution.

 As the accelerating rate of humanity’s awakening
goes exponential through Nov. 28, 2013
the ‘Great Unveiling’ goes

…Igniting the ‘Spark of Divine Co-Creation’,
   and unveiling the Creator in touch with
every kind man among man kind…
as the surge in the Source Field
at the heart of systemic
conscious evolution
of, by and for all

Keepers of the

More light means less darkness, the great surging.
 wins in the end, a result of great purging.
A Golden Age is Earth's destiny; soon emerging.
 Co-Creation with Divinity will clearly define us.
The spark of eternity will blaze to refine us.
United Sovereigns will rise up to shine us.

The miracle before us is not a mystery when known.
 Look to see, know to be, what Creation has shown.

There are rules whereby Creator’s intention
 is self-evident to those who focus attention
 above as below with great
   to wise up and rise up; conscious ascension
   in a unified field of ‘Co-Creation Dimension’.

 Unity-in-diversity, the Founders’ dream,
 a new ‘Common Sense’ as it will seem,
as we wake up with a new self esteem
 like the flow of a stream as will redeem
  the vision of our victorious atonement,
    nurturing the meaning of our atONEment.

Thank you ‘Co-Creators’ for your
‘Attitude of Gratitude’.

It’s not one’s aptitude but attitude that
determines one’s altitude
whether we soar with the eagles on
thermals of grace…
on scratch with the turkeys on
bugs of begrudge.

  Always re-member:  is for giving.
 Service to others is Co-Creation’s game;
  Freedom-in-Love is Co-Creation’s flame;
 All for a purpose… universally the same;
   Language of the Law is

Preparing and sharing with attention to intention;
daring and caring for conscientious dimension
where doors open to full spectrum retention,
Keeping the Frequency’ (ascension)
 with great
 as in frequently.

Co-Creation with Creator~Source~G.O.D.~
  at the Heart of Common Sense Unity Conscience...

…With an Attitude of Gratitude:

Affirmations for Optimizing 'Good', 'Better', 'Best',
and all the Rest... IN UNISON.

(Read out loud in resonance with the optimism
  and gratitude of ALL who have read this,
and ALL who ever 'pray' likewise.)

I Am a 'Gratitude Optimist'.
I look to see and know to be
the Attitude of Gratitude
as my reality.

I will be so strong  that nothing can disturb
peace of mind.

I will be
mentally awake so nothing can disturb
the prevailing voice of
Conscience within.

I will be
morally alert, focusing attention with
 pure attention for
retention of Conscience
  at the heart of conscientious common sense.

“Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it.
 Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself."
~ Chief Seattle

And SO IT IS with the web of Light weaving our
individual and collective 'common sense':
Effective Sensory Perception.

As the Big Shift accelerates through to Dec. 21st, 2012
those with great love in their hearts are awakening
to the realization that little else matters now.
The end of the world as we've known it
is the beginning of a new world
 that promises a return to
the 1st principles
of universal


Kind men in G.O.D.~ see divine Love in all mankind.
When we culture our global village with this one vision,
we naturally transcend mass negativity with the
massive opportunity to transform fear
with faith in an up-ward mobile
ascent process as will
make it so!

And the Attitude of Gratitude for the opportunity
is the blessing of optimism as will
naturally make it so!

 Have a Great Thanks Giving,

~ Christos

"Love is how it feels to recognize our essential unity.
  Awakening to oneness is the experience of Big Love.
Knowing you are one with all, you find yourself
in love with all."
~ Timothy Freke

"The kind man of God-Love sees God-Love
   in all mankind and all of Co-Creation."
~ Christos Lightweaver