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Check Up from the Neck Up
 by 'Dr. Christopher'

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Enlightened people worldwide are well aware
  who profits from on-going terror, war, disease
  and “austerity” (scarcity of social conscience),
and that is NOT 99.999% of global humanity. 

Is that extreme imbalance in 'who profits'
  the cause of scarcity for virtually all of us?

"Where love rules, there is no will to power. 
And where power predominates,
there love is lacking.
The one is the shadow of the other."

~ Carl Gustav Jung, Father of
'Archetypal Psychology'

Is it true that the plunder of the 99.999% for
   the wealth and
love of power of a relative few
  trillionaires - and their billionaire cohorts - has
   created a gross scarcity of the power of love?

     So ask yourself… if this were YOUR world…
     and you controlled most of the global economy,
     would you keep status quo scarcity economics
    as the mainstream economic system to create
  and manage scarcity rather than abundance?
 Or would you prefer to liberate the economy
  with abundance of the quintessential vision of
   virtue and valor that vows for authentic values
     to claim the victory of abundant love on Earth?

Article follows:

  "Man can harness the winds, the waves and the tides,
       but when he can harness the
power of love (link added),
 then for the second time in the history of the world,
 man will have discovered fire."
~ Teilhard de Chardin

This ‘Cosmic Fire’ is going mainstream with
a surge in
Effective Sensory Perception
for general
enlightenment to initiate
The Aquarian Dispensation of
Global Freedom-in-

Harnessing the Power of Wisdom with
for the Abundant Life on Earth
  - Power to co-create abundance economics,
- Wisdom to know how to create abundance,
  - Love of wise dominion by~for discernment,
- Enlightened cyberEthics for wholEness at
    the heart of global
TeLeComm for "US"
 (United Sovereigns of Earth).

So ask yourself… saying, “Self, help me out here;
Is it true that I have power to wise up with love
  as a coherent interface for worldwide
    Can I bank on good conscience as return on my
   investment of intention, attention and retention?

  Will I fulfill my highest and best destiny serving
    the wholEness and wellness of all… if I do this?

 This is the social conscience going mainstream
in our new global interactive social networks…
 and this conscientious ‘cosmic fire’ is at heart
      the coherence gold standard for harnessing the
     power of wisdom with love in the 'Global Mind';
    the potential of, by and for enlightened humanity.

    So ask yourself, “Self, is the global mind mine?
      If you have a whole brain rather than half witted,
  would you be interested in public wisdom of a
   full-spectrum bright nature with light language?
   Or the
value of scarcity as “F.U.D. & D.U.H.”?
  (Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt, and
       Dimwit, Unconscious & Heartless)

If global conscious evolution is truly maturing
  with social conscience in global social networks,
   is this not a gold mine if we mind it with golden
  rule/law language archetypes for a golden age?

 Is it true that the more truly universal are core
  sacred geometry coordinates for ‘Cosmic Law’,
then the easier to translate this understanding
 into all languages on Earth to promote a frame
of reference for global
TeLeComm interaction
 that defines, refines, combines and shines our
best and brightest social conscience with this
natural-cosmic ‘language of light’ & ?

  Are you aware that the higher the concept of
universal at the heart of interactive
TeLeComm~unity, the greater the results for
involving/evolving spirituality with sensitivity to
 the Constitution of Conscience - Cultural DNA
 for the maturing of social conscience in global
  Net reality with Effective Sensory Perception?

And would you agree that…
 harnessing the power of a well-informed public
may be hard to conceive, believe and achieve
given mainstream mass media misinformation
    and power elite profiteering on mass pathology?

  So consider the upside with this reality report:
Check Up from the Neck Up’:

The Gold Standard for the Global Mind
 and the
Currency of Conscience for the
  Economics of Abundance… Worldwide.

  First, the Background Story – Currency Wars

 Many insiders in intelligence circles have said that
   World War III has already begun. And why is that?
It is economic war, at core. The western currency
standard worldwide is backed by oil petrodollars,
and the Western power elite’s ‘golden rule’ is that
  he who controls the ‘black gold’ (power resources)
makes the rules.
 Sadaam Hussein said he was going off the U.S. $
 to trade oil for Chinese and Russian gold, and the
  the Gulf War was launched with ‘Shock and Awe’.
  Southern Iraq’s oil fields were seized by the West.

        Gaddafi's Libya had the highest standard of living in
  Africa, but after he went public with plans to trade
oil for gold via
BRICS Nations, he was murdered
   with Libya bombed into ruin, chaos and destitution
     while their oil fields were seized by Western forces.
  Ukraine was exporting oil and gas to Europe, but
   Russia, as part of the
BRICS Alliance, threatened
 to sell this power on the open market for gold…
   and we have seen the war escalate in Ukraine as
     the Western Alliance seized oil and gas resources.

See the latest headlines on currency wars at:

 See also: 'The Covert Origins of ISIS'
   and, 'The Face of Global Resistance'.

Reality Check: clean free energy technology
will make obsolete the power elite power
struggles over global power resources.

Second, the Foreground Story – Net Reality
The ‘Walls in the Mind’ are coming down in our new
instant-everywhere and interactive global village.

 National boundaries are relics of the 19th Century,
which has caused the sense of 'us-versus-them'
divisions over power to own our own lives as is
now the core issue with new global Net reality.

The Family of Man in our global village wants
 unity-in-diversity - a whole systems upgrade.

   Just as the best system of self government
reflects and perfects self control for
And just as the best system of education
   involves and evolves self learning for
interactive TeLeConscience...
   And just as the best system of health care
defines and refines loving self care
with interactive TeLeCare...
So will the best system of abundance economics
  empower the wisdom of '
TLC' at the heart of
    the cyberEthics standard for TeLeCommerce
  that cultures the currency of conscience as
    the golden rule/law language gold standard.

Reality Check: abundant conscience in global
 social networks will check and balance
inordinate power with ordained

Third: Forgiving all debts ~ rebooting with .
Creating social credit
 with a global currency standard
 for common sense – the highest good – as will benefit
the most people with the power of wisdom with love
at the heart of
good social credit… based on the
benefits to social conscience that is
for giving...
the wholEness spirit of -in-action.

This personal and planetary
check up from the neck up
banks on the proposition of
intention for attention to the
ascension process for our:

 1- Self-government (TeLeCommunity 'voting'),
 2- Self-education (TeleConscience 'learning'),
  3- Self-healing (TeLeCare 'health care'),
  4- Self reliance (TeLeCommerce 'abundance')
of, by and for Global Power Shift.
In good conscience, the new global paradigm of an
'Economics of Abundance' is going mainstream
  with a universal interactive interface for the global
    up-wising (up rising) of
United Sovereigns of Earth.
On Earth as in Cosmos and the wholEness thereof.

Reality Check: Owning our own government, education,
 health care and economy is not a mystery when known.
  The higher the concept of
TLC, the heart of TeLeComm,
the greater the RESULTS.


 Continued... for 'Initiates' who got this far with intent to
initiate a vision of wholEness that will make it so.

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