Cancer Pandemic and 'Leaky Gut Syndrome'

We are facing a health crisis of extreme proportions. The 'cancer plague' is upon us. 
Here's why, how bad it is, and what you can do about it.

'Dr. Christopher'

Most Americans are not aware of the combined cause of skyrocketing cancer.  100 years ago, cancer was an extremely rare condition.  More recently, one-in-three Americans have been getting cancer as the immune system is weakened by an onslaught of immunity-whacking influences.

3,000 Americans died on 9-11, but 3,000 Americans have died from cancer EVERY DAY since then.  It's time we HONOR them with a 'Cancer Truth Movement' that will reduce the carnage.

The first leap in cancer rates was after polio vaccines in the 50's and 60's were found contaminated with live simian cancer viruses, as is well documented in the in-depth video
HERE and a shorter version HERE

Over the years, the immune system of Americans has been further compromised by fluoride and/or chlorine in public drinking water, pesticide genetic poisons in the food chain, neuro-toxic food and drink additives like aspartame, vaccines laced with mercury and other toxic substances, and worst of all, the Genetically Modified Organisms that are now spiking the cancer rates dramatically.

Because of GMO's, it is now estimated that two-in-three American will get cancer.  It's a 'growth industry'.  Cancer clinics are rapidly being built nationwide.  This is a HUGE profit center for the medical-industrial complex that is even bigger than the military-industrial complex.

Those with weaker immune systems -- children and the aged -- are increasingly succumbing to the numerous cancer influences that include a steady stream of Fukushima radiation that is falling across America as the meltdown continues.

I repeat, for emphasis, that the worst influence is GMO's that are modified with insecticide poisons that tear-up the guts of insects that eat them, and are now proven to afflict the guts of people who eat them, causing 'Leaky Gut Syndrome'.

Most American are now eating their body weight in GMO foods EVERY YEAR, mostly GMO wheat, corn, soy and tomatoes used in so many processed foods. If you watch the short shocking GMO video
HERE, or the following five other GMO videos at that link, you won't wonder why the cancer plague is upon us.

From a 'biologically correct' perspective, the human causes of all this cancer are patently insane.  Giant agribusiness corporations patent GMO seeds for trillions of dollars in business worldwide.  They spend billions of dollars to promote their products AND FIGHT any opposition to their total monopoly on food production... AND FIGHT any requirement to even label foods that have GMO's.

Government agencies that are supposed to regulate foods have a revolving door with top executives from the GMO companies.  They've told the public that we don't have the right to even know when we are eating GMO's. Politicians promote GMO's for a 'fraction of the action', getting reelected with generous campaign contributions from the GMO 'monster' that is devouring public health with systemic cancer. 

This is beyond corrupt.  It's criminally insane.  What part of 'domestic genocide' don't we understand?  Can we see that there is a truly evil agenda to not just control population, BUT REDUCE IT, that is extremely profitable for the medical-industrial complex?  And would you agree that this is like a monster in the room that most people ignore as if it weren't there?

The corporate media won't report this monstrous plague, saying in effect, "Don't go there".  Food and drug advertisements are the bread and butter of corporate media, and they are NOT going to bite the hand that feeds them.  The cancer doctors -- oncologists -- are rewarded, on average, with more than a million dollars YEARLY for treating cancer.  And yet recent studies show that
chemo accelerates cancer growth by causing healthy cells to feed growth of cancer tumors!

NO ONE in the prostitute press will tell you that GMO's are shredding the guts of Americans, perforating the bowls and leaking undigested food into the blood stream which feeds fungus, bacteria and the viruses that cause cancer.


There are two HUGE factors that effect your immune system. Your colon health is one of them. A toxic colon causes toxic blood that poisons the whole body.  Supplementation with a good probiotic is critical to recondition the colon environment with healthy gut flora.

The other HUGE factor for a strong immune system is your glandular-endocrine system that regulates everything in the body. It could go into the importance of supplementation with vitamins D3, C, E and essential fatty acids for a strong immune system.  But there is no natural 'superfood' that will jump-start glandular health like
Swedish Pollen Extract.

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For a Strong Immune System that keeps Cancer in Check,

~  'Dr. Christopher'

Christopher Rudy is Director of UltraMedics Services which does for preventive health care what paramedics do for crisis medicine. Over 33 years developing three holistic health centers, he has pioneered ultramolecular medicine and 'Universal Self Care' with pure intention for developing golden age health assurance policies.