The BIG SHIFT of global energies in the 'Source Field'
  warrants conscientious attention to your holistic health.

Over the years, I have often been asked the question,
"What are the best supplements?"

After 33 years representing thousands of supplements
in three holistic health centers, here are a few with
the most amazing over-all health benefits,
especially when synergized together.
(Details at the bottom.)

by 'Dr. Christopher' / upgraded 8-16-11

Over 33 years I've studied with leading experts in holistic healing and developed three holistic health centers as working models of a HOLISTIC HEALING SERVICE that has naturally evolved from my first storefront co-op, where I practiced as an herbalist and nutritionist... to my second center, a clinic with three doctors where I integrated iridology, clinical nutrition computer diagnostics, reflexology and colon therapy... to my 3rd center where I integrated breakthrough energy field diagnostics and a golden age model for health care

Since then, I've developed an on-line model for 'Universal Self Care'.

Just to be clear, I'm not a doctor of the 'MD' or 'PhD' variety, but 'doctor' as in the original Latin meaning of the word, i.e. "teacher".  In all three health centers, I informed clients and let them make their own choices, prescribing nothing.  And the more I got into the quantum energy dimension of holistic health care, the less my chance of being recognized or otherwise 'accredited' by mainstream medicine's monopolized paradigm of 'health care', which is based on the chemistry of disease treatment (drugs for whatever ail you), rather than the energies of health building (science of quantum biology).

It's not that I'm 'ahead' of my time. It's just that the prevailing paradigm of chemistry-based medicine never
grew up (evolved) to validate and utilize the paradigm of modern quantum physics and the practice of quantum energy medicine.

Growth was stunted by drug addiction...
the pushing of drugs for profit and monopoly
with government collusion to enforce it
... for lack of pure intention to stop it.

If you're not a victim of this immature health care system based on toxic drugs rather than healing energies, than you are healthy enough to know where pure intention needs to be focused for the common health foundation of our common wealth.

To liberate our holistic health is to
liberate our common wealth.

Drug addiction for profit is a sick business model that profits from sickness.  The more toxic drugs pushed on the public, the more sick people, the more profit for this sick business model, and that's really SICK... with more that a quarter-million Americans dying yearly from the side-effects of prescription drugs.

There are too many powerful organizations
making a killing on this SICK system,
and there are too many people dying

As the consequence, the principle of common sense health care, whereby an once of prevention is worth a pound of cure, has been turned on it's head.  There is no profit for the medical-industrial complex when people are healthy, just as there is no profit for the military-industrial complex when there is world at peace. Consequently, the priority of public health has been inverted, subverted and perverted by the politics and economics of disease care that have made a 'pound of cure' worth 16 x's an ounce of prevention.  What we call 'health care' now is 97.5% sickness care.

All the incentive for this SICK system
is for profiting from disease,
and COMMON SENSE would tell us
that those incentives are causing
DIS-EASE (more sick people).

That system is not sustainable.   It's killing us.

Population control and reduction -- for monopolized profit -- has become unofficial policy even as the cult of modern medicine has become an unofficial religion. People believe religiously in the high priests of medicine with their drug sacraments, toxin-injected vaccines, and public health policies that sanctify fluoridated water, aspartame additives and GMO foods... not to mention chemtrails poisoning the air and our environmental life-support systems.  But I digress.

Over the years, I have often been asked the question, "What are the best supplements?".

Given the intention behind that question, which in most cases is for 'the best of the best' to improve one's health, my answer has naturally evolved the last 33 years.  I've learned a lot while pioneering the new frontier of holistic health care.  Of most importance:

  • Own your health with pure intention; informed choice regarding what works best for any health condition is only as good as your owning it (pure intention) to not just know better but also do better for your body, mind and spirit. Your holistic health is your greatest wealth.  Own it to make it so.
  • Focus attention on your WHOLE health; the best supplements serve the genetic integrity of every cell in your body - your blueprint for optimal health of all the systems of your body, generating more energy mentally and spiritually as well as for systemic physical regeneration of your cellular health with consequent immunity against dis-ease. If you want a long and disease-free life, pay attention; think for yourself. Such attention pays (health/wealth).
  • Love's retention is the heart of wholEness; love yourself with self-esteem, a good feeling about yourself, or you will make choices that self-sabotage your wholEness. If your intention for wholeness is pure, and you pay attention with choices to make it so, you will realize that love's retention is ultimately the heart of each choice to BE THOU MADE WHOLE
  • Evolutionary ascension naturally follows; conscious evolution is assisted through supplements which best contribute to your evolutionary ascension -- the ascent of holistic health.  It's not rocket science. Common sense may be uncommon regarding holistic health care, but the alternative is DEvolution.  The choice of the upward-mobile health-wealth path is not DEvolution but evolution.

The bottom line for 'health freedom' is, quite simply, a choice, and the better your choices with the best supplements for holistic health, the greater the natural results.

The purpose of natural laws governing biological health are all connected to the first principles above for psychological and spiritual
wholEness.  The body is the temple of the living spirit.  What you do with pure intention to focus attention on love's retention for evolutionary ascension is the stepping up of these color-coded frequencies -- as in frequently -- to FULFILL THE BLESSING of wholeness, holistic health and the holy Spirit thereby.

The flow of the energy of pure intention with focused attention on 'The Best Supplements' for HOLISTIC HEALTH SERVICE will act to revitalize your cells and whole body as a temple for the living spirit of love's retention for your conscious evolutionary ascension.

The latest holistic health breakthrough with astounding results can be seen in the video at: www.UltraMedics.TeamAsea.com. After 10 years of research and hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific papers, many are now calling this "Asea' product, The single greatest health science breakthrough of the century. This is the only supplement in the world with a stabilized set of redox signaling molecules utilized by every cell in the body for repair, replacement and overall regenerative health. At this core cellular level, this is indeed a breakthrough of unprecedented magnitude for over-all health benefits.

The other two 'best' supplements I highly recommend for breakthrough health is one for colon health (SBO probiotic) and another for 'cellular rejuvenation' (nutraceutical-grade royal jelly).  Combined with 'Asea', the biological synergy (symbiosis) of these three supplements is greater than the sum of their separate life-improving health benefits.

Each one's body has unique biological individuality and different specific nutritional needs, but in general,
I personally believe that these three 'best supplements' will have the most positive effect for every body.

To Your Whole Health,

Christopher Rudy, Director
UltraMedics Services