by 'Dr. Christopher'
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April 30, 2014

Some of you may remember Ripley's Believe It or Not! which deals in bizarre events and items so strange and unusual that readers might question the claims. It began as a comic strip in the 30's, and at the peak of its popularity, this challenge to one's normalcy bias was syndicated on radio, TV, and read daily by about 80 million readers.


There was some really amazing, mind-blowing 'Believe It or Not!' stuff long before mind-altering drugs woke some up, put some to sleep, and drove others crazy.

Believe it or not, research that is independent from drug companies has found that about 97.5% of the mass-murdering gunman in the 25 largest killing sprees  -- from Columbine and Aurora to Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook -- were all prescribed pharmaceutical drugs known for their 'psychotic episode' side effects.

Believe it or not, such drugs are packaged and sold to mainstream Americans in slick commercials on TV.  Those advertisements usually warn us that they have toxic side-effects that may make you suicidal or outright kill you. In fact, millions of Americans drive cars under the influence of mind-altering drugs. More than a million Americans have died the last five years from the toxic side-effects of prescription drugs in general.

Believe it or not, Big Pharma 'poison pill' commercials are outlawed on TV in Europe and much of the civilized world. It offends their sensibilities, like "GMOs" (Genetically Modified Organisms), that are also outlawed in Europe, China, and much of South America.

Believe it or not, there was a two year study of GMOs by an independent lab in France which found that the genetically embedded pesticides in GMO food, designed to kill insects that ate the food by tearing up their guts, also tore up the guts of the lab rats that ate the GMO food. This causes leaky gut syndrome whereby undigested proteins circulate in the blood to feed systemic fungal, bacterial and viral infestation with resulting cancers.

Believe it or not, the scientific study used by Monsanto to convince the FDA that GMOs were safe, only went to the 5th month of the lab rats lives, but all the cancers began after the 5th month, and proliferating in future generations for those rats that reproduced.

Believe it or not, the FDA still says GMOs and neurotoxins like Aspartame are safe, even though peer-reviewed medical research worldwide has verified that both GMOs and Aspartame create a wide variety of extreme health problems that are very profitable for the medical-industrial complex.

Believe it or not, Vermont is the first State to require labeling of food with GMOs. The rest of America isn't even warned.  That would cut into the profits of Monsanto and the cancer clinics being feverishly built nationwide to keep up with demand.

Believe it or not, the use of pesticides is directly linked to an increase in Parkinson's disease. According to the Parkinson's Disease Foundation, a meta-analysis in 2012 found that those who live in rural areas or near farming communities where pesticides are used are at a greater risk of developing Parkinson's. Consuming such pesticides, as in GMO foods, also effects the central nervous system and endocrine system in mutational ways that afflict the immune system and reproductive health.

Believe it or not, fluoride in drinking water, as is used in rat poison, is also outlawed in much of Europe and the civilized world because it is proven to reduce IQ's, harden the arteries, kill enzymes used in digestion and thus cause undigested proteins that circulate in the blood stream to feed microbial parasites that cause cancer.  90% of the municipal water systems in American pump sodium fluoride into drinking water, most if it is the cheap stuff that comes from China's industrial wastes and from U.S. nuclear and aluminum industries that had to pay to get rid of it before the FDA approved it.

Believe it or not, toxic genetic poisons like mercury, commonly used in vaccines, are also proven to destroy brain cells, reduce IQ, weaken the immune system, and create pathologies that are extremely profitable for the medical industrial complex.  49 doses of vaccines are prescribed to children in America before the age of six, causing a massive increase in attention deficit, autism, behavioral disorders, bipolar disorder, memory problems, brain tumors and cancer. Before mercury was added to vaccines, all of these conditions were very rare.

Believe it or not, prescription drugs in general and antibiotics in particular are extremely harmful to the colon's microflora, creating a toxic gut that poisons the blood stream, polluting the cellular environment in which microbial infestation can thrive, resulting in a wide variety of diseases typically in the weakest system of the body that shows the first symptoms... that doctors typically prescribe more drugs for... compounding the problem.

Believe it or not, there are natural non-drug ways to strengthen the immune system, increase the friendly intestinal flora for optimal digestion, and compensate for much of the damage caused by GMOs, fluoride, mercury and prescription drug toxicity in general. 

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For Your Optimal Holistic Health,
'Dr. Christopher'

PS: The whole process of holistic healing begins by caring MORE for what we want, LESS for what we don't want, and MAKING THAT A HABIT.


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