Today's Solar Eclipse Initiates a Powerful Month.

March 8, 2016

by Christopher L. Rudy
Host of Cosmic LOVE

March has one of the most powerful cosmic intensities of 2016.
The solar eclipse today at 5:54 PM PST (8:54 PM EST) is a trigger event in the quantum field of the global mind. Mass awakening has been accelerating with billions of interactive global Netizens, and now momentum is building through the March 20th Equinox and the Lunar Eclipse three days later.
This will affect all of you. Whether or not you are aware of the unique astrological forces, and whether or not you believe in astrology, you will be affected by this syncopated surge of celestial fire in the quantum field on Earth as in Cosmos.
This sequential triggering of the morphic grids of consciousness has the potential of lifting our individual and collective frequencies above the chaos and extreme pain with purging of highly organized corruption taking place on Earth at this time.
The surging social Conscience in our new global social networks has reached a point of critical mass with mass awakening to the healing crisis in our social, political and economic institutions.
The healing opportunity of 2016 is thus presenting itself with liberation of clean free-energy technology, global economic reset, and full disclosure of advanced technologies for abundant health, prosperity and peace on Earth as in Cosmos-at-large.

March is a Power Month for HEALING CHANGE.
I go into this in Saturday's Cosmic LOVE Show HERE.
The massive global transformation now in process is probably far different from what you imagined... yet far better than what you may have hoped for.
Cosmic influences are compounded when occurring between eclipses, and further exaggerated by the frequential 'amping-up' that is brought by the equinox.
So this is a good time for seeding a growing vision for extraordinary healing change. Be conscientious regarding what seeds you plant. Now is a good time for a check up from the neck up a serious life review of your purpose, your soul contract, and your greatest service to mankind.
Your seed intentions for greater service that are planted in March are quickened by the cosmic fire intensifying on Earth. The cause and effect of sowing and reaping can rapidly move you from karmic habits to divine destiny at this fortuitous time.
Call it 'accelerated conscious evolution' or the 'Big Shift' or 'The Quickening', or 'global ascension' of mankind's collective Conscience as kind men... humanity will never be the same.
Be aware of the breakthrough revelations that are being 'triggered' at this time. Free-energy tech is rapidly going mainstream to transcend the 'Oiligarchy'. Global financial Reset (Jubilee) is imminent as detailed HERE. Global holistic healing initiatives are progressing HERE, and see the Ascended Masters' role and full disclosure of the Galactic Federation of Light HERE.
Interesting times. Powerful shift. Global transformation.
Expectation with anticipation of healing change is a powerful catalyst for self-correcting 'Self-elevation" (ascent) to Higher Conscience' as a "Self-fulfilling" (Self actualized) prophecy.

So Keep the Fearless Faith - the Courage to Heal;
See the Good for All - Global TeLeCare,
Make it So! - Network Freely.