The Aquarian Shift Hits the Fan

by Christopher Rudy,
   GeoNotes News

Feb. 2, 2013

Over this last week, several of my articles have 'gone soft' with sacred feminine emphasis.  I can't please everyone, so I try to mix it up with different articles that sometimes appeal to the sentiments of women. In other articles, like this one, I find more interest by Alpha males.

This ALERT is for serous 'Alphas' on this list; Alpha females included:)

Brace yourself for some 'straight talk'; Alpha to Alphas. This debriefing is not for the faint of heart or weak in mind. Read no further if faithless fear is a hair-trigger for you. And please do not forward this email indiscriminately. You'll see why.

Over the years I've repeatedly published articles on the worldwide up-tick in the frequency and intensity of earthquakes, volcanism, extreme weather and Earth changes in general.  The hard reality is that the public is being lied to about cataclysmic change portents that are imminent.

The fact of this is unspeakable in the mainstream media. So far, the federal government has virtually outlawed this subject to prevent panic, just as they black-out recent UFO events as you can read HERE.  The Feds have made it a 'national security' issue. It would be 'disruptive' to the status quo of 'all is well".

Disruption is coming and the Fed's know it.
Many of you on this list already know the real reason why major headquarters for Homeland Security, the IRS, CIA and "COG" (Continuation Of Government) have moved off the coast, from Washington DC to the Rocky Mountains, mostly Denver.  They know what's coming.

The reason they are 'heading for the hills', was explained to more than 4 1/2 million people this last week on Coast-to-Coast AM.  George Noory interviewed Gordon Gianninoto, as I announced in my Feb. 26 e-mail,
'President Obama to announce Planet X?' 

You can hear a replay (YouTube) here:
Gordon comes on 39 minutes into the show, so fast-forward
by moving the time-line cursor.

In this interview, Gordon provides an update on what he knows about Planet X and the coming pole shift. He details the evidence of the recent return of Planet X to our inner solar system, and how this has caused disruption in worldwide climate and a rise in Earth changes that are merely a prelude to the calamities which will unfold as Planet X get closer to Earth.

This is a natural event. As Gordon explains, governments worldwide have been tracking and preparing for the inbound Planet X complex since 1983 when the Washington Post and other major papers reported it.  There's been a full-scale media black-out since then. But too many people are seeing it now. Gordon explains where to look and how to photograph it.

'Two Suns' as sometime seen at sunrise or sunset

Believe it or not, Planet X is not merely a rogue celestial body. As Gordon explains; "It's volcanic, atmospheric and oceanic and it is inhabited by tall, selfish humans." These denizens of Planet X, he says, are actually the Anunnaki, a race of space-faring humanoids who are advanced technologically but not so much spiritually. According to Gordon, the Anunnaki long ago had a colony on Earth, and they genetically engineered human beings as slaves to mine for gold.

Many people have known about the Anunnaki and the "12th Planet" (Planet X aka 'Nibiru') because of Zacharia Sitchen and his best-selling books on the subject back in the 80's.  Sitchen translated the ancient Sumerian clay tablets that told this story, and many archeological finds have confirmed it. But Sitchen's work is often ridiculed by academics and scientists because he challenges politically correct 'official history' that denies all things extraterrestrial.

Not until later in the program does Gordon explain why the Anunnaki were so interested in gold (for their planet's atmosphere), but he does explain that the 'Galactic Council' has bound the Anunnaki and other selfish ET's from interfering with Earth evolutions for their selfish purposes. 

The 'Service to Others' ET's of the Galactic Federation have far more advanced 'quantum field technologies' which keep cosmic law and order that very few humans comprehend. Gordon explains the time-line of events for Earth that the Galactic Council has ordained for the near future.

Deep unconscious fears of the unknown blind many of us from intelligent investigation into this subject; it is extremely disturbing to the uninformed.  But millions of people worldwide are quietly preparing, knowing that coming events will be catastrophic for the unprepared.

There's much more in Gordon's interview, including WHO is pressuring President Obama to go public and WHY time is of the essence.

So listen to Gordon's presentation above, and watch the introductory videos at the top of

Keep Faith, Be Strong, Prepare Well,

~ Christopher

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"I love the man that can smile in trouble,
gather strength from distress, and
grow brave by reflection."

~ Thomas Paine, Common Sense

"The prudent see danger and prepare,
but the simple keep going
 and suffer for it."
~ Proverbs 27: 12