Life After Life

by Christopher Rudy / 4-3-2011



In my article "Meetings with Miraculous People" written last year, I featured one of the most extraordinary people I ever met.  Although deceased since I lived with him in 2001, Wayne had a 'source connection' since he was three years old, living on an Indian Reservation and raised by the shaman when his mother became sick.  'Grandfather', as Wayne knew the shaman, found that Wayne was a 'dreamer' and could go to source easily, showing him simple techniques of lucid dreaming which leaps off the 'bridge' of consciousness for soul travel.

"The hearts of little children are pure, and therefore,
the Great Spirit may show to them many things
which older people miss."
~ Black Elk (Hehaka Sapa) OGLALA LAKOTA

Jesus said that we must be like children to enter the 'kingdom of heaven' (source).  This inner sense of innocence is a precious insight, but the most difficult thing in the world is to remain non-attached to worldly feelings, thoughts and behavior which is antithesis to source connection.

Wayne was no Jesus, but in many ways he was like Jesus to me.  He definitely healed me of cancer in my body, mind and spirit.  And what he showed me of the power of love has been an inspiration to go on in life... that all of us can develop a
source connection.

Wayne maintained his ability to go to
source most of his life.  Certain traumatic events blocked that ability for a time, some of which were a review of previous embodiments when he died in abject terror.  Such PTSD can burden consciousness at its deepest levels, and the conscious mind naturally avoids pain in the unconscious.

Wayne's life story was filled with experiences we would call paranormal if not miraculous, but was normal for one with a
source connection. It's quite a story that I wouldn't believe if I didn't know Wayne well, chronicling his life story the few months I lived with him.

As a practical 'sorcerer', Wayne pioneered inner space by not only reviewing many of his previous embodiments - extraordinary life review lessons -- but also researching and perfecting advanced technological innovations for healing.  He not only could see the human aura and detect disease in the aura and body, but he developed energy healing devices which killed the full range of microbial parasites -- fungal, bacterial and viral -- behind most degenerative disease.

Wayne cured 'incurable' diseases for many people with three holistic health clinics over many years.  Having healed many men (or their family members) in positions of power -- from CIA to Mafia -- Wayne had "good karma' (many favors) with a kind of diplomatic immunity with loyal friends who ran interference for him so he could heal thousands of other people in a unique 'off the radar' way. This is an amazing story in itself.

One of Wayne's many inventions was a frequency viewer in the infra-red range that showed the skies full of UFO's.  Wayne didn't think much of the fact - he understood the dimensional nature of the quantum universe like few people do. His understanding of souls incarnating from multiple dimensions of the universe -- here on Earth -- goes far beyond what most of us conceive or believe.

"What happens when we dream?
We are multi-dimensional beings.
We can access that through lucid dreaming.
In fact, this universe is God's dream."

Having studied the exopolitics of ET disclosure conscientiously since 2001, I've learned WHO is monitoring Earth very closely, WHY they are here, and WHAT we can expect in 2011 as ET disclosure goes public.

First contact of an official disclosure nature will dramatically change our "limited world view" (paradigm paralysis) as we have known it. It will be like going to
source... opening the window to the pure air of mysteries unveiled as will see the Earth in the context of 'Universal Co-Creation'... how we are in the universe and the universe is with us, empowering us, to 'Co-Create with Universe'.

The establishment of a
pan-global ethic
   is essential to first contact.

Just as there is a universal ethic governing one's connection with source , there is cross-cultural pan-global ethic essential for first contact as will create galactic society.

Common sense of, by and for this
core ethic would reference the child-like innocence (inner sense) which understands "God is Love".  The higher the concept of this golden rule/law language at the heart of every golden age, the greater the results for connection with source as a Higher Power with Higher Intelligence and Greater Love.

Human fear of the unknown has its own PTSD which is exacerbated by Hollywood horror movies about evil aliens. Such popularized fiction has created deeply-rooted fears which have been a big challenge to first contact.  Faithless fear numbs and dumbs fearless faith.

source connection with the power, wisdom and love of universe has rules -- the prime directive (golden rule)-- which honors free will with pure intention to do no harm to each other as we would do not harm to our Galactic neighbors.  Free will faith in that principle -- the power of Love -- is the currency of Conscience as an ethical standard which is universally the gold standard for 'Universal Co-Creation'.

This pan-global ethic is our connection with
The Most Powerful Love In The World.
It's time to bring that forward now
to prepare our
BEING and world for
first contact.

Thanks to our new Net reality with the Internets elimination of space and time in a global village, the Family of Man has come to a new perspective of unity in diversity how were all passengers together here on spaceship Earth.

This new awareness compels a pan-global
ethic of cooperation as will culture Unity Conscience.

That process is self-evident in ways of The Most Powerful Love in the World.  We're ALL ultimately accountable to the Spirit that matters. Each of us is responsible for healing and correcting valued misconceptions, beginning with our own self-righteousness that is nothing other than a defense mechanism created to avoid and shift blame.

The blame game is off the mark, so keep your eye on the 'ball': Earth birth along more enlightened lines of
Universal Co-Creation.

You have the power to do this, as explained at The Most Powerful Love in the World. The power of Love in the decentralized Net roots
Conscience of humanity is a Higher Power.  Such extraordinary power has it's source in the wisdom of Great Love.

It's not rocket science.
  Source connection is implicit in the founding tenets of all the world's religions and spiritual philosophies. It underlies our concept of democracy, which can be expanded naturally to create a galactic society. Freedom and personal sovereignty, the natural and unalienable birthright of fully conscious Beings, form the twin pillars of both global and galactic society.

Honoring the Great Law of the Great Spirit as Great Love is to honor the prime directive for galactic civility.  This honor in the collective
Conscience of humanity is the open door for first contact.  The challenge has been love-challenged people who want to maintain the status quo of cherished illusions and willful ignorance as keeps power over people rather than "of, by and for the people".

Heaven knows, 2011 is the time prophesied by ancient and modern seers, dreamers and visionaries.
We need to get our act together,
Unity Conscience, for the purpose of personal and planetary self-correction and self-elevation of a salvation nature.

It's time for a check-up from the neck up folks:)  You can make your own connection with
source, and be assured that it will only take you where the inner sense of pure intention will protect you.

For those thus motivated, read The Most Powerful Love in the World, asking not what universe can do for you, but what you can do for universe.

For the pure intention which focuses attention on our evolutionary ascension,



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