INsight and OUTlook for
UNDERstanding the OVERview

 by Christos Lightweaver

The great light of Galactic Alignment is now surging.
  The dark-side materialism of history is now purging.
A new
Golden Age Conscience is now emerging.

As a platform for the evolution of soul testing,
Earth has now arrived at ‘graduation time’.

"This is a test to see if your mission on Earth is over.
If you are still alive, it's not."
 ~ Sir Francis Bacon

 Half of mastering the ‘test that’s best’ in 2012 is
to know what the test is, the ‘Shift of the Ages’
  with 'Quickening' to 'O-Point', 'Common Sense',
'Unity Conscience', or 'Mass Awakening' with
The Ascension'.

The higher your awareness of this opportunity,


For an optimistic vision of the ‘mass awakening’ portents for 2012,
I’ll be interviewing Kristen Ann on
Cosmic Love New Year’s Eve.
She’s the author
of 'Exploring Sacred Space: A Vast Quest';
what you need to know for the coming ‘Transitional Shift’.

Excerpt from Kristen’s book:
something unprecedented will be taking place.  This will be a Transition like no others
 throughout the vast history of this planet.  It will be an inter-dimensional one.  We will
           transition both through the dimension of time as well as into a more spiritual-etheric level.
     Our bodies themselves will be less physical.  The most important point is that this time
        most of humanity will be making this Transition ALIVE. And several levels of beings have
been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that the largest number of the human
population as possible will be able to make this Transition alive.”

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Heartcom Network / 12-31-2011:  Hold on to your hats folks!  The accelerated rate of change in 2011 was mere prelude to the full symphony in 2012.  We’re all players in that symphony, and still learning to play our ‘heartstrings’, but the dissonance we still hear in the world is increasingly being calibrated to the harmony of the spheres – the astro-acoustics (stellar seismography) frequencies of billions of stars aligned in the Photon Belt of our Milky Way. This 'symphony' is depicted with computer-animated graphics HERE.

   "We are being challenged by world events, by the tides of history,
to develop a more mature consciousness.
Yet we cannot do that without facing what hurts.
Life is not a piece of tragic fiction, in which
at the end of the reading we all get up and go out for drinks.
All of us are actors in a great unfolding drama, and until we dig deep,
there will be no great performances.
How each of us carries out our role will affect the end of the play."
~ Marianne Williamson

The frequencies of Cosmic Love, now surging in the ‘Source Field’, are upgrading our DNA, activating unused portions of the brain, and morphing the matrix of matter with the Spirit that matters – a higher multi-dimensional ‘Conscience’ at the heart of the Source Field.

We are in the universe and the universe is in us.
We live in an ocean of vibrational actuality,
a quantum field of divine order that we
 each interpret as our own "reality".
The harmony of the spheres is
the full spectrum of love
as the stellar bodies
atune our hearts
with greater

 For an exceptional YouTube video explaining the science
the great LIGHT flooding Earth now, see;
PHOTON BELT 2012 by Michael Tsarion (Dec. 27, 2011)

The correct science of the Photon Belt is explained
below this picture of the Sombrero Galaxy which
illustrates what our Milky Way Galaxy looks like
from deep space.

The Photon Belt is the Galactic Plane alignment of
hundreds of billions of Milky Way star systems.
 Our solar system orbits across this Photon Belt
twice in 25,920 years (Precession of Equinox).
This ‘Great Crossing’ thus occurs every 13,000 years
  as you can see in the computer animated video
  The ‘
Great Purification’ naturally occurring at this time
    is the result of the surge in brilliant photonic light from
the Great Central Sun out through the conduit of the
Galactic Plane Photon Belt.


As the ‘photonic light’ intensifies for ‘purification’,
the first thing we’ll notice is more ‘dirt’ in terms of
    records of willful ignorance and cherished illusions
      that we keep running for failure to “reconcile” (align)
pure intention of, by and for ‘supraConscience
     of a more enlightened “
GOD-LOVE” (Source) nature.


Realize that this will be a highly personal experience, and yet, ‘universal’ in the impersonal way that cosmic energy of the galactic plane’s ‘Photon Belt’ is affecting our entire solar system, the matter matrix of Earth, and the DNA ‘transceivers’ in every cell of every human on Earth. 


Earth has fully entered this photon belt.  It has been intensifying for decades, changing the atmospheres on all the planets in our solar system… and accelerating the rate of change in human consciousness.  The global evolution revolution in consciousness with the computer/Internet revolution has actually been in resonance with the surging intelligence in the Source Field


This photonic energy is the highest form of light that is known – the light of Source… carrying a sentient supraConscience intelligence, coded in the frequencies just as laser light through fiber optics can carry thousands of videos and phone conversations coded in the light.  This understanding of 'Galactic Light' was known anciently to the Gnostics:


“The 2000 year old Gnostic text, discovered in Nag Hammadi Egypt in 1945,
reveals the cosmic understanding that the brilliant light plasma at the
 central core of our Galaxy is actually a 
sentient intelligence.
Furthermore, these Gnostic texts tell us that the physical world we inhabit
came into form as the intelligent expression of the plasma light,
or ‘'ether'
, spiraling out from the Galactic Central Sun.”
  ~ excerpt from “Galactic Light


Modern science has only recently 'rediscovered' what the ancients already knew.

"Robert Stanley reported on the discovery of the Photon Band by satellites in 1991 and
commented: 'These excesses of photons are being emitted from the center of our Galaxy... Our solar system enters this area of our Galaxy every 11,000 years and then passes through for 2,000 years while completing its 26,000 year galactic orbit.' "

~ from The Photon Belt, Part 1

Leading experts of both quantum science and the Mayan Calendar are saying that our DNA will be
"upgraded" (coded with intelligence) from the center of our Galaxy - the 'Great Central Sun'.

"The Mayan Calendar is the only calendar known to be based on Galactic Cycles. 
The Mayans claimed they created this calendar in order to monitor the light coming from the center of the Galaxy as affects our DNA.  We now know through the work of Fritz Poll that DNA not only absorbs light but also emits light. DNA also appears to be the bridge between and physical and etheric bodies.  Modern science now realizes that our DNA directly reflects our consciousness, making it possible for us to willfully change our DNA."
~ from The Photon Belt, Part 2

For more insight into the full implications of the current surge in the Source Field, watch the highly intelligent 9 minute YouTube video HERE, regarding the astrophysics and other science involved.

See also: PROOF!!! Spontaneous Evolution is Happening NOW! This corroborates the big shift in energies 'awakening' our collective Conscience in resonant 'alignment' with the all pervasive supraConscience intelligence in the intense photonic light now surging in the Source Field.

The process of resonance with Source has been accelerating the conscious evolution of humanity, working through the 'best and brightest' who have innovated the worldwide web of consciousness as has evolved from the early Internet, later social networks (web 2.0), and now on the threshold of culturing the 'Currency of Conscience' (social Conscience) in our social networks; web. 3.0.
currency of social Conscience  is

To comprehend the full implications of this is important.  It’s what the natural order of the universe has in store for Earth’s evolutions over this next year – the mass awakening of global humanity with ‘planetary consciousness’

۞ The ‘Currency of Conscience’ will refine the ‘Next Economy’;
۞ Long suppressed 'free-energy technologies’ will be liberated; 
۞ The opportunity for ‘Universal Self Care’ will be self-evident;
۞ Global upgrade of core Constitution freedoms with interactive
      mass-to-mass TeLeComm will culture
freedom-in-love with
social Conscience in our ubiquitous global social networks.


The concept of "One in God (Divine Love) is a majority"
is going mainstream at this unprecedented time.
The power of love as unity in our diversity
is infusing our DNA and
with a Higher Power culturing
the sense of the sacred
via the inside out
and outside

Full disclosure of Earth's cosmic history and the creators of crop circles will go mainstream in 2012.  Consider this ‘out of this world’ article explaining what to expect with the 2012 surge of more light (photonic energies) in the ‘Source Field:

“The earth that you once knew is no longer…   there is a new vibrational pattern that has
 permeated the blueprint of the planet
and you now exist as members of the galactic community,  cousins to the enlightened citizens of your galaxy…  The coming calendar year, the greatly anticipated year of 2012, is a monumental breakthrough in what we term, planetary consciousness.  By this we mean that those who have laid the plan for a new earth have far exceeded our expectations.  Because of this, what is coming to pass is much grander, much more comprehensive and more delightful than even we imagined.”
                                                   ~ Pleiadian High Council (continued HERE)


This quote refers to the ‘Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age’… ‘a new vibrational pattern that has permeated the blueprint of the planet’ … morphing the matrix of matter with pattern of perfection that represent the sentient supraConscience intelligence in the surging energies of the Source Field

If you have had time for some deep contemplation on the major world events of 2011, and the trend implications for 2012, you are aware that the world stage is now set for the ‘Big Shift’, ‘Great Transition’ and ‘Paradigm Reboot’ that are all representative of the ‘Dimensional Shift’ as will distinguish ‘Mass Awakening’.

As the lights of heaven converge in Conscience,
an Aquarian Dispensation of freedom-in-love
is weaving the fabric of space and time
with the continuum's singularity of
sacred purpose -- a new unity.
 And as we come into unity
  with mass
the rule of
with this

This process of DNA/consciousness upgrade is not a mystery when understood.  There is naturally a physical component and a spiritual component.  Above all is the ‘Spirit that matters’, the frequency of LOVE (as in frequently) which neutralizes fear.  The higher your concept of the ‘Power of Love’, the greater the results for upgrading or otherwise ‘reprogramming’ your DNA with the pure heart and enlightened mind of higher Conscience.

The true test of spirituality is practically.  Your DNA is the ‘chalice’ for the Holy Spirit of LOVE-in-action now surging in the Source Field. Your consciousness is the natural expression of healthy DNA and the vital force of healthy energies in your body ‘temple’ for the light of Source.

Your whole, holistic or otherwise ‘holy’ health in 2012 is your choice.  Be good to yourself.  Be aware of the spirit of Source -- pure intention.  Your thoughts are the consequence – focused attention.  Your feelings follow attention with pure intention – love’s retention.  That whole-healthy-holy trinity of, by and for love’s intention, attention and retention is the genesis of your self-fulfilling prophecy… conscious evolutionary ascension in 2012.

Collectively, this process leads to a higher dimension of
Source Alignment'
as defines, refines and shines

All Ways … Always,

~ Christos

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