Twelve Gifts for Christ Mass Awakening 
on the 12 lines of the 'Cosmic Clock'

by Christos Lightweaver

 The bottom line for global civilization is a higher standard governing civility.
The divine destiny of the Aquarian Dispensation is a planetary Golden Age.
The mass awakening 'source code' whereby shift happens is not a mystery
  when known.  It is a gift that keeps on giving in our Conscience; our world.

Fulfillment of that vision is gifted to those who get it with pure intention to
focus attention with the holy spirit of
-in-action that is for giving;
  love's retention for ascension in a dimension of 'cosmic' comprehension.

So take it from the top, around the "clock".

12 Clockwise Gifts For Birthing Civility
  at the heart of Golden Age Civilization:

Consider how these 12 Gifts for Christ Mass Awakening will bless all
12 lines of the "Divine Destiny Clock" by providing the 
coordinates (emerging blueprint) for our evolutionary ascent as
will fulfill the pure intention of abundant 
TeLeComm E-valuation criteria - heartware cyberEthics.
By defining, refining, combining and 
wholly shining
more light as wholly integrated 5D Conscience,
thereby a higher application of
 form and frequency -- as in frequently --
will result in greater means to GIFT
your world with atONEment that
 coCreates divine order on
Earth, fulfilling global
divine destiny via
the nature of

Note the four "clock" quadrants sequencing "color coding" of these 12 lines:
(dimensional/directional source code for
 5-D Conscience)

   From the top, etheric/spiritual blueprint coordinates;

    From the 3-5 o'clock lines, higher mental coordinates;

      From the 6-8 o'clock lines, LOVE-in-action coordinates;

       From the 9-11 o'clock lines, holistic healing coordinates

Also note the 3-fold LOVE languaging (color coded) in each quadrant;

Universal Law/Language PRINCIPLES: The Power of 

TLC2 PROCESSES: Understanding the Wisdom of

Holistic PRODUCTION: The Love of -in-action.

These are the three-fold components in all 4-quads () of the

We are
what we think,
having become what
we thought - the habit of our
prevailing conscious intention and
attention in a net or web of global love;
a golden pink light that weaves the fabric of 
global space/time with the relative spirit that matters
as the angels of our best nature find enough willing hearts
for evolutionary ascension of Net reality on Earth as in Cosmos.
The 2016 Galactic Alignment is accelerating awakening exponentially.
A new 'non-duality' (unity)
Conscience is transforming the matrix.
 The mysteries of God and man are unveiled as a connection.
The illusory sense that materialism is more real than the
spirit that matters is rapidly loosing traction globally.
The instant-everywhere and interactive Internet
has now succeeded to the point where the
power of love in our social networks is
culturing a new social conscience
that knows the potential of a
new unity in community
with increasing

12 Christmas Gifts of, by and for Christ Mass Conscience
In the Four Quadrant of Self and Civilization

Unwrap these gifts for the gifting of the Family of Man - global rEVOLUTION. 
 As wise old Ben Franklin said at the beginning of the American rEVOLUTION,
"Either we all hang together, or most assuredly,
we'll all hang separately."

Consider the 'gifts' that follow from the 'Four Directions':
God is Love
from the top... to the centered and connected )

Fathering Universal Law
at the Heart of Global
Self Governance…

The VISION of by and for Public


The best government is self-government at the
 heart of mass-to-mass

 ~ inear power of OVE;
 ~ nnlinear wisdom of LVE;
 ~ triune synergy of E;
 ~ integrated whole of .
            (whole point
 of 5-D Conscience)

Get the VISION with these first
three gifts in the 1st quadrant:

12:00 line:
Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age

1:00 line:
The Living Book of LOVE

2:00 line:
Global Net Upgrade of Core Freedoms


The Christ-like Mind of 
from the right to the centered and connected  )

Wisdom of :
Enlightening Universal Law
at the Heart of Global
Self Correction…

The Mind of the "Sn of G.O.D."
- enlightened G.O.D.
Conscience -
Geometrically Ordered Divinity)
for personal and planetary enlightenment…

The VIRTUE of by and for Public

The best education is self-education
at the heart of mass-to-mass

 ~ Educating the definite major purpose of maps;
 ~ Higher education’s emphasis on -point Conscience;
 ~ Creative learning via network masterminding (+);
 ~  interface for culturing social Conscience
          at the interactive heart of social networking.

              (whole point
of 5-D Conscience)

Embrace the VIRTUE with these next
three gifts in the 2nd quadrant:

3:00 line:
Collaborative Learning in Social Networks

4:00 line:
Open Systems for Mass-to-Mass TeLeComm

5:00 line:
Global Net Upgrade for the Currency of Conscience


the Energy of -in-motion
(from the grass roots (Net roots) UP to the centered and connected  )
The Love
Mothering Net Co-Operation
at the Heart of Holistic
Self Healing…

empowering wisdom with the Mother of
the frequency of unity in diversity
(holy compassion as in
for individual and collective healing…

The VOW of by and for Public
The best health care is self-care at the heart of
 ~ Definitive holistic standards for healing the health care system;
 ~ Culturing common sense self-care at the heart of health care;
 ~ Self-governing self-correcting database for holistic self care;
 ~ Global healing with empirical evidence of what works best.
              (whole point
 of 5-D Conscience)

Make the VOW of Vision’s power and Virtue’s wisdom
with these next three gifts
in the 3rd quadrant:

6:00 line:
The Unconditional Power of Love for Healing All

7:00 line:
Universal Access to Holistic Self Care Information

8:00 line:
Global Holistic Healing Model for Health Care


...the VICTORY of  manifesting
the Abundant Life

from the left to the centered and connected 

wholEness of 

for holistic healing in all of
our core institutions...

culturing the business of evolution
at the heart of the evolution of business;
framing Effective Sensory Perception
in time for a wholly new time of
personal and planetary

The VICTORY of by and for Our
The best future is a self-fulfilling prophecy with
self-governing self-correcting self-healing of a
salvation (self-elevating) nature at the heart of
TeLeCommerce, the greening
of the Next Economy:

     ~ Self-actualization as integration of all components to
G.O.D.~  Conscience;
 ~ Self-realization as the esteem of pure intention for
G.O.D.~  Conscience;
 ~ Self-determination as discernment of holy spirit for
G.O.D.~  Conscience;
 ~ Self-fulfilling prophecy as the self-elevation process
framed by the “Law of the Angles of
(Geometrically Ordered Divinity),
and inspired by the
“Language of the Angels of

(our better nature).
(whole point  of 5-D Conscience)

Claim the VICTORY of your Vow for Vision's Virtue
heals all with these final
three gifts in the 4th quadrant:

9:00 line:
Cultural DNA for Holy Spirit as Social Conscience in Social Networks

10:00 line:
The Dimensional Shift to Non-duality Unity Conscience

11:00 line:
Mainstreaming Global rEVOLUTION

Finishing what U.S. Founders began,
assembling the pure geometrized
components to the
(Creative Ascent Process)

for Self and Civilization:



CopyRound © 2016

All “Rights” () Well “Rounded” () & “Synergized” ()
  with the healthy, holistic and otherwise holy “whole” (
in all five archetypal dimensions of universal-cosmic

To love with all your mind ~  eft-brain ogic of a inear nature,
and all your heart ~
, right-brain intuition of a nonlinear nature, 
and all your strength ~
, balanced brain of a synergy nature,
 and your sovereign neighbor ~ 
, whole brain representation
  in our Global Village as thyself ~ 
, culturing Unity Conscience.