Message from Archangel Raphael:

     "I, Raphael, kneel before this altar, summoning the Lord for the quickening.  Quicken, then, all -- the All in the all of these vessels. Quicken, then, the seeing and the vision of wholeness.

     "For I tell you a mystery, beloved, which is not a mystery when told: Only the whole can be made whole!  Draw the circle, then, of wholeness as an ovoid of Light.  Step into the ovoid you have drawn. Know that this wholeness is, and because you are whole in God in the beginning, you can be and must affirm that you are whole in the ending.

     "Only the whole can be made whole. To him that hath shall more be added; from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath.  It is the Law."

-dictation via E. C. Prophet, PoW Vol. 29 No. 55