To Your Health!

    Numerous doctors, clinical nutritionists and health coaches order
   Swedish Pollen Extract (SPX) due to its benefits for their clients.
        Some have asked for more of the science behind this standardized
          nutraceutical-grade royal jelly to better understand SPX applications.
        So I've prepared this newsletter with information that may be useful.


'Dr. Christopher'

Your Immune System and Natural Healing  
    Are you building health consistently (regenerating)?
 Or treating dis-ease  increasingly (degenerating)?
Newsletter Highlights:

1- Your digestive system, approx. 80% of your immune system;

2- Hormonal precursors for support of your endocrine system;

3- Neural-transmitter precursors for optimal cognitive health;

4- DNA/Telomerase precursors for cellular life extension;

5- Worldwide 47 year use for reproductive and prostate health;

6- Breakthrough benefits for cellular cleansing and healing;

7- Unprecedented mitochondria support for sustained energy.

Would you agree that optimizing your
 immune system is the bottom line for
"holistic" ( body-mind-spirit) health?

As a naturopath who developed 4 holistic health centers over two decades,
I keep up on biological science. That’s easy with the Internet, and I’ve learned
that the science has advanced much faster than public applications for benefit.

Biologically correct truth has hit the wall of politically correct unreality regarding an upside-down ‘health care’ system that is in fact 97.5% disease care. But thanks to our new Net reality, the science has been sufficiently liberated to enlighten us regarding the critical role of the digestive system in general and the colon in particular for glandular health and a strong immune system.


The body is like a plant that grows out of the ‘dirt’ in your colon. When you have good ‘dirt’ in your gut, you grow like a healthy plant. Good colon ‘dirt’ is rich in microbial enzymes that break down the molecules into a highly assimilable form that passes through the colon membranes into the blood stream, supply every cell in your body with whatever the colon provides.

Healthy 'gut soil' produces a healthy body
just as healthy organic gardening creates
  a nutrient rich environment whereby plants
 thrive just as we thrive when we eat them.

The biological sciences often publish the statistic that approximately 80% of your immune system is a function of colon health. Why so much?  A toxic gut will virtually poison the whole body with health-destroying toxicity. Conversely, a healthy gut delivers health-building nutrients to every cell.

You are what you assimilate, and
strong immunity against disease
  is “80% determined” in the colon.

A toxic gut is commonly caused by poor digestion, bad food-combining, GMOs, high fructose corn syrup, toxic food additives, trans-fats, and highly processed chemical-laced food in general. Taking toxic drugs to suppress the consequent 'dis-ease' symptoms only compounds the toxic gut problem.
Many seniors are taking multiple drugs as creates a toxic gut that weakens the immune system with more symptoms of disease that doctors prescribe more drugs for, further compounding the toxic gut syndrome. It’s a vicious circle that the medical-industrial complex has little incentive to correct.
These toxins are ‘endocrine disruptors’, poisoning the endocrine glands which secret the hormones that regulate the complex interconnected health systems of the body.  As thus is a toxic gut responsible for a huge range of ‘dis-ease’ symptoms ranging from skin rashes, acne, halitosis and body odor to food sensitivities, allergies and other auto-immune diseases.
Life in the fast lane with incessant stress is a gut-buster, impacting the solar plexus energy center as corresponds to digestion and the colon.

"Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) affects 25 million Americans, 
and is the leading cause of work-related absence."
 ~ Harvard Women's Health Watch, April 2004.

Some of us tend to be more sensitive to gut-wrenching emotional stress, yet 'hold it in'.  Others tend to be less sensitive and just 'blow it off', flatulence included. This is no laughing matter if you are over 40 with diminishing digestive enzymes and increasing gas, bloating or the full range of gut imbalances from constipation to diarrhea. This burdens the immune system, causing fatigue, the #1 most common health complaint in America.

Common sense disease prevention may be uncommon,
  but if you corrupt your colon, you disrupt your immunity
 by virtually poisoning glands of your endocrine system.

Endocrine support is more than just reducing endocrine disruptors. Yes, probiotics are important for endocrine support, but there is also a world renown superfood concentrate, 'Swedish Pollen Extract' (SPX) that supports the glands and immune system like no other food from nature.

Back In 1987, I went to Sweden and got the rights for brokering SPX to major medical nutrition and sports nutrition markets in North America.  This SPX source company is the 2nd largest business in Sweden, next to Volvo, that developed the RAST test used by doctors worldwide for diagnosing allergies.
The Swedes gave me literature documenting use by medical doctors worldwide for preventing or otherwise reversing a variety of acute and chronic health conditions.  Because SPX is a whole food concentrate, and not a drug, I can't publish proof of health benefits because of FDA 'catch 22' laws that only recognize drugs for medicine, not whole foods.
We've come a long way from the wisdom of Hippocrates, Father of Medicine,  who said, "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food."  But fortunately, nature's law governing health is more interested in what is biologically correct rather than politically correct.
Thanks to the Internet, people worldwide are now aware that SPX is used in drip IVs for immunotherapy by oncologists and immunologists. They don't call it SPX but its the same source material, the richest source of all micronutrients needed for life at the very source of the food chain; flower pollen extract.

Common sense would say that if this same superfood is used by medical doctors to bring back glandular health – typically after the immune system has been wiped out by chemo and radiation – it could also be used to prevent disease at modest levels of endocrine support. An ounce of SPX is definitely worth more than a pound of chemo.
The mainstream scientific press is increasingly recognizing these four biological facts about SPX for cellular replication, repair and rejuvenation:
1- Support of your ‘DNA Telomeres’ for cellular life extension:
The advanced biological science of anti-aging is now focusing on telomeres support at a core DNA regeneration level. There are almost 100 enzymes in SPX which are involved in the biological synthesis of telomerase, the now identified life extension enzyme responsible for cellular regeneration. This scientific breakthrough is the same miracle of life with 'royal jelly’, the SPX equivalent, which creates a queen bee that is 5 x's larger and lives 20 x's longer than a worker bee. When a hive needs a queen, they simply feed 'royal jelly' to bee larvae that would otherwise become just another worker bee. This explains why SPX is an exceptional prenatal supplement that also supports the endocrine system at any age.
2- Support of a healthy prostate and reproductive system:
Many young couples today are unable to have children because of endocrine disruptors that have impaired their fertility. There is nothing that increases the sperm count of men like the pollen extract. It is actually the male ‘sperm’ of the plant kingdom. As for women, the queen bee that is fed this pollen extract from birth can lay her own body weight in eggs each day… for years!  This miracle of nature translates to optimal reproductive health for women. For men, it has been the leading botanical product for prostate health used for 47 years by health professionals worldwide.

3- Support of cognitive function with neural-transmitters:
Brain researchers worldwide are discovering what many SPX users have known for years.  SPX has a wide spectrum of micronutrient precursors for neural-transmitters in the brain. When you dissolve the powder under the tongue, it is transported through the blood-brain barrier sublingually for “neural-transmitter support” (full spectrum ‘light’).  And that which prevents Alzheimer’s also treats it at therapeutic levels. Productive creative mental work thrives with the sustained energy, mental clarity and mood equilibrium that is optimized with SPX.
4- Support of cellular cleansing, eliminating toxins in the body:
When swallowed, SPX is digested to support your cellular mitochondria – powerhouse of each cell – to generate more vital force for eliminating cellular wastes that accumulate with sluggish metabolism due to lack of exercise or the aging process in general. The cells can’t get nutrients in if clogged with cellular wastes. The body has the inherent wisdom to focus vital force on regenerative metabolic processes. That's why SPX, like the herb ginseng, is called an 'adaptogen' that helps the body adapt to the physical and emotional stresses of modern civilization.
In summary, my long experience in this field of immune system support has found that minimizing endocrine disruptors and optimizing endocrine support is essential for a long disease-free life. For this purpose, the combination of a superior probiotic with SPX will usually do more for an optimal immune system than any other comparable nutrition application. See: Super-Immunity Combo.

To Your Optimal Holistic Health!

Bottom Line ‘To Your Health’:

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