Shift News / Keep the Faith Series 

On the Threshold of a Global Golden Age

10-11-2015 / Christopher Rudy

Debriefing on the current world crisis and opportunity

Witness how the power of love is now
clearing the way for a new global
economics of abundance.

For those following recent Shift News, you know that a systemic powershift has taken place in the Mideast . That’s the reality on the ground. But this time, the clash of cultures is not for black gold to back a failing petrodollar as the currency standard for global hegemony, preemptive war and policies that offend sovereign nations and all of 'US' as United Sovereigns of Earth

This is not shocking nor ‘crazy talk’ if you
know what’s REALLY going on with the
BIG SHIFT to decentralized power.

DEBRIEFING: The last several months I’ve been getting numerous reports from global networks that clean, ‘free-energy’ technology is going into production in China, Russia, India and other BRICS nations worldwide. A few days ago, I saw a news release of $200 dollar "Magrav technology" (free-energy devices) for both cars and homes. Millions of these units have been produced already, and it’s open source technology – no patents. And production is decentralized globally, so there's no stopping this deep shift.  Read about it HERE.

World leaders, including Putin, are well aware of this game changer. There's no reason for any more wars over oil in the Mideast. The global economy can now shift gears with abundant power for all domestic economies.

Of course, such systemic powershift for public benefit has the potential for enabling the evolutionary ascent of global golden age civilization. But there’s a caveat. Abundant power globally requires the empowerment of global wisdom with coherent social conscience to check and balance the abuse of power.

The Heartware Project
Empowering Global Net Realty
With Heart Coherent Wisdom

The synergy of this trinity of balanced power is not a mystery when known as the 3-fold flame (frequency) in 4-way BALANCE as a ‘whole’~ that is greater than the sum of respective -- parts. This is the higher power of the THRee-in-NE (THRNE) of . 

In biomimicry terms, it’s like the BALANCE- of eft-brain inear ogic with right-brain nonlinear- intuition; mental congruence via heart coherence.

In geopolitical terms, it’s like the BALANCE- of Western hemisphere eft-brain dominance, as reads left to right, with Eastern hemisphere right-brain  spherical- dominance as reads right to left; the co-creation of both worlds.

   It’s ALL connected through the natural
Law of the of the Angles of ' &
Language of the Angels of Love' as the
Alpha and Omega of form & frequency
formatting holographic energy fields:
– Right ‘dynamic’ fields;
Round ‘magnetic’ fields;
Radiant energy fields;
Integrated wholEness.

Western eft-brain dominance is more individualistic and masculine with a strong gun culture and use of force as a prevailing paradigm of personal power that identifies with the right to rule through force. Personal and nationalistic values thus reflect this dominant paradigm of control of power above all.

Western dominant -power has evolved to -point
whereby its strength, in excess, is a weakness
 when out of balance with the
power of love.

Eastern right-brain spherical- dominance is more collectivist and feminine in nature with a strong social conscience that is more family, group and social network orientated, pun intended. Social power in the ‘inscrutable East’ thus identifies with rules for win/win cooperation more than win/lose competition. Social fabric wants cooperation above all.

Eastern dominant -power has evolved to -point
whereby its strength, in excess, is a weakness
 when out of balance with the
power of love.

As host of BBS Radio’s Cosmic for almost 9 years, I’ve interviewed many people a lot smarter than me about all kinds of things ‘cosmic’, much of which has transformed my comprehension of universal-cosmic law principles and processes whereby it is ALL in divine order with sacred geometry patterns of perfection framing the fractal fabric of the holographic universe with heart coherence frequencies that center and connect human perception with congruence that registers "wholly" (holistically) in one’s “holodeck” (brain field).

My guest on Cosmic for Oct. 17th is Dan Winter who pioneered the deep science of heart coherence. See his website at .

We are in the universe and the kingdom of cosmos is within us.
It’s a
cosmic love thing… how we’re all connected.

The universe has ‘methods’ and
willful ignorance of cosmic law
is no excuse under ‘the law’.

It’s been said that there are no human solutions to human problems; there are  only divine solutions to our human problems. Since the true test of spirituality is practicality, my intent with Cosmic has always been the highest and  best vision of virtue and valor for the victory of CONSCIENCE at the heart of our global interactive social networks for the Family of Mankind as kind men.

Universal RIGHTS in the Global SPHERE

The Heartware Project

Healing World Crisis ~ A Global Choice

The ‘World Crisis’ has arrived at '-Point', a critical mass of consciousness, with the vast majority of global Netizens now well aware of corporate media collusion with a deeply entrenched corporatocracy that values short-term stockholder profit interests from war, disease and austerity above long-term public interest in peace, health and prosperity for all on Earth.

Due to the persistent pathology of perceptual propaganda towards mindless materialism, more Americans know what Taylor Swift was doing this last week than know the U.S. is on the threshold of profound global powershift to an economics of abundance. The tide of global social conscience has definitely risen to float all boats higher… if only we grasp the extraordinary timely opportunity to make it so!  

"There is a tide in the affairs of men which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries."
~ William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

Global O-Point Restart Begins 3-Ways:

The Principle ~ Common Sense ‘Currency’:
The Currency of Conscience culturing the Next Economy;
economics based on abundant conscience with
universal values for global

The Process ~ Culturing Coherent ‘Currency:
Web 3.0 heartware mediating interactive social networks;
culturing coherent interactive TeLeComm policies

The ‘Positioning’ ~ Global Holistic Healing
Heart coherence as a universal standard for healing;
restoring the ‘care’ in public health care with
TeLeCare for free online holistic healing.

So there you have it.  It’s not rocket science.  And I realize that
 I’m like a voice crying in the wilderness of public confusion and
   willful ignorance regarding the opportunity of global humanity for
liberation of our extraordinary gifts, talents and resources with
the principle of global ‘Common Sense’,
the process for culturing this ‘Currency’,
and positioning for our ‘Global Healing’.

  Common sense unity Conscience may still be uncommon,
but the quite small voice of
Conscience as the first gift of
holy spirit of discernment is the result of heart-mind
 coherence and congruence in our global social networks.

The new Currency of Conscience
IS what Conscience DOES.

Obviously, there’s nothing more valuable that a vision of
 virtue and valor for a victory that has found it’s time, and
  many are called as lightworkers, but few are the ‘chosen’
  who CHOOSE to link the light of this VISION for realizing
  the potential of the principle and process for positioning
Unified Sense of Universal Solidarity for all of ‘US’ as
Unity of Souls known as 'United Sovereigns of Earth'.

The new 'US' as 'I AM RACE',
an anagram for 'AMERICA'.

 So pass it on – pay it forward – because attention pays
with the one currency that cultures
Conscience for
optimizing world peace, healing and prosperity.

Keep the Faith, See the Good, and Make it So!

All Ways … Always,


PS: Remember that wins in the continuum,
holy spirit of -in-action that serves
       the highest good of the greatest number of global
       village ‘Netizens’, the
United Sovereigns of Earth.

  We have the CHOICE for 'Evolutionary Ascent',
   enlightened as common law language,
  or by default, the dimitude of devolution with a
  downward spiral of self-destructive dysfunction
   due to degenerate dark-side dystopia agendas.

 “Humankind is standing precariously on the edge of its destiny.
 It will either rise to a paradigm change or experience decline
  and possible destruction. This is an unavoidable confrontation.
The options will be presented and the choices will be made.”
 ~ from Jesus Speaks…Love Without End by Glenda Green


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