Trans-Dimensional Interstellar: TDIS - What It Means

Published June 4, 2012
Dr. Steven Greer

Yes, we are being visiting by advanced ET civilizations.  This simple fact has been proven by

The evidence is overwhelming, but the implications are scarcely apprehended, and particularly in scientific circles.  These ET civilizations are not getting here using solid rocket boosters, or jets, or  Exxon Mobile fuel. The communications, energy and propulsion systems of these ET vehicles use trans-dimensional physics (or hyper-dimensional or inter-dimensional physics:  these are synonyms).

What does this mean?

It means that both communications and travel are via other dimensions and not through linear space/time. And yet these other dimensions are folded within and contained within space/time. It is a conscious, holographic universe, and every star-faring culture knows it.  Of course this means that virtually every manifestation of their presence would look like magic to us!

But one cultures magic is another's science. Imagine going back 200 years and showing Thomas Jefferson a smart phone, computer- or even a simple flashlight. Magic, by God! 
And if you were in Salem MA, I supposed you might be burned at the stake as a witch.

Items we take for granted today would be unimaginable to our ancestors even a few generations ago.

Now visualize such scientific advancements thousands -- and perhaps millions of years into the future. Every manifestation of such a society would appear like magic, a miracle even to
us today.

And yet in classified projects, there has been great advancement in the study of trans-dimensional, very high voltage (VHV) resonance systems that indeed result in so-called (and misnamed ) free energy and anti-gravity (see www.  Recently, I met with a senior Department of Defense scientist who described such systems to me, and who also matter-of-factly  stated, that they also have communications devices that were faster than the speed of light. Not your everyday cell phone!

Many people in the UFO subculture who are not aware of the physics behind UFOs state that they are not ET but are inter-dimensional. But this is like arguing about whether an orange is round OR the color orange when it is obviously both. They are both ET and Inter-dimensional.

By definition: Any ET civilization from another star system that has reached earth or our solar system must be 'trans-dimensional'. You cannot get from one star system  to another at or below the speed of light. It is just too slow. And this means that ALL ET civilizations visiting us are TDIS: Trans-Dimensional InterStellar.

This means the phenomena associated with ET vehicles, communications and the like will, perforce, be High Strangeness as Dr. J. Allen Hynek said many years ago.

ET communication devices modulate within fields beyond the speed of light. They can interface with what we call thought forms -- something the mystics have called the astral plane.  Their ET vehicles can dematerialize and re-appear in another place in space/time.  When fully materialized, the energy and propulsion systems can have strange effects on other motors, electronic devices, detection systems and even humans and animals.

An ET vehicle can be 10 feet away and be shifted beyond the crossing point of light and linear space/time and leave only an electronic emission. Or it may appear like an electronic astral projection (if you will), ghost like, but still ever-so-slightly visible. And on and on.

But isn't this what any thinking person would predict from civilizations thousands to millions of years more advanced than we are and who can travel beyond the speed of light?

The good news: we can understand these concepts. That the spinmeisters in the intelligence, corporate and secrecy industry have confused people does not mean that this new science cannot be comprehended. It can be and has been. Most people just don't know it... yet. One of the goals of is to elucidate these and other issues in a way that the general public will better understand.

TDIS: it is a whole new understanding of the cosmos,
and our place in it. Lets get on with embracing it!