The 2018 Global Upgrade Series

Saint Germain on the Ascension Process Now

I was not expecting a message from Saint Germain
for my March 3, 2018 Cosmic Show…
Show podcast HERE.

 But two hours before the show Saturday evening
   I was told that Saint Germain would answer some
questions about the 'Ascension Process' that is
  accelerating for the Family of Mankind on Earth.
 Backstory: Two hours before the show,
David responded to an earlier invitation
 that he was able to do the interview, but
I was working on a show on the Secret
Space Program (SSP), as reported at
 the Conscious Life Expo a week earlier
where David was a featured speaker.

   So I told David about this when he called,
explaining how SSP insiders have been
 warning of galactic photon belt energies
  that are rapidly morphing energy grids of
the Earth... and human consciousness.
David's response was a message from
 St. Germain regarding ascent dynamics
 which I'm thrilled to share with you now.
Following are the 6 points Saint Germain shared
via his Messenger, David Christopher Lewis.
For Conscious Evolution Revelations
with Cosmic ,

Saint Germain
David Christopher Lewis
March 3, 2018
Livingston, Montana

1.    We are going through a series of spiritual planetary and personal shifts. Each is like a graduation from one grade level to the next. Some people feel that we will just miraculously alight into or proceed to the 5th dimension one day. No. Everything happens in a gradual and divinely ordained and systematic way based on cosmic parameters and our own free-will chosen rate of spiritual evolution. We are all initiates walking a path of light. We choose each day how quickly or slowly we desire to tread this path of Self-discovery and Self-realization. The more focused we are on divine light and love, the faster we proceed to our desired goal. The greater attention we give to God, the more light we receive to use on our path.

2.    Yes, our solar system is traveling around the galactic core and is influenced by the great light emitted from the center of our galaxy. This light affects all life throughout this sector of the universe more than mundane science would ever imagine, because it is not in tune with spiritual evolution. There are divine quintessences within this light that impact us individually and as a whole. What we do in private in our own lives DOES impact the whole, every lifestream, all beings.

3.    The time of individualism is over, in the sense that we can’t just “do our thing” without also being aware of the consequences of our deeds, words, feelings and thoughts. What many do not realize is that our thought processes are being speeded up because of the changes in technology and the availability of instant communication. What in the past potentially took years to research and discover and learn can now be studied and mastered in much less time. However, within the spiritual path are divine markers or milestones known as initiations that we must all pass through in order to be transfigured, resurrected and finally to ascend into immortal beingness in the Divine.

4.    The violet light helps us to accelerate all divine processes, steps on the path, transmutation of karma, alchemical victories and Self-realization. If those who are great at yoga and meditation will just add 15-30 minutes a day of working with the violet light, the violet laser light, they will be amazed at the progress they will make in overcoming past negative paradigms and habits like destructive self-talk, CCJ and everything that arises out of the illusions of dualistic thinking, feeling, speech and deeds.

Video HERE

5.    Utilizing the gifts of Spirit vouchsafed to us is now a necessity rather than just a desire or want. We must be more illumined and we just have to learn to sustain a new level of divine illumination in our auras and worlds. We must master our emotions and our thoughts and not allow negativity toward any soul to occur. We can’t give in to mood swings, media angst or to those who bring us down. We must learn to commune with ascended masters, angels, guardian spirits and divine beings.

6.    We are part of the solution. We live within a solution of diamond-crystal, liquid light! So, yes, we are now part of the solution… and when that solution is supersaturated with our crystalline light thoughts, feelings and words, our devotional chants and songs, our wonderful ideations and illumined and virtuous concepts of our planet, the divine world responds in kind and radiates us with such grace and blessings that each day becomes mysterious and miraculous, each hour is magnified and maximized in the higher light frequencies of Aquarius.

Podcast discussing this with David HERE.



  So learn the language of full-spectrum ,
love your global Netizen neighbor as thyself,
and serve the purpose of our enlightenment.

Graduation from this Great School of Life is
a maturing of 'innocense' as
inner sense via
  vision of virtue & valor for victorious .

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