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It’s Time To Open Things Up!

Published in the Livingston Enterprise
on Earth Day, April 22, 2021

Covid fraud has led to medical tyranny with all evidence now showing that the consequence of lockdowns has been worse than the disease.
A public records request has been filed for the local health department to provide evidence of justification for continued emergency lockdown restrictions including the local rodeo.
This request is to investigate whether continued emergency declaration and mandates constitute an unwarranted government overreach into - and control of - private citizens' affairs.
There's now plenty of evidence showing that the 'Covid-19' virus has never been isolated, and that PCR testing was rigged to show false positives with a false narrative that infection was pandemic.
Mainstream media has created an extreme climate of fear of disease and death based on junk science and fake test results.
Park County citizens have watched Health Dept mandates destroy their financial livelihoods while increasing crime, divorce, bankruptcy, suicide, drug and alcohol addiction, school dropouts, spousal abuse, mental illness and more.
Vast stretches of America have descended into deep economic hopelessness. This is criminal fraud on a massive scale.
In the name of public health, 'BS' as a bogus 'Belief System' has compelled suspension of core constitutional freedoms of speech, assembly, religion, and even the right to bear arms. Chief Medical advisor to Joe Biden, Anthony Fauci, is now appearing on TV to advocate for more gun control.
Other political agendas include Vaccine Passports that are later upgraded to Money Passports with a social credit system like Communist China has. And there's the Internet Passport; if your dissent is too vocal, you'll be disappeared from the Net - access forbidden.
If we don't stop it now, that's where it's going folks.
It's time to wise up and rise up with collective contempt for health tyranny.
So let's finally open up our stores and venues for social gatherings, singing and dancing.
The Livingston Rodeo has every right to go back to normal. ###

~ Christopher Rudy, Livingston