Delicate Earth History Science Re: Planet X

sent June 25, 2005

by Mark Hazelwood


I highly recommend you read the book POWER VS FORCE to get extraordinary insight into the power of kenisiology to self-assess and direct your life. It's by the same author, David Hawkins, recommended for another book mentioned below.  Many "rules" to the universal-holographic "Holodeck" of actuality that we subjugate as "reality".  -CR

The truth found in the 'collective consciousness' of mankind can be tapped into using a simple muscle technique called Kenisiology.
One Kenisiological technique involves two people. The tester presses down on the arm of the testee while keeping something in mind or making a positive statement about something. It works just as well without the testee knowing what is being tested.  First one has to ask permission from "this collective sometimes called the universal consciousness" if they can ask the question given the current situation and people around at that time. If the response is positive the testee gets a quick jolt of energy in their arm that arrives in about 1/10,000Th of a second. This energy is just enough to resist the couple ounces of pressure from the tester. The field only knows truth and there is no energy to resist if permission isn't granted or there's a false statement and the arm will go limp with the pressure.
In David R. Hawkins MD PhD's book "Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis and Calibration of the Level of Human Consciousness" he proves using strict academic and scientific methodology that Kenisiology works for finding out truth or falsehood. This is a huge scientific finding. [with ample proofs provided in his book, POWER VS FORCE -CR]  He uses it mainly to discover the truth in the non-linear domain of spiritual issues but it can be used for anything. Veritas Publishing (928) 282-8722

Keep in mind ones personal calibration has to be 200 or higher (above integrity the majority of the time) to use Kenisiology. This is a fail-safe mechanism built in to prevent the non-integrous from using it. 51% of the people in the USA are 200 or over. Only 15% of the world is 200 or over.
Hawkins used Kenisiology to find out Planet X is real and inbound. Anything that is said about the future, about what PX will do when it passes or when it will pass is not known using Kenisiology. Kenisiology cannot be used for the future. "The Field" only holds current and past truth.
Brian Nager who also uses Kenisiology and is an author and spiritual teacher himself has tested the book:
"Delicate Earth History Science Planet X." to find out it's calibration on Hawkin's Kenisiological scale. It tested out at 220 on that scale. 200 is the point on the scale which begins truth and integrity. Each point is 10 times higher than the point before so 220 is well above 200 as far as truth goes. This does not mean that every statement in the book calibrates at 220. Some are higher and some are lower.  On my website one can find the book and the following Table of Contents from the book.
I'm down to my last 4 cases of Delicate Earth. Upon selling a case every 3 weeks to one person recently I informed him a few weeks ago that there were only 6 cases left and he bought 2 of them. I shipped 10 copies out today and will do so again on Monday. So far I've not raised the money for a second printing. Hopefully this money will manifest prior to be running out. I wouldn't want to see the used book being sold on amazon or Ebay for $60 like Blindsided was for a time. Here's the Table Of Contents.
Last note be sure and catch James McCanney on Coast to Coast July 4th [2005].
Take Care
Mark Hazlewood

Table of Contents
Government Has Known Planet X Was Inbound Over 35 Years
Unprecedented EXTREME Weather/World Meteorological Organization
Rebel With A Cause: Professor James McCanney
Sun Currently Interacting with Large Intrusion
Victoria Canada Astronomers Planet X Aware
Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky
More of your Planet X knowledge
Dr. Robert S. Harrington U.S. Naval Observatory Confirms PX
NASA's Kuiper Airborne Observatory Images Planet X in 1983
Russia Begins to Open Up The Planet X Subject to its Public
The Vatican Observatories
NASA Further Restricts Access to Solar Flare Research
Green Berets Black OP's Know of Planet X
NASA is Fully Aware of Something Big Entering Our Solar System
Dr. Robert S. Harrington Silenced for his Knowledge of Planet X
NASA Scientists Building Domes in Arizona
Business of Journalist; Destroy Truth; Lie Outright; Pervert; Vilify
Mainstream Media Nothing That Will Pose a Threat to Business
US Gov't Policy is Secrecy if Evidence of Coming Cataclysm Known
Much of Science is a Perverted Warped Religion
We are Responsible We Allow It
Earth Crust Displacement The Influence of an Agent 00PX
NASA's Slick Acknowledgment of Planet X Via a Kiddie Page
New Dawn Magazine Planet with Elliptical Orbit Expected to Pass Earth
Navy Sub Serviceman & Full Bird Colonel US Air Force Aware of Nibiru
The Monthly "Shooting Star" NASA Altering Data to Hide Something Big
Quetzalcoatl is Another Name for a Planet-X-Type object
NASA Caught Faking Images Again
Planet X and The Coming Earth Changes
When A Celestial Object Enters The Solar System
Main TV News Network in Costa Rica with FULL STORY on Planet X
American Freedom News Discusses Planet X with Bill McFarland
Cosmic Catastrophe from Previous Passages of Planet X
Jupiter Being Perturbed by Planet X
Past Civilizations Destroyed by Planet X's Regular Passage
Extinction Events In Australia Coincide With Times of Planet X's Passing
Ancient Sumerians Planet X REASON for Extreme Climate Changes
Accounts of Previous Passages of Planet X
Ice Ages Cosmic Catastrophes That Resulted in Pole Shifts
Ancient History & Archeological Evidence For The 3600-Year Orbit of Planet X
Triple Doctor Planet X 100% Confirmed Via Live Hubble Telescope Link
Cosmic Catastrophism is Real By Sherwood Ensey
THE LIST Untrue Statements Promoted by US Government
TV Show "In Search Of" Polar Shift Caused by a Rogue Planetary Object
Researcher Confirms Planet X from Nuclear Scientist and Pentagon Officer
Passage of Large Celestial Object Only Mechanism
Russia's Largest Observatories Sight New Planet Approaching Earth
Government on a Crash Program to Get Ready for Planet X and It's Entourage
"The Assessment" Classified Military Doc. "Soon Terrible Earth Changes"
Planet X Books Suppressed by Powers-That-Be
Disinformation a Telling Piece of Evidence
Ancient Underwater Ruins
Columbia Shuttle's Main Mission Was Watching a New Incoming Object
NASA Speculates 10% of the Population (about 600 million) May Survive
Government Tracking Wormwood That May Cause Great Upheavals
Gnosis Aware Astronomers Sighted Hercolubus (Catastrophic Monster)
VLA Workers Know of Planet X Not Supposed To Talk About It
Planet X Warnings from Higher Sources
Zacharia Sitchin Privately Knows The Time Is Now for PX's Return
Planet-X, Comets & Earth Changes a New Large Planet/Comet Arriving
Proof of Binary Solar System
More PX Size Extra Solar Bodies Coming At Least 4 Passed Last Decade
Earth not Singled Out The Solar System Changing Russian Perspective
Interview James M. McCanney By Rick Martin THE SPECTRUM
FEMA Gearing Up for Mass Destruction Trigger Mechanism PX Comet
Planet X Pass Within 20 Million Miles Would Wreck Unimaginable Havoc
Planet X: Events Signaling its Approach by Steve Quayle
Full point reduction in the Earthquake Richter Scale
Some Quakes Downsized or Not Reported by USGS
Truth Would Destabilize the Government's and the Economic Markets
A Short List of Planet X Related Reference Material
US Land Based Hurricane
An Insider Gives an Overview/Warning
Timing Planet X Then When?
What The Pope Said About This Up Coming Event?
No Fear
Blindsided: Planet X Passes EARTHCHANGES New updated edition
Thanks for Your Contributions, Efforts, Research, Time, Lives, and Help