2018 Global Upgrade Series

Solar Flash Ascension Boost
Jan 11, 2018 / Secret Space Program Revelations
via Corey Goode / Law of One and Ascension

Global Ascent from Chaos to Order 
Cosmic podcast HERE (Feb 3)

The New American Revolution… Worldwide,
 And How We’re Winning from the Beginning
 With a Vision of Virtue and Valor for Victory.

 What we think about, we bring about.
  Pay attention because attention pays.
Empower wisdom with love-in-action.
for giving. Pay it forward.

Jan 30, 2018 / Heartcom Network

Compendium Keynote:

  "It is at all times necessary, and more particularly so
during the progress of a revolution,
and until right ideas confirm themselves by habit,

that we frequently refresh our patriotism
by reference to First Principles”.

~ Thomas Paine, citizen journalist who wrote
  that sparked the American Revolution

Disruption of Corruption with
Decentralized MegaTrends

  The Deep State is rapidly disintegrating due to
 converging decentralized global MegaTrends.
The crisis, now emerging, is due to surging of
 common sense - unity in our global diversity -
that is purging those power elite ‘power trips’
of today’s ‘aristocracy’ which is better known
  as the centralized Deep State

     Conscious evolution revelations at the heart of
this global revolution will naturally neutralize
  the paradigm paralysis and ‘stinking thinking’
  of self-serving corporate interests that betray
 the service-to-others virtue of a meritocracy.

  Meritocracy is the new model of leadership
  that thrives in the Aquarian ‘Quantum Age’.

 This is the intention of this new compendium.

  The up-wising and uprising of servant leaders
will conceive, believe and achieve the vision
 of virtue and valor for the victory of universal
  for global enlightenment and healing.

Claim the Victory of Cosmic !

The ‘V’ in Victory is for 3D ascent via
Vision, Virtue and Valor with the Vow
 of, by and for ‘
CAPstone’ co-creation
– the
Creative Ascent Process

 The foundation for a global golden age
will ‘funnel’ the spirit that matters for
physical manifestation of our Victory:

    – Vision of the Logos-Law of Angles;
Geometric Ordered Divinity.
Virtue of the Language of Angels;
heart coherent Light Language.
Valor of Law via Light Language;
 synergy in the ~~ trinity.
Vow of determination via
for integration in the CAPstone.

  So keep your eye on the ‘ball
spherical consciousness of
 your 'I Am
G.O.D. Presence'
    with the integrity of for
winning from the beginning.

Take it from the Top;
Seize the Vision
 Know G.O.D.
~ above all
 and dimmitude dissipates like
 darkness at the dawn of day.

This is a time of troubles on the Earth.
 Witness the on-going spiritual warfare
   and fake news psychological war also.
 The ‘higher mind’ of each one of us is
  mediator for spherical consciousness.
    The Circle of Wholeness (Law of ne)
   is the well-rounded frame of reference
G.O.D.~ as a Unified Field
  that challenges divisive disintegration
 personally and in compartmentalized
  bureaucracies of a dark ‘Deep State’.

  The Aquarian Blueprint is Emerging.

  Consider how a universal interface
   for global mass-to-mass interaction
   can mainstream the whol-E spirit of
-in-action to mediate social
   conscience in social networks, and
culture meritocracy with the best
 and brightest representatives for
   conscientious evolutionary ascent.


Continued for Prayer Warrior Initiates+
HERE (Part Two)...