Mass Awakening - General Enlightenment
Reaching A Climax

'Cleaning our filters' via
a holistic frame of reference
with the 'Law of the Angles' for
 our global resurrection of Spirit
that matters - the 2nd Coming
of a coherent 5D High State
(angels of our better nature)

in our global social networks.
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April 11, 2019 / Global rEVOLUTION Series

"The death of innocent illusion,
Makes it hard to believe again,
But dream I will and with work and faith,
Be triumphant in the end."
~ Kaypacha / April 10, 2019
 New Paradigm Astrology

 In the larger scheme of global enlightenment,
 the archetypal interplay of light and darkness
is reaching a 'climax' of conscious evolution
revelations for resurrection of the spirit that
matters on Earth as in Cosmos-at-large

The 5D Prime Directive

As I've reported numerous times this year,
there's a frequency shift in Earth's morphic
field that is morphing mass consciousness
with general enlightenment of a 5D nature.

2019 Global rEVOLUTION

This is the same type of up-wising (uprising)
that characterized the American Revolution.

But now the contest of freedom and
opportunity is a global affair.

 Those who are 'Stuck In Negativity (SIN) of
 a 3D nature will characterize the 'Big Shift'
to 5D as World War III, but for those who
have already liberated the power of wise
 dominion with love are well aware that the
  4D timeline to 5D enlightenment is already
manifesting in the hearts and minds of all
'US' as the 'United Sovereigns' of Earth.
Claiming the Vision of High State Victory
"A reminder to those superstitious fanatics who
 are mind-controlled by ancient forgeries:
The U.S. military will not fight to defend the rogue
state into which Israel has degenerated. 
Wake up and face reality.
There will be no Gog vs. Magog war.
It's over; it's time to start a new age."
~Benjamin Fulford: April 9, 2019

Fulford: "There are many signs this new age has already begun. For example, in what is definitely a game-changer for the planet, Chinese President Xi Jinping's European visit has resulted in an agreement between the BIS (the central bank of central banks) and China to recognize Asian gold as money. As background knowledge, Asians control about 85% of the world's known gold, but most of this gold has been blacklisted from the Western financial system ever since the Nixon shock of 1971. Re-integrating that gold into the world's financial system will amount to a huge shift of financial power away from the Rothschilds, etc." Details HERE:

Realize (real eyes) a High State vision of
virtue and valor for eventual victory over 

the 3D Deep State matrix of full spectrum
dominance... for our worldwide liberation
from "3-D" (Dense Dystopia Devolution).

Full Spectrum 5D Enlightenment with
A Global TeLeComm Upgrade

The heart of 5D is the first principle of the
moral imperative - the coherence factor -
that unites in harmony rather than divide
with dissonance, dis-ease & devolution.

Co-Creation with the Power of

Common sense as a 'Unity Conscience'
 compels our upward-mobile intention for
TeLeComm tools and processes as will
involve & evolve individual & collective
Conscience with TLC at the heart of it.

Genesis Project to the Rescue!

 Genesis IS what resurrection DOES, and
this process of conscious rEVOLUTION
 will naturally qualify pure intention with
 focused attention & love retention for
conscious ascension in dimensions
  of full spectrum TLC comprehension.

5D is the ordained Power of
that naturally neutralizes negativity
of the inordinate love of power.

Consider how a universal interface for
 Global TeLeComm could now upgrade
our Five Core Internet Freedoms with
 a universal Language of Light and the
Angels/Angles of worldwide .

Yes, it's darkest before the dawn
and often the last stage before
'waking up from the illusion'
is to know we've been played,
that fake news is playing us,
 and there's a far better way
to get our act together as
The Family of Mankind
United S
overeigns -
in an ALL-connected
'Global Village'.

Full Spectrum

Keep the Faith - See the Good
and Make it So!

Easter Selfie in my 'Egg Rocker', 1976
(way 'aHEAD' of my time:)


Please share the 2019 Global rEVOLUTION.
It's a video/infographic 'comic book' for
mature adults:) ~ Thanks, C.R.