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 updated Oct. 23, 2011

A special offer for my BBS Radio Talk Show
and for preppers re: "Signs of the Times".

Gourmet Reserves Versatile 1 Year Food System

UltraMedics Services

These are volatile times, and as some of you might have experienced, there is a growing demand for preparedness supplies -- especially long term food reserves.  For those who appreciate comparison criteria, there are three good reasons to consider the "best deal bar none" on food reserves and core "prepper" supplies:

1 - QUALITYThe company is AlpineAire Foods, the long-time leader in food reserves of high quality.  If you buy reserves on price -- rather than quality -- health dis-ease (stress) is compounded in your body. With these Gourmet Reserves, your only concern is that you eat it before you really need it -- it's that good!

2 - FAST, FREE DELIVERY Free shipping on our two leading packages below. That's a huge saving of freight charges within the 48 contiguous U.S. States.  Whereas other suppliers are shipping in 2-3 months, we're now shipping in 7-10 days.

3 - FREE WATER PURIFICATION SYSTEMA free Berkey Light water purification system (retails for $209) for those who order now.

My experience is as a former Eagle Scout with a strong "be prepared" ethic that has been supplying families and organizations with food reserves since the late 70's.  Now I'm partnering with Denis Korn, Founder of AlpineAire Foods, industry leader since 1975, and now offering the high quality Gourmet Reserves line from AlpineAire.  Both Denis and I had natural food stores back in the 70's, and the quality of natural ingredients that we prefer is "gourmet" compared to the low grade animal-feed quality of most food reserves on the market.

Because of market instability and currency devaluation concerns, I suggest that you respond as soon as possible to this limited time offer.

Why the urgency?  Read, "Signs of the Times".

Food systems now available, prepackaged for optimal discounts:

Custom AlpineAire System developed exclusively for UltraMedics Services
1,425 lbs food

 2 years for 1 person (or 1 year for 2)
 288 #10 size (approximately 1 gal.) specially sealed cans,
approximately 2040 calories/day/person.

See details of food received
 at "Custom Unit":

$5,225.00 for the 2 years for 1 person Custom Unit


Higher calorie values
A 50% no cook feature
Includes meatless entrees
Expanded variety of menu options
High degree of preparation versatility
Foods which cover needs in both short-term
and long-term emergency situations 


AlpineAire's 1 year for 1 person "Gourmet Supreme System"
485 lbs food

198 # 10 cans, approximately 1820 calories/day, 100% no cook feature.
Complete eat-as-is or just-add-water meal plan.
See details of food received at "1 year Gourmet Supreme".

$4,595.00 for AlpineAire's 1 year for 1 person Gourmet Supreme System



Other Prepackaged Units for Optimal Discounts:

Gourmet Reserves Versatile 1 Year Food System

1 year for 1 person "Versatile System"- 695 lbs food.
148 #10 cans, approximately 2040 calories/day, 56% no cook feature.
See details of food received at "
1 year Versatile".

$2,795.00 for AlpineAire's 1 year for 1 person Versatile System


AlpineAire's 6 months for 1 person "Versatile System" - 315 lbs food.
76 #10 cans, approximately 2040 calories/day, 56% no cook feature.
See details of food received at "6 mo. Versatile".

$1,575.00 for AlpineAire's 6 months for 1 person Versatile System


The advantage of all these food systems is preparation VERSATILITY! Some foods can be eaten as is; some require only cold water; others are prepared with hot water. We have also included: complete "Just Add Water" entrees; individual "Just Add Water" ingredients for menu diversification and cooking convenience and basic familiar staples to be prepared in the traditional manner. Cookbook included!



 FREE SHIPPING  on our two larger packages above within the 48 contiguous States of the U.S.
Currently shipping in 7-10 days.

Free* Water Purification System:

Those who order now will also receive a free
Berkey Light water purification system (retails for $209) on the two larger units above, or half price on the two smaller prepackaged units.  This back-up system for pure drinking water is critical if infrastructure power fails.

"Food Optimizer" Bonus Offer: As you know, it's not what you eat, but what you assimilate, that matters.
 This highest quality probiotic digestive aid greatly improves the nutrient value of food reserves.
Available at wholesale cost when you order any food package above.

12 bottles of the leading probiotic digestive aid
- a $479 retail dollar value for $379.

Order single bottles or multiples for
 free shipping at "Prescript-Assist".



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Christopher Rudy
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