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Swedish Pollen Extract (SPX)


The pure extract is in bulk powder with no tablet binders or capsule fillers. Whereas junk food can sit on store shelves for years, since it won't support life in the box (nor your body), this superfood will support any life it comes into contact with, so ideally keep your bottle in the refrigerator or freezer.  Optimal longevity could be years if you keep the cap on tight and don’t leave it open except for the brief moments that you remove contents.  Otherwise the frigid contents will cause condensation from the warmer room temperature, and moisture plus this concentrated superfood is what activates life like no other superfood.


You’ll notice on your bottle's label that I recommend moderated use, although this is a general recommendation.  Personally, I've taken the pollen at therapeutic levels for months at a time, removing a fatty tumor off my back over 3 months of constant usage.  Realize that the Pollen Extract is the food chain source that is the most "biologically correct" for land-based vertebrates; it has unequaled precursors for the glandular system.  This hormonally affects different body types in different ways.  In general, the increased vitality is welcome, with the increased white blood count and immune system optimization.  But too much vitality can make some people hyper, horny or otherwise impulsive.  For other people, increased vital force can cause a 'cleansing reaction' as the cellular terrain has enough energy to clean house, eliminating metabolic wastes.

Since the Pollen Extract is an adaptogen and metabolic activator, sluggish metabolism is improved to the point where some people may begin dumping toxic wastes that it didn't have the vital forces to eliminate previously.  Increased white blood count can likewise cause kill-off of microbial parasites (fungus, bacteria, viruses, etc), with cold or flu-like symptoms as the body eliminates these wastes.

To see how your body responds, I would begin with ½ teaspoon with juice, smoothie, on cereal, etc. (in the morning) for the 1st three days, going back to a "preventive level" (1/4th teaspoon) for a week and then perhaps a "bare maintenance level" (1/8th teaspoon).  Jump-start your vim, vigor and vitality with a “therapeutic level” (1/2 teaspoon) as desired… but if you take it in the PM, many people will experience “sleeplessness” late into the night because they are just not tired.  Each body is different.  Tune into your body to see what works for you.

Why is this “the best natural food concentrate” available?

  • The richest source of RNA/DNA nutrients at the source of the food chain;
  • Harvested without bees - Extracted without chemicals - Predigested with enzymes;
  • Pure pharmaceutical grade standardized extract from microscopic pollen grains;
  • Nature best genetic material for genetic repair and optimal DNA blueprint for health.

What do you mean by “harvested without bees” (bee-free)?

The source company in Sweden has developed special harvesting machines that collect select pollens that have the ideal micronutrient profile for humans.  There is no quality control when harvesting bee pollen from bee hives.  Bee pollen is highly allergenic and  graded by the level of contaminants in the hive from bee wings, mites, fungi, bacteria, etc.  There is no quality control of the type of pollens brought back to bee hives, and many bee pollens are not ideal for human consumption.

How is this “extracted without chemicals”?

The Swedes developed an international patented process for shredding the microscopic pollen grains which are very difficult to crack open.  This process makes for 100% extraction and supersedes the old chemical extraction process used previously and by some unethical companies in the U.S.

Why is the extract “Predigested with enzymes”?

The pure extract has a complex “high molecular weight” which would sometimes causing allergic reactions if it were not predigested by natural enzymes to a low molecular weight that is easily assimilated and non-allergenic.

Why are the energy and health-building benefits so extraordinary?

The physical body heals itself when the glands regulating the immune system are given everything they need to work well.  Research has shown the Swedish Pollen Extract has the highest level of antioxidant properties with all the needed precursors to glandular hormones and immune function.  The reason for this is the “biological synergy” (symbiosis) from hundreds of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, enzymes, prostaglandin precursors, genetic material and many little-known micro nutrients that – all together – provide the equivalent of “white light” (vital energy) from the full spectrum of components.

What are the general benefits of SPX Flower Pollen Extract?

The nutritional components of SPX (Swedish Pollen Extract) is both water soluble extract and lipid soluble extract combined in a 20:1 ratio to create the SPX formulation.  Water soluble nutrients are absorbed and utilized by the cells, organs and tissues, almost immediately.  The fat soluble nutrients are stored within the body for use for up to 48 hours. The resulting extract delivers perfect nutrition to cells, organs, and all systems in the human body.

The treatment of vitamin and nutrient deficiencies are well documented by clinical research and cases studies. The most effective treatment to correct nutritional and elemental deficiencies, in addition to the short term use of therapeutic doses of elements and/or vitamins, is by providing a complex profile of micro nutrients in a perfect ratio – the “full spectrum synergy” effect.

Expecting to correct a nutritional deficiency or disease with excessive doses of one vitamin or mineral is biologically ineffective because the nutrients needed by the body are as complex as the body itself.  SPX is derived from nature’s “source of life”, pollen. Flower Pollen contains the widest complex of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and phytosterols for optimum health.

There is a catalytic action between certain vitamins and minerals which promotes the absorption and assimilation of other vitamins and minerals. This is the catalytic function of SPX Flower Pollen Extract formulation in relation to the macronutrients in a healthy diet or supplement regimen.

What are the antioxidant benefits of SPX Flower Pollen Extract?

Antioxidant use is supported by clinical studies as an indicated treatment in the fight against free radicals, which have been shown to create cellular destruction. Antioxidants may be added to the diet by means of SPX Flower Pollen Extract.

  • SPX Extract neutralizes and destroys free radicals, helping to detoxify and protect the body.
  • Excessive free radicals in the body have been shown to damage the cells and tissues. The over abundance of free radicals create more free radicals in the body. SPX  Flower Pollen Extract lowers the development of additional free radicals.
  • Very high volumes of free radicals may alter the genetic code material of cells themselves.  Mutations that are formed by free radicals can lead to leukemia and other types of cancer as well as a host of other diseases.
  • Antioxidants are contained in vitamin A, beta carotene, vitamin E, vitamin C, bioflavonoids, and selenium. All are present in SPX Flower Pollen Extract.
  • Free radicals damage the protective cell membrane, leading to the retention of fluids in the cells, which is related to the aging process.

What role do the key nutrients have in SPX Flower Pollen Extract?

SPX Flower Pollen Extract contains the fat soluble vitamins; Provitamin A (caretenoids), D, E, and K. These vitamins are all essential antioxidants and help the body utilize protein, calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin E protects the other fat soluble vitamins from being destroyed and Vitamin K controls blood clotting factors.

ProVitamin A:  There are two sources of ProVitamin A, animal: retinol and dehydroretinol, and vegetable: alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, gamma-carotene, and crypto-carotene.  SPX  Flower Pollen Extract contains vegetable ProVitamin A that the body requires for beta-carotene to manufacture its own vitamin A.  Vitamin A is needed for night vision, healthy skin, immune system support, and has been shown to have antioxidant properties which protect against pollution, cancer, and other diseases as well as anti-aging benefits.

Vitamin D:  Vitamin D increases the absorption of calcium, assisting in bone growth and strong teeth.  Recent research points to possible benefit in the areas of psoriasis, immune system function, thyroid function, blood clotting.

Vitamin E:  Vitamin E is an effective lipid soluble antioxidant, which aids in cellular protection, related to oxidization of cells, neutralization of unstable free radicals, prevention of degenerative changes related to heart disease, strokes, arthritis, senility, cancer and diabetes.

Vitamin K:  Vitamin K is necessary for normal blood clotting.  The amount of vitamin K in your diet may affect how well anticoagulant medicines work. Lack of Vitamin K is rare but may lead to problems with blood clotting, increased bleeding times and decreased coagulation time. Vitamin K is routinely given to newborn infants to prevent bleeding problems.

Polar and neutral lipids:  Aid the vital organs to breakdown fats (helpful in preventing atherosclerosis) and prevention of liver problems by eliminating fats from the body. Within the fatty acid profile of the SPX, more than 20 separate amino acids have been identified.

·   Plant Sterols and Sterolins (Phytosterols):  In the 1950s a cholesterol-lowering effect of plant sterols was first identified and presented at the American Heart Association entitled ”Lowering of Serum Cholesterol by the Administration of a Plant Sterol.”

·   Plant sterols and sterolins are found in the highest concentrations in the plant species used in the production of SPX Flower Pollen Extract.

      Also, there are more than 100 enzymes in SPX that are activated by digestive juices and aid in assimilation of the hundreds of SPX nutrients into the blood stream.  These is a key factor in the benefits, because the assimilation value is greatly enhanced.

What are the well-documented health benefits of SPX?

SPX supplies the healing nutrients at a cellular level to replenish lost nutrients needed to repair and maintain optimum health.

For example, a diseased liver loses its ability to effectively filter out the byproducts of prostate hormones and free radicals. These toxic byproducts remain circulating in the body and return to the prostate (it acts like a magnet) and is a contributing factor to prostate enlargement, cellular destruction, and disease.  Often, men with liver disease have some accompanying level of prostate disease.  Scientifically recommended supplements needed by the liver and prostate are at times duplicated. 


Non-specific Prostatic disorders are relatively common in men over the age of 40. Numerous clinical studies, including double blind studies, confirm the effectiveness of flower pollen extracts for Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH), non bacterial prostatitis, prostatodynia, and pyospermia. Similar findings have been obtained in non-specific urethritis. Flower pollen extracts are shown to cause improvement in patient inflammation of the urethra caused by an infectious condition related to a combination of its anti-inflammatory properties, long chain alcohols, unsaturated fatty acids as prostaglandin precursors, essential and non-essential amino acids, and phytosterols.

Results include varying degrees of increased capability, diminished or resolved perennial and/or scrotal pain, decrease or elimination of urethra discharge, lower urinary tract aggravation, increased sperm count, health and mobility.  Also noted were decreases in the neurotrophic polymorphonuclear leukocytes (growth factors) in the lumen (passage tubes) of the acinar glands, such as the prostate and pancreas.

The proprietary SPX formulation of Flower Pollen Extract influences (boost) the androgen-metabolizing enzymes that are present in the prostate.  In layman’s terms the enzymes digest the excess hormones without any actual hormonal activity.  Complex amino acid profiles necessary for healthy sperm are replaced on an ongoing basis.

·    Prostate enlargement or swelling can be contributed to a lack of necessary nutrients or a weak liver affecting sperm.

·   Seminal Fluid Influence: The seminal fluid revealed a significant reduction of the inflammatory concentrations (compliment C and coeruloplasmin).  

·   Flower pollen extract contain the vital nutrients which are necessary and lost during each ejaculation. Over 90% of the ejaculate is an alkaline seminal fluid from the prostate that aids in sperm’s mobility and viability.

·     Increase in peak urine flow rate.

·     Reduction in the symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED)

·     Reduction and/or elimination of the inflammation of the prostate.

 Bladder and Urinary System

The combination of water soluble and lipid soluble flower pollen extracts contained in the SPX formulation was reported to significantly improve the symptoms of nocturia (excessive urination at night) and incomplete emptying of the bladder. A decrease in residual urine volume was also noted. Other improvements included: increase in force of urine stream, ability to begin and end the stream, decreased dribbling, less frequency, urgency and incontinence.

The combination formulated in SPX Flower Pollen Extract affects the urinary system by anti-androgenic (non-hormonal) effects, increased bladder muscle control, relaxation of urethral smooth muscle, and inhibition of prostaglandin (a hormone responsible for the contraction and relaxation of smooth muscle) and leukotriene synthesis (a hormone that causes the symptoms associated with asthma and hey fever).

·   Aids in prostate size reduction to relieve urinary system involvement such as: restricted urine flow, frequency, hesitancy in starting/stopping urine flow, burning on urination, blood in the urine, pelvic/abdominal discomfort, complete urinary restriction.

·    Aids in the reduction of PSA levels in approximately 60% of the population.

·   In human clinical trials the flower pollen extracts are shown to have a positive effect as long as complicating factors have been ruled out; such as narrowing of the bladder neck, urethral strictures, bacterial infection, or other complicating factors:

 Liver detoxification related to chemical and alcohol poisoning

The B-vitamin complex, contained in SPX Flower Pollen Extract, acts as a complex coenzyme, helps enzymes react chemically within the liver to aid in the digestion (synthesis) and eliminate fat. The amino acids present in SPX are transformed into glucose by the liver and utilized to supply needed energy to the cells resulting in ammonia. The liver then turns the ammonia into less toxic urea which is filtered by the kidneys and eliminated via the urinary system. Providing a complex amino acid supplement can aid with protein synthesis, which can be diminished as a result of liver disease

Flower pollen extracts effectively normalize the biochemical and morphological manifestation of hepatic lesions having been caused by repeated use of toxic paracetamol (Tylenol™) dosing resulting in a decrease of the hepatic lesion. The role of glutathione is significant in the mechanism of protective activity associated with the detoxification properties of the pollen extract.

Liver - lowering blood lipids and platelet aggregation

The Professors L. Samochowiec and J. Wojcicki, Medical Academy, Szczecin, conducted a series of extended of research studying the effect of flower pollen extracts on platelet aggregation (binding of cells) and blood lipids in vitro and in vivo. In a 1982 report, they reported the test results of ten women and ten men, 39 to 56 years old, all healthy. After two weeks, threshold of aggregation was increased by 82%. Speed of aggregation was significantly diminished. Total lipids, triglycerides, and total cholesterol levels were decreased.

Reducing blood lipids platelet aggregation 

The liver receives about 80% of the body’s cholesterol from the gut and gall bladder, thus making it the primary organ needed to break down and eliminate the various fats and lipids from the body.  The nutrients provided by flower pollen extract greatly aid in the processing and elimination of blood lipids resulting in a decrease of platelet aggregation in the arteries and veins.

Immune system function and immunity 

Anti-inflammatory actions of flower pollen extracts are believed to result from the inhibitory effects on cytokines. Cytokines are the chemicals produced by cells in order to communicate and orchestrate an attack of unwanted infections and altered cells.  In several clinical trials it appears that the production Interleukin-8 is affected, resulting in the attraction of white blood cells to fight off invading bacteria.  White blood cells act against invading bacteria via chemotaxis (recruitment of the cells to the tissue where they are needed to ingest the invading organism or antigens or debris from the inflammation).


Note: Even though big pharma companies use SPX in drip-IV's for immunotherapy,
   no medical claims are made for oral use of this product, even though it is
     widely used worldwide for sports performance, disease prevention, and a
       large range of health conditions that benefit from optimal immune function.

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can be read at 'Swedish Pollen Extract'.