2018 Global Upgrade Series

Eclipse Signs of the Times

Internet Censorship Edition

August 11, 2018

The 3rd eclipse in one lunar month.

A Contentious Global Time of
Powerful Opportunity and
Deep State Opposition

The best and worst of times

 Some things have never been better;
  the global enlightenment opportunity.

  Other things have never been worse;
  the eclipse of media common sense.

Beware of the Internet censorship
agenda code-named 'Big
(Dense, Unconscious & Heartless).



Some will watch and wonder as the global
EVENT of dimensional shift happens
with a new unity in global diversity.

The Family of Mankind
In Our Global Village

Others will ‘go with the 5D flow bro’
– harmonize with the change wave –
and make wonderful things happen.

Some will. Some won’t.
So what? NEXT!

  The poor in spirit will see the problem
 with the powerful global opportunity.
But those with 5D co-measurement
will grasp the ‘self-evident’ solution.

Strength In Our Unity

   A new Common Sense is emerging
 as the ordained ‘Power of
raises the standard of TeLeComm
for a High State -
heart coherence
 that neutralizes Deep State ‘E-veil
(Energy veil).

The veil is thinning and
5D is winning.

The worldwide web has cultured a
  new instant-everywhere Net reality
interactive knowledge power
  that knows better to do better with
  global holistic healing capabilities.

The High State of Opportunity
is a Creative Ascent Process

 5D is in alignment with Source as
 the High State of a Higher Power
    at the
heart of those 1st principles
that upgrade five core freedoms
  with ‘CAPstone Consciousness’:
A Singular Vision – Law of One

(Creative Ascent Process)

Look to SEE ~ Know to BE
Geometric Ordered Divinity

Bottom Line:

Co-Creating Social Conscience in
our All-Connected Social Networks

Seize the Vision, embrace the Virtue
and network with
Valor to
claim the

Full Spectrum

With as the rule for


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