Israeli leaks Money Laundering Info re: US Congress bribery


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Subject: Israeli leaks Money Laundering Info re: US Congress bribery

Wed. evening, Dec. 31st

This may take a while for you to read, but it is rather interesting, even if there seems to be nothing we can do about it. Beyond that, I'll probably not speak to you FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR! HAHA on you. (Unless I come up with something else. You never know, about me!). R.J. Gardner


December 31, 2008

New York, NY -- As I write this report, it is 3:12 in the morning. I was awoken by repeated phone calls, which, to my complete shock, were coming from from Jerusalem, Israel.

On the phone was an Israeli who claimed to be completely knowledgeable about something that I have reported on my web site for several years and he was about to change my life by providing me proof.

For years, my former radio show and my web site have been the ONLY media outlets ever to report the vast money-laundering and bribery scheme perpetrated by the Israeli government with members of the United States Congress as co-conspirators.

The scheme works like this: The U.S. Congress votes to send between $3 Billion and $6 Billion free cash to Israel every year under the guise of "foreign aid." When the money arrives, the Israeli government takes several hundred million and puts it aside to be sent back to the USA through Jewish Political Action Committees, and donated to the political campaigns of the Congress members most friendly to Israel. By funding Israel, certain members of Congress actually guarantee they'll have enough campaign cash to get re-elected.

No one investigated it because there was never any way to PROVE what was being done. This morning that changed.

The Israeli who called me is personally disgusted with his governments ongoing attacks against unarmed civilians in the West Bank and Gaza strip. He says the bombing of civilians has been far worse than reported in the media, with at least    2,000 dead and 10,000 injured.

He had hoped the Israeli government would call a truce, but minutes before he called me, the Israeli Cabinet REFUSED to order a truce.

He told me "When I heard they refused the cease fire, I knew my government was nothing more than a group of murderous butchers. I can't live with myself if I stand-by and do nothing."

So he called me and has blown the lid off the money laundering and bribery that I have reported on for years.

The Israeli sent me electronic files showing bank account numbers and routing numbers for Israeli government accounts, bank routing numbers and account numbers for NAMED members of the United States House of Representatives, the United States Senate and even elected officials in various states! The spreadsheet files are not completely in the English language but what they show is clear.

The data shows who got how much and when. The most important thing: Many of these money transfers from the Israeli government to Congress were wired DIRECTLY from Israeli government accounts into active U.S. campaign accounts - illegal foreign donations!!! Even more astonishing is that in many cases, Israeli government funds were wired directly into active PERSONAL ACCOUNTS of members of Congress and members of state governments!!!!!!!

Did you get that? Personal accounts! Bribe money wired from a foreign government into personal accounts of members of Congress!!!!!!!

Each such wire transfer is a federal FELONY and there are    DOZENS   of these transfers into the personal accounts of more than one hundred members of Congress and dozens of members of the Senate!

I have huge amounts of data detailing who got what, when, from which Israeli gov't account, into which political or PERSONAL account at what bank located in what country!!!!

Folks, this is huge. The level of bribery is unfathomable; we're talking hundreds of millions of dollars over the last 6 - 9 years. The level of detail contained in these reports is so incredibly thorough it would make the IRS envious!

In addition, the files show which Political Action Committees got how much and contains the INSTRUCTIONS sent to those Political action committees directly from the Israeli government about who they should donate to!

This is going to totally scuttle the Israeli government and the U.S. Federal Government.  


It's over.

When I release this, so many elected officials in this country are

going  to  be  arrested   and jailed that the government  will  collapse.

It's over for them.    It is FINALLY over for them.

Before I release any of it, I have to perform "due diligence" to verify it or obtain corroboration from other sources.   If I fail to perform due diligence or obtain corroboration, and go off half-cocked making accusations of this criminal nature,   I would open myself up to a series of Libel lawsuits that would utterly destroy me,  cost me my home, my son's college money and everything else.   I MUST be careful with this so please be patient.

Before I wrote this article, I forwarded copies of the 400 MB of electronic data to six people whom I trust in case I get murdered. This is the type of thing that gets people killed but since I am trying to save my country. . . . . . . well. . . . . . . saving America is worth dying for.

I am now making print outs and will make copies and send those copies to trusted friends with instructions to release them if anything happens to me.

In that regard I want all of you to know right now that I am healthy.   I do not use illegal drugs and am not on any medications of any type.    I will never commit suicide,  suffer from any overdose of illegal drugs,  suffer any allergic reaction to any medication.    I won't engage the police in a shoot out or a high speed chase.    I drive safely.    I'm a regular, healthy, happy, normal married 46 year old man.   If I die, you know they got to me.

I intend to publish this information, including names, dates and account numbers, here on the web.

It will take some time to prepare the info for publication since spreadsheets are not the simplest way to deliver news.

I think I will present it grouped as follows: 

First, by member of congress; next by members of certain committees, then by dates the money was wired versus legislation that was voted upon.    It will take time to cross reference all of this and format it so it is clear concise and connects the dots in an unambiguous way.

I must admit the thought of using this information as . . . . . leverage . . . . . against these powerful members of   Congress has crossed my mind.    But rather than enrich myself - or get jailed for extortion -- I think I'll do the right thing and   release it all publicly.

In the meantime, The Israeli Knesset would do well to immediately reconsider their refusal to call a truce.     I think bombing unarmed civilians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip has gone on quite long enough.    I think it should stop.   Now.

As for members of   Congress and the Senate,   you may want to start researching which countries you can   flee   to that do not have extradition treaties with the United States. Your time is just about up.

More info as I can make it available.

3:45 AM EDT, Dec.31, 2008

UPDATE 10:05 AM EDT, 31 DECEMBER, 2008 -- As the electronic files are being translated into English, more names have been popping up; names of present and former key members of the U.S. Media!   Yes, you read that correctly.

Apparently, in addition to paying off members of the US Congress, the state of Israel has been bribing media big shots - from Editors and Assignment editors at   VERY LARGE   newspapers in New York, Chicago   and   Los Angeles,   to Producers and even Anchors at certain large TV News Networks.

When the translations to English came across unfamiliar names,   we Googled those names and are that how we started coming up with these media big shots.

The leaking of these files is shining a light on a level of corruption both in government and media that one would not have imagined possible. More details later. . . . . . .

10:23 AM EDT 30 Dec 2008

****** UPDATE ****** URGENT ****** 11:10 AM EDT
A series of peculiar entries has been translated showing transactions between bank accounts held by something called Loh'ama Psichologit   to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) in New York City.

A google search for Loh'ama Psichologit has found it is the Literature and Propaganda arm of the Israeli Intelligence Agency, "Mossad"

Why would there be bank transactions from a propaganda arm of the Israeli Mossad to the Anti Defamation League?

Is the ADL an instrument of foreign propaganda, funded by a foreign government? Are they even registered as a foreign agent with the US Government?

The routing numbers for some of the RECEIVING Banks involved show that members of the US Congress and US Senate have bank accounts in places like:   Barbados,   Lichtenstein, Switzerland,    The Turks and Caicos Islands, the   Cayman Islands  and   "the City of London".

Why would members of the US Congress be receiving foreign money from Israel into offshore bank accounts?

This is quickly becoming an enormous and tangled web.   The more we uncover as the files are translated, the worse it gets!

I'm kind of hoping that someone sues me over this so I can avail myself of the Discovery Process and delve deeply with Subpoena power.

UH OH 12:10 PM

Maybe it's a character flaw in my nature, but I'm really starting to think that since money makes the world go round, why shouldn't I just stop,   shut up and offer   to get on-board this gravy train?   What the hell am I going to gain by being the guy with the White hat riding in on a white horse to clean things up?

I'm asking myself, at what point do I mature into being a practical man rather than an ideologue?

Seeing all this cash changing hands is a corrupting thing.   I'm starting to think that if I was more practical and made sure I wasn't greedy, maybe I could score a home run.

These people are throwing around hundreds of millions of dollars like it's chump change. If I got a half million a year or maybe a single, lump sum of a few million, they might think they got off cheap and I could be really happy. Forever.

Hmmmmm. This is bad. I'm starting to have a crisis of conscience and of personal honor. Shit. This is the last thing I need right now.

As more and more of the electronic files are read and translated, bank accounts in the names of VERY prestigious law firms and innocuous "front companies" throughout the country are surfacing. The records show wire transfers to these law firms and "front companies" are denoted with the names of members of Congress and the Senate.    Apparently, great effort was used to conceal who was getting thee payoffs from the Israeli government, but nonetheless, the spreadsheets are showing who got how much.

It now appears clear this is going to take a very long time to sort out.

Friends of mine have written warning me to be extremely careful and to copyright the material so that I can publish it as a book.    Interesting idea.

That would allow me to earn a profit from releasing the information without selling my soul to those perpetrating these crimes who would want to buy me off to shut me up.

More details as they become available. . . . . 1:41 PM EDT