Conscious Evolution Handbook
Author Nicolya Christi
Saturday, September 21st 2013 
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   Nicolya Christi has the soul of a mystic, the wisdom of a visionary, and
 the magnanimous heart of an evolutionary guide. She recently wrote
   'Contemporary Spirituality for an Evolving World
A Handbook for Conscious Evolution'.

      Founder of the New Consciousness Academy, and co-founder of WorldShift International,
   Nicolya is the author of '2012: A Clarion Call'.  She lives in Rennes-le-Chateau, France.
As a new age visionary, Nicolya Christi offers a path to global wellness that provides
    psychological and spiritual tools to navigate the accelerating rate of conscious evolution
        and manifestation of personal and collective vision. Detailing several maps and models for
   conscious evolution, her handbook inspires comprehension of the global paradigm shift
      and an authentic relationship with God/Source/Creator; a connection with 'Cosmic Love'.

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Inner Traditions

     In her Handbook for Conscious Evolution, Nicolya provides the first fully written account of
   the First Nations Peoples' oral wisdom teachings of the '7 Dark, 7 Light, and 7 Rainbow
 Arrows' for evolving consciousness, writing in depth about the evolution of relationships
   with aspiration to a higher love connection with God/Source/Creator (pure intention) and
      focused attention to integrate and heal the 'shadow self', dissolving psychological wounds.

  Humanity has now reached the Big Shift 'critical mass' of a new social consciousness in
     our new global social networks, and this is not only challenging dysfunction in core social,
        political and economic institutions, but also, compelling conscious uprising of hope, faith and
        love activism that instinctively and intuitively turns to the source of our peace and happiness.
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Notable Quotables:

"Every now and then a rare book comes along that synthesizes
    the key trends of an epoch and where we are headed. Such was
   Marilyn Fergusons's The Aquarian Conspiracy in 1980. Nicolya
   Christi has achieved a similar tour de force by synthesizing the
      fields of spirituality, psychology and personal development. One
     feels that her understanding of spirituality is something she has
    lived through, experienced, and felt in a manner we have rarely
encountered in the contemporary literature."
~ Pierre Pradervand, Author of The Gentle Art of Blessing

"Nicolya Christi speaks from the intelligence of the heart in offering a
 crystal-clear vision of psycho-spiritual integration, the 'new human',
and the significance of a Higher Love."

~ Kingsley L. Dennis, Author of New Consciousness for a New World,
and Co-Founder of WorldShift International

From the Introduction in Nicolya's Handbook for Conscious Evolution:
  "...Is it not most transformative, most earthshaking, to pierce the veils
of self-deception and illusion, and crack the eggshell of ignorance
to most intimately encounter oneself?"

~ Lama Surya Das,
Awakening the Buddha Within