Christ Mass 102

Code to the Codes in our Heart of Hearts

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The  Model is a color-coded blueprint that frames five “dimensions” (color frequencies) that correspond to the first principles of universal law language.  See “language of light” for an in-depth explanation of this “dimensionality of light” as the language of consciousness at the quintessential foundation of the learning process, the creative process and the processes of consciousness at the heart of self governance.

This model of universal law language is, at heart,
the 'Language of the Angels of Love';
the Spirit of the
ne Law
at the heart of

as the framework
of universal law language
rdered Divinity),
is spherical conscience of this spiritual law.

 In the beginning, God geometrized, the fractal nature of the holographic universe.
In the end, we become what we geometrize, divine order on Earth as in heaven.

Divine order is holographic in nature, holistically following from the first principle of spherical conscience -- the “gold standard” – that centers and connects all other color-coded dimensions of the prime directive.  This spiritual “gold” upgrades the currency of civility with the 'Currency of Conscience' at the heart of core Constitutional freedoms.  This divine right of soul evolution is the upward-mobile impulse of Good Will (pure intention) that has governed the up-wising and uprising of every Golden Age civilization in history. 

The Greening of a Golden Age via the Gold Standard for Universal


The more simple the soulution (for all souls),
the less likely to misunderstand,
and if misunderstood, the easier to
reconnect with those divine
in our global village public SPHERE -
via checks and balances with LOVE -
in all four quadrants of heal-thy Self -
 and the whol- point of the capstone vision
that centers and connects these first principles
with the
Holy Spirit of -in-action.


Earth’s evolutions have seen numerous golden ages that have thrived with the golden rule/law language at the heart of civility.  And as the famous historian Arnold Toynbee has shown, those civilizations declined when the love of power – through insensate materialism and militarism– inverted, subverted and perverted the golden rule standard whereby the power of love thrives.

Culturing social conscience begins with wholEness;
Networking for the Net worth of a new Net reality.
The all-connected reality of the Internet is now
defining, refining, combining, and shining
the light of our individual and collective
gifts and talents that, at heart, is the
potential of our humanity and our
conscientious common sense
as will involve and evolve
universal law-language
in the Circle of our
wholEness for
healing with

An individual or civilization can rise no higher than their concept of the Power of Love.  The higher the concept of  in form and frequency (as in frequently)  – the Holy Spirit of -in-action -- the greater the result.

A unique frame of reference for organizing our
     individual, indivisible (universal) RIGHTS -

     in a new 'global village' (public) SPHERE -

    for upgrade of CHECKS and BALANCES -
      that represents a higher standard of

Discovering fire for the 2nd time is analogous to the 2nd Coming, the coming of “Christ Mass” (Conscience), in a critical mass of humanity that “gets it”… and cultures conscientious COMMON SENSE – full spectrum enlightenment -- in the collective conscience of global humanity. 

The natural formula for this path of personal and planetary wholeness and healing with 'more light'
pure intention for enlightened attention on our evolutionary ascension
the 3-fold flame –
blue, gold and pink – that is wholly integrated
and balanced with a “healing flame” (
green) as
color-coded in the first principles of

This is the time prophesied when the 2nd Coming in the heart, mind and soul of humanity will make it so… a process that is disruptive to the paradigm paralysis of “DUH” (Dummies Unconscious & Heartless) who profit from terror, war, disease and hell on Earth.  Global enlightenment neutralizes that insanity.  It’s the judgment of the Power of Love on all that is less than divine love… at all levels of the web of life.

This is the global “reboot” of the bioenergetics of Planet Earth
as aligns the magnetic poles of consciousness on Earth
with the Spirit of the Great Cycle that is initiating the
Dispensation of an Aquarian Age of Freedom
through the whole, holistic or otherwise
holy Spirit of
as an interactive interface for
via universal law:

Universal  -- in form and frequency -- heals all.  The beginning of a world of Universal
 is the end of a warring world as we have known it.  Global humanity is now deciding how to check and balance the "malpractice" (male practice) of competitive ownership-and-control values on war steroids.  The Spirit "fire" of matriarchal virtues that nurture Universal  is naturally culturing cooperative communication co-ordination of through an upgrade of five core Constitutional freedoms in our global village of instant-everywhere-interactive connection. The Next Economy will be based on abundant
Conscience at the heart of social networks that naturally culture the Abundant Life… with abundant resurrection of Conscience at the heart of all freedoms... and the Aquarian Dispensation of 'Freedom-in-Love'. 

The Next Big Thing in the computer/Internet rEVOLUTION
is the Next Big Thing in our conscious evolution
with a 5-D color-coded 'Operations Manual'
the hardware
refining the netware
the software
and establishing heartware
as a "
healing green"  foundation
higher Conscience rEVOLUTION
-- emphasizing 90% of the word --
to culture our social-networked infrastructure
with our all-connected, all pervasive, upward-mobile

Conscience... as in more light.

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