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What follows is an "off the cuff" HISTORY OF THE YEARS between 1914
and the present with regard to evil developments which favored the
rule of Satan's agents over this world, as well as the conditions
which might cause people to fall into temptation and lose their
immortal souls (Satan's main goal.) Even this off-the-cuff list makes
it clear that the march of events in the years since 1914 are the
most dire in recorded history, and could believably be "Satan's 100
years of increased power", as foreseen by Pope Leo XIII in 1884.

* World War I, resulting in the deaths of millions of Christians in Europe, for no good reason whatsoever, although there were plenty of bad reasons why the Judeo-Masonic banksters had set up and funded this war.

* All the major Catholic monarchies were toppled during or after World War I, including the Hapsburg Empire. This fulfilled a long goal of Judeo-Masonry.

* The Jewish Banksters, such as Rothschild and Warburg, took control of the issuing of US money, and were allowed to do so in secret, and without audit. (1914)

* As World War I ended, the banksters funded primarily Jewish revolutionaries to topple the Czar and takeover Russia, making it the first Communist run country. (One of the dire predictions if not enough prayer and penance was done was that "Russia would spread her errors throughout the world", which is still in the process of happening today.

* The FED banksters were able to engineer the Great Depression in 1929 by manipulation of the currency. A top Communist Revolutionary, Rakovsky, said that when the history of the Communist revolution was finally written that the Great Depression in the United States would be looked at as more important than the Communist takeover of Russia. He said that this was the case because it destroyed the power of the Christians in the United States to resist the monetary power of the Jewish Banksters.

* Christian Ukrainians were slaughtered and starved to death by the tens of millions by the Communists. The property and machinery of all the farmers was taken over by the Communist state, and thus the Russians and Ukrainians went from being proud independent farmers to being "communized" or reduced to living as virtual slaves on the big "commune" called the Soviet Union.

* The Jewish banksters funded the rise of Hitler and Nazism for several reasons:  The "Holocaust" was a preconceived plan of the Jewish Banksters for the purpose of fastening on the Germans and the rest of humanity an "eternal guilt trip." Most of the top Nazi leaders were half Jewish.  Hitler would begin screaming "anti-semitism" and eventually round up European Jews to force those selected down to Palestine, with a view to the takeover of Palestine (which happened in 1948), and to put those not chosen for Palestine into concentration camps for the "Holocaust."

The top Jews who engineered the "Holocaust" also planned to supplant the Crucifixion of Christ with the "crucifixion of the Jewish people" as the central event in human history. In fact, many everyday Jewish people were caught up in this manufactured nightmare. Many were unjustly killed, and even one person unjustly killed is an infinite outrage in God's eyes. The "Holocaust" can best be understood by thinking of a psychopath trying to get sympathy for his family -- by killing part of his family. This is what the top anti-Christ Jewish banksters did to the everyday Jews of Europe. However, the true history is far different from the myth pushed by Hollywood and the Big Media (both owned by the top Zionist Jews). Those left in the concentration camps died primarily of malnutrition and disease as the war came to an end and food supply lines broke down. Best estimates are that somewhere between 300,000 and 1.2 million everyday Jews were murdered, or left to die, by the Nazis and Communists (both, remember, financed by the same Rothschild/Warburg Jewish Bankster hierarchy) during World War II. The "6 million" Jewish victims of the Nazis, which is the "Holocaust" "doctrine", is simply exaggerated and false. This truth about World War II is such a mind-boggling concept for most people who have been brainwashed by the Jewish-run major media today, that we refer the curious to these websites for more information about the real nature and purpose of "Nazism": (an anti-Hitler website, but also an anti-Stalin, anti-Roosevelt, and anti-Churchill, all bankster financed agents) and the radio show at the top of this link about this same subject which is an interview this writer did with Christopher Jon Bjerkness

* World War II, in which around 70 million everyday Europeans died in another senseless and staged slaughter by the front men for the Jewish Banksters, namely, Churchill (England), Hitler (Germany), Roosevelt (USA), and Stalin (Soviet Union, Russia). (Some in fighting did break out among the banksters and their agents.) See the "Rakovsky Interrogation and the Unknown Light of Fatima" -- at this link:

* The subjugation of the Catholic and/or Protestant countries of Eastern Europe under Communism at the end of World War II, with the full pre-meditation and cooperation of FDR and Stalin.

* Operation Keelhaul, in which another agent of the Banksters, Dwight D. Eisenhower, returned 2 million Christian soldiers captured by the allies to Stalin and the Communist countries to be imprisoned in Sibera and murdered.

* The systematic murder of up to 2 million German soldiers in open air concentration camps after World War II, unreported in the USA press. See "Other Losses" by James Bacque, among other sources.

* The takeover of China by the Communists in 1946 with the full aid of President Truman and General George Catlett Marshall. See "America's Retreat from Victory" by Senator Joseph McCarthy, and "Again, May God Forgive Us", by Robert Welch, among many other sources.

* the brutal takeover of Palestine, and the founding of the anti- Christ nation of "Israel" in 1948, thus accomplishing one of the goals of Nazism and the international banksters. The first act of the invaders was to kill all the people in two Arab villages, one of which was Deir Yassin, in which 200 men, women, and children were killed by surprise attack. Then the Zionist invaders rode throughout Palestine in trucks with loud speakers telling the Arabs to leave or they would be killed also. This was the founding of "Israel", born in lies and murder, and sustained by lies and murder (see St. John: 8:44). President Harry Solomon Truman recognized Israel fifteen minutes after the invasion began. Stalin recognized Israel eight hours after the invasion began.

* The betrayal of the Hungarian patriots when they rose up against the Communists in 1956. President Dwight David Eisenhower sent a few US planes to land into Hungary. The elated patriots had their hopes quickly dashed. As they opened boxes expecting to find ammunition and means of resisting the Soviet occupiers -- they found powdered milk. Here we see in action the greatest weapon used by the forces of evil once they take power: false opposition. The Hungarian freedom fighters expected help from the President of the USA, not realizing that the international banksters had already installed one of their own puppets in that position in that year of 1956..

* 1958: the death of Pius XII and disturbing goings on inside the conclave to elect his successor. An abrupt change occurred in direction regarding the things coming out of the Vatican at and since that time. The changes starting slowly, but by the mid and late sixties were happening at break-neck speed, with changes to all seven sacraments, the Mass, the ordination and Episcopal consecration rite, and the substitution of traditional catechisms with books of religion that either included heresy, or didn't teach the kids much of anything. See one version of the significance of what happened on October 26, 1958 in the articles at this site:

* The introduction of the Birth Control pill in 1959. This should be called the Birth Prevention Pill, or, more succinctly, the anti-baby pill. Millions of people, including Catholics, used and use this evil method to prevent bringing children into the world, from 1959 to 1973, and until this present day in 2007..

* 1960: 3rd Secret of Fatima, long promised to be revealed no later than 1960, -- is not revealed.

* During the 1950s and 1960s, audio and video is developed to the point where television sets are bought by almost every home. At first the entertainment seems relatively harmless, but as the mid 1960s arrive, movies and television take a turn for the worse, which plummet continues to this day. (It is the judgement of this writer that the top echelons of Judeo-Masonry knew that they had installed their men in the Vatican -- John XXIII, 1958-1963, and Paul VI, 1963- 1978, -- and they knew that the occupied Vatican would step out of the way and allow the inundation of the world with immorality and anti-Christ propaganda to proceed without opposition. Thus the prediction of Our Lady of Lasallete seem to reach fulfillment: that immorality would fill the very air as a pestilence. The Judeo- Masonic hierarchy finally had a means to brainwash people on a daily basis, namely, via the television set in their home. (This is not to say that the technology of television is per se immoral, but that without any effective restraining forces this technology has been used for evil by Hollywood and the major television networks.)

* Assassination of President Kennedy by the worst elements in the CIA, Mossad and related background intelligence forces (with Lee Harvey Oswald framed as the patsy), 1963, which represented a coup de tat of the US government by the Banksters. Many things began to change for the worse after this date. (See "Final Judgement" by Michael Collins Piper.)

* 1962 to 1965, Vatican Council II takes place, the aftermath of which will throw the Catholic faithful into total confusion, due to all the abrupt changes which break sharply from tradition and sanity. It is clear at this juncture that engineers of Vatican Council II were conducting a full scale demolition operation, not trying to implement benevolent changes which went awry.

* 1965: President LB Johnson, a world class criminal, oversaw a complete switch in US immigration policy. After a basic moratorium on immigration from 1924 to 1965, Johnson moved the immigration ratio for 90% European to 90% third world. This is not to denigrate the third worlders who want to come to the USA, but the motivation of this change was the agenda of top Jewish Supremists to make the white peoples of European descent in the USA an eventual minority in the nation their forefathers had built. With the Jewish control of Europe after World War II, through the power of the US military, the Judeo- Masonic hierarchy opened the floodgates of immigration to Europe to Moslems and other third worlders, with a view to making white Europeans a minority in Europe as well. By 2007, this process is far advanced, and President G.W. Bush is trying to finish off the white majority in the USA by giving amnesty to 20 million illegal immigrants from south of the border which are in the country. The significance of this is that, despite current disorientation, the European peoples have always been the advancers of the true Faith. As Hillaire Belloc said, "The Faith is Europe; and Europe is the Faith."

Balkaninzing conscience with divide-to-conquer conflict

The top Jews realize that they have a better chance of holding power if they cause each country to become a battle ground between competing ethnic groups, and they also realize that their main opposition, and eventual defeat, has always come historically through the European peoples.

* 1967-71; Drugs are introduced to middle class families in the USA en masse through the senseless Vietnam War and through the evolution of "rock and roll" music into a full scale promotion and sanctioning of drugs about 1967. Groups such as the Beatles, having shown talent as entertainers, are sponsored and guided by the Tavistock institute in England. The full fury of degeneracy is unveiled in the Rolling Stones. In Vietnam, the soldiers, put under incredible psychological pressure by being prevented from following those attacking them beyond certain arbitrary lines imposed by those atop the US Government, and being sent out on patrols for 8 hours at a time through thick jungles where they could be killed at any moment by Viet Cong camouflaged up in trees, were then offered drugs for the purpose of "escaping" at the end of the day. Many of these soldiers then, hooked on drugs in Vietnam, then bring drugs back into middle class America. Jewish operatives like Jerry Rubin Abby Hoffman, and Marc Rudd, (all of student age in the sixties) are paid by large foundations to introduce and promote drugs and "free sex" via birth control on college campuses as quickly as possible. (Jewish operative late Jerry Rubin told the college kids in the late 1960s not to trust anyone over 30 -- a ploy to drive a wedge between Christian children and their parents; after Rubin turned 30, he became a Jewish stock broker on Wall Street -- simply taking up another, equally comfortable role for him, as a Jewish operative trying to destroy Christian America.)

* Circa 1971, a combination of Jewish and Masonic forces destroy the remaining safeguards of Christian marriage in the USA by introducing "no fault" divorce, in which marriages are automatically dissolved by the courts if either spouse sues to break up the family. Between this development and the wholesale "annulments" granted by the post-Vatican II authorities in the structures of the Catholic Church, divorce rates rise to 50%, leaving a trail of bewildered children whose world had been shattered.

* 1973: Abortion is "legalized" in the United States. Abortion is suddenly "legalized" by a 7-2 vote of the "Justices" on the US Supreme Court. This results in the murder of around 40 million unborn children in the USA in government protected abortion centers between 1973 and today, 2007.

* Circa 1973, the Judeo-Masonry hierarchy, with full cooperation of the Democratic and Republican parties at the local, state, and national levels, begin imposing computerized Vote-counting systems on the population through three major companies, all controlled by this same hierarchy. County election officials inexplicably delegate authority to count the votes to these mega-computer companies. Wherever these systems are imposed, ballots are snatched from the neighborhood polling places at closing time (in one way or another), and are counted in secret behind police guard which is instructed to bar candidates, news media, and citizens from observing what is happening during the "count.". The process of computerized Votescam is pretty much completed by 1988. Today, in 2007, 49 states and of New Hampshire allow 4 major companies (Diebold, ES & S, Hart, and Sequoia) to "count" the US vote. Thus, any state or national election can be easily rigged, in secret, by these four Judeo-Masonically controlled computer companies. (Recounts are allowed only after giving three weeks notice to the local Board of election, during which time all ballots can be switched to make the computer "count" seem correct.)

* 1974, the last US President to significantly oppose Judeo-masonry while still in office, Richard Nixon, was toppled from office by the banksters, along with his Vice-President, Spiro Agnew. Nixon had many flaws, and was a mixed bag, but he was the last US President willing to clash directly with the Banksters, especially in his attempt to prevent "Israel" from getting nuclear weapons. Since then audiotapes have been released of Nixon and Protestant preacher Billy Graham discussing how the top Jews had a stranglehold on the US media, and that the country would be destroyed if this stranglehold wasn't broken.

* 1974-1980; the Ford and Carter administrations were unmitigated disasters on all fronts, although recently in 2006 and beyond President Carter seems to have been realizing how he was used.

* 1980-1988 while President Ronald Reagan did some good things, and slowed the progress of the Banksters on some fronts, he basically gave nice speeches while tens of thousands of Israeli-Zionist operatives intertwined Jewish influence with the United States government, hoping that the network of operatives they put in place could never be undone.

* 1990: President George H. W. Bush proclaims the "New World Order" on September 11, 1990 indicating an eventual attack on Iraq because of Saddam Hussein moving into Kuwait.

* 1991: on February 24 the ground attack begins by the US military against Iraq to get Saddam out of Kuwait, which Saddam had taken over. (Bush's ambassador, April Gillaspie, had indicated to Hussein that it would be OK if he did that, as Kuwait was taken from Iraq in 1915 or so by the British for the oil on that land; this set-up of Hussein, gave Bush the excuse to attack, thus beginning the permanent presence of US troops in the Mideast to protect Israel, help Israel expand its borders, and try to bring the Arab states under the Jewish controlled Federal Reserve Bank. 10,000 US soldiers from the Gulf War eventually die of mysterious causes (thought to be the vaccines they were given, or radiation from depleted uranium used on equipment by the soldiers in Iraq) and 160,000 US soldiers file for disability after the 1991 Gulf War. This story is all but totally suppressed in the US media by the traitorous 5 Big TV Networks.

* 1992-2000; During the Clinton Administration, with all Jewish operatives in place, a complete takeover of the United States, combined with total cultural degradation begins. Clinton's immoral behavior and support for all things immoral are flaunted in the nation's face, introducing children in high school and college via news reports subjects that were not discussed even in private by adults three generations ago.

* Also, Clinton does away with all guards against monopolies, thus allowing the banksters to begin taking over all major industries in the nation without restraint. Since the banksters already have total monopoly on issuing money in secret to themselves, it was a small step to start taking over industries once the barriers to monopoly were again removed. The new monopolies operate behind three or four companies -- all controlled by the same crowd. An example would be Office Depot, Staples, and Office Max, three companies which wiped out 75% of the family and regionally owned office supply companies in the USA between their sudden appearance in 1987-88 and 1998 (all three companies are Jewish owned; all three companies got unlimited loans from the Jewish-controlled Fed banking system, came in with first class-everything, and unlimited advertising budgets -- and just lost money until they drove all the family operations out of business -- at which point they began to make money (!). People in 2007 would most quickly recognize the big Media monopoly, the oil Monopoly which keeps the local stations' gas prices rising and falling in unison (to the penny). and the usurious monopoly of banks and credit card companies, which has imposed on Americans in many cases 28% interest rates, and $30+ fees for every bounced check -- at all banks. However, the banksters are grasping for a monopoly on all major industries, thus bringing in an updated version of Communism to the world, where ownership is in the hands of a very few at the top, with the vast majority of humanity drone workers, serfs, or slaves. For instance, the grandfather owned his own hardware store -- but the grandson works at Home Depot. The grandson does not own his own business or his own means of production. He has been "communized" -- just as Russian farmers were "communized" right after 1917 -- working for the top Billionaire Animators of Communism, which Billionaires own all of the means of production and places of business. The grandson must now keep quiet on the trend of society, lest he lose his job and means to support himself and his family if he crosses the Jewish Supremacist Billionaires.

* Circa 2000: the digital revolution society witnesses the maturing of the internet, which came into general public awareness around 1996. While not evil in itself, the internet is again used for evil. Primarily the evil is the making available pervasively, over every computer potentially, gross sexual immorality. This immorality even goes beyond what anyone could have imagined when Our Lady of Fatima warned that many fashions would be introduced which would very much offend Our Lord. However, to repeat, the prophecy of Lasalette (1846), spoke of the very air carrying the pestilence of immorality and impurity (that's a paraphrase), and this seems to have to come to fruition with the maturing of the internet. Now, in 2007, news reports indicate that with Ipods and even cell phones, immoral images will be accessible to any person who owns one. Needless to say, almost all teenagers in the USA now have these devices.

* 2001; on September 11, terror attacks hit the United States in New York City and Washington DC. While blamed on the Arabs, evidence emerges showing that these attacks were an inside job, engineered by Israeli intelligence, and, of course, the so-called Neo-Con Jews who are now virtually running the federal government in the USA. These terror attacks are used to trick Americans into supporting sending US troops to the mideast for fifty years of war, where a permanent base has been built in Iraq which is larger than the Vatican (this according to Congressman Ron Paul).

The 9-11 terror attacks represent the third major engineered crisis to advance Judeo-masonic world tyranny. The first was WWI, and the second was WW II.

* 2007, as this is written, the top Banksters and their Judeo-Masonic agents are rushing as fast as they can to cause an expanded hot war in the middle east and to impose a police state style tyranny here at home in the USA. People the world over are being told that they must live in fear of a terrorist attack all the time, which could kill them at any moment.

END OF this very partial, very off the cuff LIST of some of the major events of the last 93 years (1914 to 2007), which indicates a high degree of diabolical activity, and diabolical success in the years since 1914. Sister Lucy said in 1957 that we are in a time of "diabolical disorientation", which would appear to be what we are living through.


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