2018 Global Upgrade Series

2018 Upgrade is Going Physical

Sept 15, 2018 (upgraded 9-17-2018)


Cosmic Show podcast discussing this
on BBS Radio, September 15th HERE.


Compendium of the week:
Here’s another ‘love sandwich’
- top and bottom bits -
with ‘serious stuff’ to chew on.


    beyond deception with
   inspired perception

   2-  9/11 2018 JUDGMENT
       confirming the disruption
    caused by corruption

    3-  Global Uprising
     claiming the victory of
truth and love

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A messenger of the messengers
of truth, geometrized via


9th month, 9th day and a 9 year (’18)

Let’s Get Real About Global Change

The context of these 9-9-9 revelations
is our ‘global village’ of all-connected
  interactive Net reality as has unveiled
  unprecedented knowledge power and
 an emerging wisdom of the crowd’
with our collective united identity as
 the ‘Family of Mankind’ – all of
as the United Sovereigns of Earth

  This Big Shift is a major upgrade that
   involves and evolves common sense
– a unified field of consciousness –
  with a process known as ascension.

The quantum field energy of Sept 9
- resonant in Earth’s morphic field -
is the ‘New Moon in Virgo’ which
sets a 2-week (New Moon) matrix
whereby the deep space energies
 of Virgo resonate in morphic fields
as calibrate the global 'mind field'
 which is a gold mine if we mind it.

Indeed, the brain fieldholodeck
is a quantum interface for the  
holographic universe.

 This Virgo energy through to the
Full Moon is a good time to get
congruent with practical plans,
 processes and procedures that
are grounded in relationship to
personal and planetary reality
for fulfillment the rest of 2018. 

Lay the ‘PTC’ schedule:

Plan the ‘CPM’ routine:
Critical Path Method that is


The higher the concept of
the greater the results.

  Conceive 'IT' to believe 'IT'
and achieve 'IT'
(Innernet Technology):

- A universal interface for
    global unity-in-diversity;
- Natural-cosmic
Law of 
Angles of ‘G.O.D.
Geometry Of Divinity);
Language of the Angels
heart coherence)
- Empowering wisdom by
  organizing information


9/11 2018 JUDGMENT

      Are we ready for wise 9-11 judgment?

      Global solution to the global problem
    begins with a well-defined problem.

  Reconciliation requires pure intent
empower wisdom with .

 Pure intention focuses attention 
  with love retention for ascension 
in an enlightened dimension of  
full spectrum comprehension.    

    The whole truth resolves the big lie.

    - The Internet unites ‘US’ in principle.
    - The Innernet unites ‘
’ in practice.
    - Enlightenment thrives as a process
          of + co-creation for our ascent.
  - Whol
spirit is -in-action.

Fearless faith in the ordained
'High State' -
power of love
naturally neutralizes
  faithless fear of the inordinate
'Deep State' -
love of power.

It's time to set the record straight.
9/11 was a controlled demolition.
  Those who controlled it are known.
   Their time is short and fear is great.

    Judgment is nigh for the 9-11 perps.


Sept 10, 2018 / PrepareForChange.net

On the Morning of 9/11 – The Truth in 5 Minutes

by James Corbett

Since we naturally want to believe our elected leaders, we are especially susceptible to the propaganda tactic of the 'Big Lie' that is so BIG and so bold and so often told that we believe it.

The lynchpin for mass deception and endless war tyranny remains 9/11, a mass-murder event that remains officially unacknowledged and unpunished to this day. This war crime was used as an excuse for the mass murder of Iraqi, Syrian, Afghan, and other peoples.  Furthermore, if you dig deeper, it ties into the Kennedy assassinations of the 1960s, the murder of Martin Luther King, and so much more.

9/11 – The Biggest Con Job Since JFK
Sept 13, 2018 / ChuckBaldwinLive.com

Christopher Bollyn Explains
Who REALLY Did 9/11

Sept 10, 2018 /
Know More News
See also: Political Zionism


9/11 was an 'Outside Job'

SGT Report

Follow the Money - The Cabal's
(He who has the gold makes the rules)

9/11 involved the theft of 200,000 tons of gold!

Note from CR: For those who are not aware that the Dragon Family is the Far East alliance who loaned the Cabal 200,000 tons of gold, get more of the full story; watch the video at9/11 Trillions - Follow the Money’, and a video for more context at: Global Economic Reset.

Because the Federal Reserve Bank did not want to return the gold, the Dragon family filed a lawsuit at the International World Court in The Hague. The trial took place behind closed doors and when the Dragon family won the case the Federal Reserve Bank was obligated to return 200,000 tons of gold. The deadline when this gold had to be sent back was September 12, 2001, the day after 9/11. The gold was stored in the vaults in the basement of the World Trade Center, and has disappeared ever since the attacks. Cantor Fitzgerald Securities was the shipping company that was in the possession of the insurance and transportation documents, located in WTC 1. During the 9/11 attacks all 600 employees were killed and all documents vanished. The Treasury Police was located in WTC 7 and when this building came down, their documents disappeared as well. The message to the Dragon family was loud and clear; the Fed did not have the intention to return the gold.

the big lie unveiled

Sept 11, 2018 /  Corbett Report

August 2013 / Truthstream Media


March 2, 2017 / @ 1 million views
5 Ways That Corporate Media Filters the Truth

#1- The giant media conglomerates are owned by corporations, operating for profit, and serving stockholders before the public when profits are at state. That's corporate law - the antithesis of Constitutional law.

As technology has advanced, so have
 weapons of mass deception:

Telling the Public What to Think
Facebook, Amazon, Google And Twitter
All Work With Left-Wing SPLC

Using technocracy to blacklist-filter
"alternative" (independent) news.
Deciding What Is "Fake News"
(Politically Incorrect)
to Censor It
June 7, 2018 / Technocracy.news

Big Tech, steeped in Technocracy, finds a working relationship with the ultra-left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) based on the principle, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". Big Tech's core value system is based on Scientism, a utopian religion that views itself as the sole custodian of truth; thus, all other values must be eradicated.

Defeat the Deep State
- Or Lose Your Freedom
Sept 13, 2018 / Justin Raimondo

The Ongoing WAR That We Aren’t Told About

There's a war going on right now, but not an obvious one with missiles or guns or bombs, so most people do not even know it is happening. This is the war against new ideas that challenge the Deep State status quo.

The War Against Free and Open
Net Reality

Sept 13, 2018 / Ben Swann

Note from CR: I'm one of those 'conservative' web sites that have been 'disappeared' in Facebook posts and some Google searches as explained in the short video above. So please support this news service while you support your health at UltraMedics Services.

As the light of unity-in-diversity surges,
the dark divisive dissonance purges
with a healing crisis within ‘
US’ as
United Sovereigns of Earth.

Global Uprising



Give yourself a check up from the neck up:
Consider your life’s purpose, plan and
highest and best service for your
conscientious evolutionary
path of, by and for



Join in the global ‘Circle of WholEness’:
Know with all your heart, mind and
soul that we are ONE as the
instant & all-connected
Family of Mankind


Assemble the components to your
to conceive and achieve your
optimal -in-action
as the integral spirit of
your soul purpose
applied well.

for '
US': United Sovereigns:

Upgrade -in-action ability
to restore public sovereignty with

Heartware: Web 3.0 CyberEthics
and global holistic healing with
Global TeLeCare.


Bringing Light to Dark Places

Healing the Trauma of 9/11

Sept 17, 2018 / Collective Evolution
Starting the healing process re: 9/11.

9-9-9 / HeartsCenter.org

See also two other 9-9-9 ‘Heartstream’ videos:

9-9-9 / Lanello via David C. Lewis

9-9-9 / Lord Lanto via David C. Lewis
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7 Suppressed Inventions That
May Yet Change the World

3 videos / HumansAreFree.com


Look to SEE… Know to BE
Geometric Ordered Divinity

 Establishing the Foundation

Full Spectrum

   - Conceiving... the Power of Love above all

- Believing... the Mind of G.O.D. within All

       - Achieving... Holy Spirit as -in-Action

     - Integrating... these 'CAPstone' Coordinates
                       (Creative Ascent Process)