2018 Global Upgrade Series

Global 5D Transformation,
Law and
the Blueprint of 'G.O.D.'
(Geometric Ordered Divinity)

"Geometry draws the soul
towards truth."
~ Plato

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Divine direction as approximates perfection
is the Masters’ key to self correction as will
focus attention with pure intention and with
love retention for conscious ascension in a
 universal dimension of full comprehension.

    As revelations manifest with search capacity,
    informed choice will shape global Net reality.
     No matter what happens, may it truly be said:
     Freedom-in- is how we move ahead.

  The door to enlightenment for a golden age
   is L
anguage of the Angelsheart of a sage.
Law of the Angles frames a new page
   to write on, to journal, conscious ascension
    in Co-Creation realms of the 5th dimension.

Two-in-One  Law of One  Three-in-One  Four-in-One

Left-brain    Right-brain    Left-Right    Whole Brain
 Linear        Nonlinear        Synergy       Integration
Polarity      neness        Trinity         Pyramid 
    Logic          Intuition       Co-Creation   WholEness

The Language of is the heart of
The Law of ‘BEING (
BE IN G.O.D.):
 Geometric Ordered Divinity.

 Our freedom to BE is our sovereign authority,
  harnessing the power of love for inner reality;
 transforming outer illusions causing inequity,
 and replacing divisions with unity in diversity.

 This singular connection to coherent direction
 centers love within, and when we all enter in,
 we find a unity state with one clear mandate:
 either we come into unity or we’re insensate.

 So enter the door where conscience is freed
  for upward mobile souls who have all agreed
  to advance up the stairs with common creed:
    empowers wisdom to serve all need.

– highly personalized
eft-brain self image
(ego identity matrix)
via inear ogic
Universal aw
& anguage

"The first half of life is devoted to forming
a healthy ego; the second half is going
inward and letting go of it."
~ Carl Jung

  the Law of ne for our
        highly social conscious
       right-brain self esteem
        (feeling of atnement)
      via nonlinear intuiting
       - spherical conscience -
          as unity in our diversity
          for a common sense of

service to others.

  the ‘balance’ of &
       (optimal co-Creation)
        via holistic synergy in
      the trinity of
Wisdom and Love
      - 3-fold ‘frequency’ -
        via one and all ‘
   (Keepers of Frequency)
         for checks & balance
             of private ‘rights’ () in
             the public ‘sphere’ ().

– the Four-in-One PLAN:

 The PLAN~ , looking down on the 'pyramid' of
 self and civilization, is the 3-D cross-referencing

of the 3-fold flame ( ++) in all 4 quadrants
 of the 4-sided pyramid. This Cosmic Plan is also
 a universal symbol as model and metaphor for
  what Christian mysticism refers to as "the plan"
for the "City 4-square" (4-square gospel) and as
  depicted in Hopi and Tibetan sand paintings as a
   mandalic visualization of the timeless archetypes
  that the father of modern psychology, Carl Jung,
    conceived as the 4 universal frames of reference
    constituting the nature of holographic 
   as integrates the 4 archetypes of consciousness
 and the 'Four Ways of Perceiving Time' (reality)
   in the 3-D ‘cosmic cube’ which references a 4-D
     centered~connected synergy/synchronicity as the
    capstone (whol
ness) geometrizing 5-D vision:

The Five-in-One

(Creative Ascent Process)

Ready or not there are options now revealing
choices to be made that are quite appealing.
Mysteries are unveiled, no longer concealing
 soul soaring with new opportunity congealing.

 As heart wisdom matures, elitism will crumble
  thanks to pure intent of the meek and humble.
So take heart and realize how outer authority
 is increasingly accountable to spiritual reality.

    It's now rather clear to those living beyond fear;
cherish love's vibe in how you see and hear.
  If choice is a challenge, we lose if we snooze;
     it's time to honor what the free-at-heart choose.

   We can upgrade the change we all want to see
 by culturing Conscience with sincere humility;
    Co-Creating in unison as pure hearts take flight
  above as within us and from left brain to right.

The ALL-connected hemispheres of
the personal & planetary

Intuitive knowing can no longer be hindered
   as sovereignty's flame is judiciously rendered;
   the 'Source' of our knowing is now taking wing
    as love rules the nature of each one as '

   ‘Keys to the INternalization of G.O.D.’ ()

 The golden age thrives due to those who begin
   their wholEness and healing on the path within.
 The keys to the 
KINGdom are clearly available
  whereby liberty's flame is no longer assailable.

    KINGdom Conscience is an upgrade and known
   as one truth universal, the Masters have shown.
     Follow your heart to find your way - your initiation
    On the Path that ascends with your participation.

      The greatest mysteries are thus veiled in paradox.
    Paradigms shift as we transcend the 'linear' box.
    Co-Creation unites 
US in a Circle of WholEness.
     Miracles happen with
United Sovereign holiness.

     There are rules whereby Creator's intention -
     is self-evident to those who 
focus attention -
     within and with ALL via
true Love retention -
     wising up to rise up; 
conscious ascension -
     in a 
Unity State; co-Creation's dimension -

It’s not rocket science!

"To understand the nature of God, it is necessary only to know
the nature of love itself.  To truly know love is to know and 
understand God; and to know God is to understand love."

~ Dr. David R. Hawkins, "The Eye of the I(pg. 88)

Can we speak of perfect
- what that looks and feels like -
when we're not perfect?

"Nobody's perfect. We're all just
   one step up from the beasts and
   one step down from the angels."
~ from Half Broke Horses
by Jeannette Walls

Everyone is at different stages of
consciousness… of perfection.
There is a certain stage we all reach
 whereby your intent is to only speak
your truth, not convince others of it.
You begin to realize that everyone 
has their own path. In other words,
 you can't convince a baby that they
 should be walking when they are at
the stage of crawling. To convince
  them of that truth has no relevance.

If everything was ‘perfect’, we would
take the light for granted and
cease to grow towards it.

"There's a crack in everything.
That's how the light gets in."

~ Leonard Cohen, Anthem song:


KoF Unite!

Connect the Conscience  Link the Light:
Network for the Net worth of Net reality 
with Cosmic-Universal Natural Law:

There is natural law and order in the universe
  behind all movement along more enlightened
  lines that frame a
gold standard at the heart
of every true 
golden age’ in cosmic history.


  "G.O.D." (Geometric Ordered Divinity) has methods.
  This methodical 'universal language' is in this video.
Note how it is mathematical as well as geometric.
 Initiates love divine order; neophytes, not so much.

July 30, 2018 / Gary Lite

Understanding the Order of the Universe
to Unveil the Secrets of Nature and to
Harness the Power of the Universe

Keep the Faith - the Power of ,
 See the Good - the Rules of ,
and Make it So - rules!

~ Christopher

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