The 2012 Consciousness Shift
The Great Mystery of 2012  Unveiled

 There are no human solutions to all of our human problems.
There are only divine solutions to human problems.

 by Christopher Rudy / July 21, 2012
(5 months to Winter Solstice)

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 Change is a permanent condition. Things EVOLVE.

 The other constant is universal . It won’t budge.

 The power of  unveiled is thus
the wisdom for evolutionary ascent
of the soul, worlds without end.


We’ve been getting lots of ‘hints’ from the Crop Circle Creators… ready or not.

 The metamorphosis process now reshaping the consciousness of humanity
is activating the genetic codes in 90% of our formerly ‘dormant’ DNA as
was called ‘junk DNA’ by scientists who didn’t know what they are for.

 New research with the Source Field Investigations has shown that the
current 2012 Galactic Alignment surge in the morphic
Source Field is
morphing our DNA with spontaneous evolution and activation of the
antennae-like features of our DNA in resonance with ‘SOURCE’.

     The metamorphosis of man as the “measure of the universe’ is now
going through a dramatic cellular ‘reboot’ at the DNA level, and
the ‘prime directive’ of this process is ‘Freedom-in-

    to navigate the multi-dimension universe with ‘Source Code’;
  reprogramming the consciousness holodeck of whol
for '5-D integration' of spirit, mind, emotions and body.


 The chaos we can see in the morphegenic fields of Earth today
(the extremes of weather and human behavior)
is the natural consequence of the ‘Great Purification’
as more ‘light’ in the
Source Field morphs  the
90% of the brain we are told is ‘unused’.

Our Effective Sensory Perception
is emerging for conscious
evolution and global

    An enlightened populace is the last thing wanted by a
corrupt self-serving corporatocracy that is trying to
    hold onto power to create war, disease and austerity
 for their inordinate profit and control over humanity.

 Those who have a healthy brain and think for themselves
are well aware why toxic fluoride is pumped into public
drinking water; why chemtrails poison the air over us;
and why toxic food additives also poison our bodies,
and our minds, and our spirit of up-wising & uprising.

But there is no stopping the global evolution revolution.

 The rate of change is accelerating to "O-Point" in 2012
(see: Terrence McKenna on Time Acceleration). 
Everything has been speeding up with the instant-everywhere and
interactive capabilities our new Net reality. Time-space 'relativity'
is slipping the surly bounds of a 3-D sense of separation from
 'real time' (synchronicity) and 'all-connected space' (singularity)
of a “4-D” (moment-to-moment) and “5-D”
(Source Intel) nature.

 Pay Attention with Pure Intention


 Pure intention focuses love’s retention


 The Great Mystery of
 2012 LOVE Unveiled:

 The power of pure intention focuses attention for
 retention and evolutionary ascension in
the soul’s dimension of eternal progression with
'The Ascension Codes'.

Look to SEE to BE
Geometric Ordered Divinity
G.O.D. is .

The higher the concept of G.O.D.~
in form and frequency, as in frequently,
the greater are the 're-source' results.

Universal Co-Creation... with

From ancient times to the present, enlightened masters have
encouraged us to awaken with conscientious common sense
as defines, refines and shines our resonant alignment with
The Source’ in both form and frequency… as in frequently.


 Service to Others’ is the Spirit that Matters in 2012.

 What we do for ourselves dies with us, but
what we do for others and the world
will live forever in soul history
as a testament to the
power of love.

Now is the time ordained when ascended and unascended
Masters will link their light on Earth as in Cosmos
in order to lighten the density of hearts and
our minds to better interface with the
morphic grids of Source, and
thus serve the mitigation
of destructive Earth

The source of individual sovereignty is connection with Source.
DNA replication is morphing with surge in the Source Field.

The higher the quality of DNA genetic material in food
- for cellular replication, repair and rejuvenation -
the greater the results for 'awakening' your DNA in
resonant connection with the unified
Source Field.

Prepare your DNA for the changes at hand.

As goes your DNA, so goes your body 'temple'
and your consciousness of the 'living spirit'
at the heart of

This is your CHOICE for conscious evolution in 2012,
and 'Pollen Extract' is the richest source of RNA/DNA
at the quintessential source of the human food chain.
(for genetic replication, repair & rejuvenation of cells)

The mass power of goodwill among global Netizens,
  the dynamic effect of instant-everywhere interaction,
 and the opportunity for well-informed public opinion
     as engages the greatest good of the greatest number, 
are beyond belief of the 99%,  feared by the 1%,  yet
    going mainstream in 2012 to neutralize fear of the 1%
  and optimize faith with good works among the 99%. 
This dynamic power has rarely been employed.
(Gandhi and U.S. Founding Fathers come to mind)
It can begin the world over again in 2012.

To Your Good Choices for Whole Health,

~ Christopher Rudy, Ultramedics Services

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