Update on the Dimensional Shift

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For those who have never understood nor appreciated the cosmic law/language of the Mayan calendar or "astro-logic" (astrology), another way of saying what follows is that the cultural healing crisis will be resolved with new energy currents that culture the currency of conscience resulting from the dimensional shift in the space/time continuum as our DNA reboots via "nonlinear synchronicity" (2012 timeline) and thereby adapts to the accelerating rate of change with Conscious Movement into the Aquarian Dispensation.


For optimal comprehension of the Big Picture that the following article represents, read the Mayan Calender update from April 14th at "Rebirth Celebration" before reading the following April 24th astrological update by Barbara Hand Clow.


I've added color, bolding and comments to highlight keynotes.


More Light for the Ascension Process,


~ Christos Lightweaver


Taurus New Moon: April 24, 2009

By Barbara Hand Clow

The Taurus New Moon has arrived, which is our annual attunement with love, Nature, and beauty. Never can I remember being so grateful for the arrival of love and bucolic pleasure; this has been such an intense winter. Day Six of the Galactic Underworld -- November 12, 2008, until November 7, 2009 -- is turning out to be very intense. Maybe this is because it involves such radical change, which is forcing our species to create peace on the planet and among ourselves. [See The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind.] And now we are coming up to the midpoint of Day Six on May 11, which Carl Calleman calls the "
Rebirth Celebration". [Visit www.Calleman.com.]
The astrological patterns are in total agreement with what this remarkable biologist says is going to happen.
In synchronicity with Calleman, the triple conjunction of Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune in 26 Aquarius, the "Triple Conjunction," intensifies throughout this lunation, and then it culminates during the New Moon in Gemini May 24; it inspires expansion of spiritual healing. Earth's quarantine from the rest of the universe is lifting, and we are on schedule to be welcomed back into communion with the universe. [See Exopolitics by Alfred Lambrement Webre, and The Mayan Code.] Our movement out of separation from our home, the cosmos, is going to happen no matter what, so the only choice we each have is to heal ourselves to participate consciously in our cosmic birth.
During Moon-conjunct-Sun in Taurus this year, astrology shows that
we are on the edge of a monumental spiritual awakening that nothing can stop. Just before the New Moon, on April 21 the Moon aligned with Venus conjunct Mars in 29 Pisces; this beautiful sight heralded a mystical awakening, especially for Islamic people. The rare Triple Conjunction, Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune in Aquarius-now and during 2010, with Neptune and Chiron close 2007-2013-strikes a balance between dark and light that will trigger spiritual breakthroughs or breakdowns in each person.  Being truthful about ourselves is the only way to avoid breakdown -- the total collapse of the individual amidst the powers of rising spiritual transmutation -- so, during this whole lunation, we all must work on major personal assessments. [powerful self-assessment process at "The Insight Project". ~ Christos]
These transits of Venus and Mars challenge us to review our relationships with partners, siblings, children, parents, and our communities. What has been going on in these areas of your life since March 3?  Within these core experiences, you can discover comfort with yourself -- your key inner partner in life. Have you been wondering why are you so uncomfortable? Well, since March 3, the planets of love and war have been challenging everyone. Venus went retrograde in Aries on March 3, and Mars has been in Pisces from March 17 through April 22; then Mars blasted into Aries on April 22. Most people have been going through deep personal shakeups, so what has been going on in your personal realms?
In the larger collective-specifically, finance and politics-the Mars/Venus transits are forcing unresolved conflict to rise to the surface. For example, during the night of April 21-22, the Chief Financial Officer of Freddie Mac, David Kellermann, died by hanging in his home. He is a sad casualty of the subprime-mortgage crisis, and he is also probably the canary who died of toxic fumes in the cave. The international tension over the State of Israel became very intense April 21-22 when President Ahmadinejad of Iran and a conference of Islamic prosecutors demanded indictments for Israeli crimes against humanity in Gaza. At the same time, President Obama pressed for the investigation of government lawyers who supported harsh CIA terrorist interrogations during the Bush/Cheney regime. Also, a scandal over National Security Agency favoritism of pro-Israel Congressional lobbyists was brewing.
I mention these events because The Mayan Code argues that war will not end until the US runs out of money, and that peace must come first to the Middle East. These are signs that the necessary balances are formulating, and the action will pick up greatly when Saturn goes direct on May 16, just after the Day Six midpoint.
The cosmic dance in the sky during the end of the Mayan Calendar is just astonishing to me.
Transits are triggering all of the personal changes we each need to make in order to accomplish the critical leap in human evolution. People are losing or gaining money, getting caught committing crimes, and/or being called to the carpet in marriages, with their children and parents, and in community. This awakening will build and build during the Taurus lunation as it rebirths each one of us under the potency of the Triple Conjunction, which spreads out over seven years. This experience will be personally enlightening, and as a nation that opted for global empire, the United States is about to face its own delusions as well as its spiritual potential; the Triple Conjunction falls right on the 1776 USA Moon in Aquarius.

The "spiritual potential" is no less than finishing globally what U.S. Founders began locally...
an instant-everywhere-interactive upgrade of
core Constitutional freedoms.
~ Christos

We each need to assess the feelings we've been having during the recent Venus/Mars transits before these feelings explode during the Taurus New Moon and throughout this lunar cycle. In last month's reading for the Aries New Moon, I noted that Venus retrograde in Aries from March 3 to April 17 (SD at 29 Pisces) would force you to assess relationships, values, and material needs. This is what always happens during retrograde Venus. However, this Venus retrograde was in Aries, which made most people feel dissatisfied, needy, aggressive, and wanting; the worst has been coming out in many people.
[Venus is afflicted in Aries, especially Venus retrograde in Aries. ~ Christos] The number of mass killings and ugly murders, for example, has been appalling. So, if you've been a bitch or an ogre, forgive yourself; these transits are forcing even very highly evolved individuals to doubt themselves, as our egos need to go away now.
We are looking at our shadows that create violence in the collective and financial loss in our communities. Now that most have less, and as tanks roll, planes fly, and billions are spent on "security,"
the great turning against war is building in the world. In the spring equinox reading, I noted that the Venus retrograde would somehow threaten the Elite's plan to waste priceless resources in dubious wars. Now, we see signs of Venus's subtle approach: President Kharzai of Afghanistan passed a law that wipes away most women's rights. This outrageous patriarchal move is causing countries fighting there (like Canada) to wonder why they are sacrificing their young for this cause. Women's movements are networking to assist Afghani women's movements directly, which circumvents Kharzai and the warlords.
We are being challenged to choose love over discord by breaking up or transforming relationships that are just not loving enough, strong enough, or creative enough to survive in the coming new world. The time has arrived to take deep relationships to a new place or push them out of existence. Mars was in Pisces March 17 to April 22, and when Mars is in Pisces, most people lack the motivation to change anything. The normal martial tendency to fix things, which I sometimes think is a patriarchal imbalance, just isn't there, and many were unable to carry on as usual. Consider the possibility that you are deluded by believing that you must do this or that. The big shift back to reactive behavior arrives when Mars goes into Aries on April 22, so you might want to assess your urges and actions.
The truth dragon will look back to face you now, and I wonder about the future of Freddie Mac, which is totally backed by the U.S. government and its people. Pluto retrograded April 4, when dealing with deep conflict moved into our inner minds; and the push for massive structural changes in systems has quieted until fall.
But, Mars in Aries on April 22 and Saturn direct in mid-Virgo on May 16 are aspects that are going to trigger personal actions that will become collective when Pluto goes direct mid-September.

You may have been stewing in your emotional garbage during March and most of April, but that ends abruptly during this New Moon when you must get real. So, let us examine the New Moon in Taurus looking for guidance for emotional assessment. This can help prepare each one of us for the liftoff that will be going on all during this lunar cycle, a liftoff that will keep us in orbit even beyond the end of the Mayan Calendar.
The New Moon is in 5 degrees Taurus exactly T-squares the lunar nodes in 5 Aquarius/5 Leo
announcing a karmic crisis for our species. This close T- square means we will experience great tension this month over the personal and collective value of our life paths, our dharma. Great self-doubts will inspire many to awaken dormant talents that our species needs for the critical leap; you won't be able to twiddle your thumbs. For example, if you've lost your home during the real estate crash, you may be forced to find new ways to create community, to live and share all aspects of life with others.
Before this New Moon T-square set in, on April 19 we enjoyed the luscious green arrival of the Sun in Taurus. We soaked in love and attunement with Nature.
Our joyous feelings will swell to a crisis point during the New Moon, creating an emotional-survival crisis. You must realize that Nature loves you and creates you, yet many will wonder if Earth is buckling under the sheer weight of humanity. Others will feel like grasping for just one more comfort, one more way to feel secure. The arrival of this New Moon will challenge us all to truly value our planet's joy and pleasure. Tensions coming from too much ego may show up in relationships with the New Moon in Taurus, yet I think the emphasis will be honoring our relationship with all that is.
Looking at Venus and Mars in the New Moon chart, they are conjunct right on the Spring Equinox solar ingress (0 degrees Aries), a flag waving at the races that says GO! 
[See: "The Great Race for Global Reboot" ~Christos].  As mentioned, many of you have been in the middle of relational crisis during the Mars/Venus transits, and right now it would be smart to be wary of sudden desires for movement and change. Mars moved into Aries on April 22, and then Venus went into Aries just a few hours before this New Moon; the urge to just DO something will be almost overpowering. Notice what the urge is, and do what you can to be patient because the issues that came up during Venus retrograde won't actually resolve until May 21, when Venus moves past its retrograde point (15 Aries). The powers of the Triple Conjunction will be very strong by May 21, so perhaps you should wait for this really superb energy influx, especially if you just adore that person?  Also, you may be almost crushed by some kind of personal revelation. During the New Moon, Pluto retrograde in Capricorn squares Venus/Mars in Aries, which encourages us to hold out for careful, deep, meaningful actions.
As you can see in the chart,
the Triple Conjunction is drawing very close during this New Moon, and this is expanding our spiritual healing. Mercury in 25 Taurus rules awareness and comprehension, and it exactly squares the Triple Conjunction; what you need to heal will be easy to identify during this New Moon. What's your big block? Where did it start? Are you doing things to heal it and get beyond it? In all spiritual traditions, taking the mantle of spiritual awareness often entails personal sacrifice.

During this New Moon,
look for insights concerning how our species may expand itself (Jupiter) by means of healing blocks (Chiron) that have kept us from our spiritual paths (Neptune), insights that may open during the next Great Age (Aquarius). Many of you have felt like beings of light with healing knowledge from Atlantis lurking in your cells.

The Triple Conjunction is going to release this inner knowledge in direct proportion to letting ego go.
[It's the same with collective institutionalized ego "BS" (Belief Systems) that resist enlightened social change.
Remove the blocks to social conscience in our social networks for holistic self-correction and healing. ~ C]

Uranus in 25 Pisces exactly sextiles Mercury in Taurus, which means
spiritual transformation is going to just flow right into our consciousness to flood our minds with new insights. This New Moon occurs just before midnight in Washington, DC, so dream life in the White House could be quite amazing. People on the West Coast will be enjoying a nice evening while picking up subtle nuances. This is a great time to read vibrations in Nature, your soul.
Saturn in 15 Virgo is still retrograde and goes direct May 16, and Saturn is unaspected during the New Moon. This suggests that structural change will be in the doldrums for the whole month, but
there will be just a lot of action with Mars and Venus in early Aries. Deep structural change will be slow until mid-September (Pluto retrograde), and certainly until Saturn is in direct motion. We will see a lot of change and action, and then it would be smart to be cautious during the next Mercury retrograde, May 6 to May 30. Saturn is close to the Uranus/Pluto conjunctions of the mid-1960s, so processing civil rights and the struggles to end war will be in the headlines.
Now that we have a basic reading of the Taurus New Moon, I will go more deeply into the Triple Conjunction (Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune in Aquarius). It will build through the month and then culminate in
some kind of major change in our world around the time of the New Moon in Gemini on May 24, which I will say more about in my next reading. Jupiter conjuncts Chiron May 23, and then Jupiter conjuncts Neptune May 27, and then Neptune goes retrograde May 28 right on the 1776 USA Moon in Aquarius. The exact Chiron/Neptune conjunction is February 16, 2010 (26 Aquarius), and Chiron and Neptune are close 2007 through 2013. This is a long-lasting influence that is radically expanded now by Jupiter's movement into its sphere. Other planets will move in and out of Chiron conjunct Neptune, which we will be watching.
Going back in time to previous Triple Conjunctions, in July 1881 and early 1882, Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune were moving closely in and out of conjunction in Taurus, the year before the midpoint of the whole Planetary Underworld. At that time, industrialists were working with both Thomas Edison and Nicola Tesla to determine how to use electricity to power industrial society. Edison's direct current won out over Tesla's free-energy discoveries, resulting in today's controlling electrical grid system: the age of electricity was born. The next Triple Conjunction was late August/early September 1945 in Libra, just after WWII ended with America dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki: the Atomic Age was born. [This insight comes from George Ward, the excellent astrologer for The Pleiadian Times, Bold Connections, PO Box 782, Apex, NC, 27502.] By comparison, what new energy will be born in the next few months, and during these next seven years? As you can see, the previous Triple Conjunctions occurred with the emergence of some form of new energy technology, and I think this time we will experience a transformation out of money as an energy exchange into energetic healing as the new form of money.

   Note: Another ways of saying this is that resolution of the global healing crisis
                       is evolving with new energy currents that culture the currency of conscience
                    as the space-time continuum as we know it morphs with a dimensional shift
                   and our DNA naturally evolves via "nonlinear synchronicity" (2012 timeline)
                      to comprehend the accelerating rate of change - The Conscious Movement -
                 as will define and refine evolutionary ascent of the Aquarian Dispensation.
~ Christos

Also, new forms of alternative energy will manifest as well. In our world today, people have substituted money for their own power and energy, and now everything is bankrupt. Be watchful for major shifts in how cultures depend on money during the coming Triple Conjunction.

[The power elite have built their control matrix on their usurious money system as you can read at New Power. ~C]

Letting go of the collective field, the Triple Conjunction has major implications for each one of us; it may signal a colossal impending spiritual emergency. Spiritual emergency occurs when the degree of change that we are experiencing causes too much kundalini energy to rise in our spine and chakras. [See Clow, The Liquid Light of Sex: Astrology, Kundalini, and the Key Life Passages.]
That is, we get over-amped. When we experience too much kundalini energy in our bodies, we become unbalanced physically, emotionally, and mentally, a real energy crisis that makes people crazy and delusional. The USA will be the focus for this crisis worldwide because it has drugged its populace to keep its energy down. The Triple Conjunction is on the USA Moon, so this won't work any more. Of course, kundalini rising is also what it takes to achieve enlightenment, the critical leap. It is no accident that the Triple Conjunction in Aquarius is occurring now, and we must respect its power. The Chiron/Neptune conjunction occurs from 2007 through 2013 because Chiron has a very elliptical orbit, and right now it is traveling close to Neptune for a long time, which is no accident during the end of the Calendar (Mayan Calendar ~ C).  Chiron and Neptune were traveling close together in Taurus from 1878-82, a period of great industrial and technological growth, which peaked in 1881-82 when Jupiter moved into the conjunction. Neptune was close to Chiron for only a little while in 1945, but when Jupiter moved in, the results were nuclear.

[See what Einstein's "Unified Field Theory" could now mean in terms of "critical mass" of
"nuclear" (mass-to-mass) enlightenment ... at CONSCIOUS MOVEMENT. ~C]

I have included this first section, looking back at the Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune Triple Conjunction, to suggest that you
consider preparing for spiritual emergency and earthshaking changes in culture.  As for me, I'm watching the roller coaster hoping that the scaffolding and tracks don't fail.  In the reading for the New Moon in Gemini, we will have much more information about what the changes are going to be. Astrology can only forecast energy fields that are capable of causing a number of possible things, and we have to watch for the themes. But, I guarantee, we are about to enter a period that will make the history books. Just remember to respect kundalini energy. If the industrialists had been able to do that in the 1880s, which happens to also be the midpoint of the Planetary, perhaps our world would be running on forms of energy that are more in tune with Nature. If the warriors had more respect for life in 1945, perhaps we wouldn't have released toxic radiation on our planet.

Perhaps if we achieve enlightenment during the next few years,
Universe Society will lift Earth's quarantine.
What will be that like?

[More at http://www.handclow2012.com/astroflash.htm ~ Christos]