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In 1983 Paul LaViolette presented evidence to the scientific community indicating that:

Galactic core explosions actually occur about every 13,000 - 26,000 years for major outbursts
and more frequently for lesser events.

This is a largely unknown subject that is black-out in the mainstream media for obvious reasons.  I've personally verified this from several sources - one an astrophysicist of the unconventional James McCanney type.  That is the "fact" that our solar system's 26,000 year orbit  -- through the galaxy  -- is a twisted elliptical orbit that is more like a figure 8 course through the Photon Belt in the nexus of that "8" every 13,000-26,000 years... just as Paul LaViolette said... when major outbursts occurred.

LaViolette Theory [link to ]

Prediction No. 12 (1983): In his dissertation, LaViolette proposed that a superwave produced by an explosion of our Galaxy's core could be immediately preceded by a very strong gamma ray pulse, 10,000 times stronger than what could come from a supernova explosion. He pointed out that upon impacting our upper atmosphere this burst could strip electrons and induce a powerful electromagnetic pulse which, like a high-altitude nuclear EMP, could have serious consequences for modern society. It could knock out satellites, interrupt radio, TV, and telephone communication, produce electrical surges on power lines causing widespread black outs, and possibly trigger the inadvertent launching of missiles. He was among the few to suggest that Galactic core explosions could produce high intensity gamma ray outbursts that could affect the Earth.

In 1989, under the sponsorship of the Starburst Foundation, LaViolette initiated an international outreach project, to warn about the dangers of such astronomical phenomena. He pointed out that our Galactic center could produce seriously disruptive low intensity outbursts as frequently as once every 500 years and that we are currently overdue for one. This was the first time a widespread gamma ray pulse warning of this sort had been made.

Verification (1997): In December 1997, astronomers for the first time pinpointed the source of a gamma ray burst and found that it originated from a galaxy lying billions of light years away. This led them to conclude that these are mostly extragalactic events having total energies millions of times greater than they had previously supposed, thereby confirming LaViolette's earlier proposal of the existence of high intensity gamma ray bursts. If this particular outburst had originated from our Galactic center, it would have delivered 100,000 times the lethal dose to all exposed Earth life forms.

Verification (1998): Some months later, in August 27, 1998, a 5 minute long gamma ray pulse arrived from a Galactic source located 20,000 light years away in the constellation of Aquila. The event was strong enough to ionize the upper atmosphere and seriously disrupt satellites and spacecraft. It triggered a defensive instrument shutdown on at least two spacecraft. Astronomers acknowledged that this marked the first time they became aware that energetic outbursts from distant astronomical sources could affect the Earth's physical environment. These events reaffirmed the validity of warnings LaViolette made 9 years earlier about the potential hazards of such gamma ray bursts.

Prediction No. 14 (1979): LaViolette discovered that the ancient star lore connected with the Sagittarius and Scorpius constellations indicated the location of the Galactic center, conveyed the idea of an explosive outburst, and specified a significant past date of 13,865 ? 150 years B.C. which also is encoded in the ancient Egyptian Dendereh zodiac. Also LaViolette found that myths, customs and esoteric lore descendent from prehistoric times indicated that cosmic rays from a Galactic core explosion catastrophically affect the Earth and solar system in recurrent cycles with the most recent event occurring near the end of the last ice age. He wrote up this idea in an unpublished paper in 1979 and formally published these ideas in 1995 and 1997 in his books Beyond the Big Bang and Earth Under Fire. In Earth Under Fire he also connected Mayan cosmology and World Ages with the Galactic center and Galactic superwave events. He began discovering these associations around 1987.

Concordance (1994 - 1998): In a December 1994 magazine article and later in his book Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 (1998), John Major Jenkins presented his findings that Mayan lore contains a Galactic center oriented cosmology. that specifically refers to the Galactic center vicinity (ecliptic-Galactic plane crossing point) in connection with the occurrence of the Mayan World Ages. One of his findings is that the Mayan calendar 2012 AD end date, which designates the end of the present World Age, also indicates the time when the Earth's precessing axis will be maximally tipped in the direction of this Galactic plane intersection point. Jenkins was not aware of LaViolette's work at the time he wrote, so his findings constitute an instance of independent discovery and corroboration. Jenkins went into much greater depth in exploring Mayan cosmological references to the Galactic center, but did not explore the Galactic explosion/Earth cataclysm theme discovered by LaViolette.

Concordance (2000): LaViolette discovered evidence indicating that the largest acidity spike in the entire Antarctic ice core record was of extraterrestrial origin, possibly produced by a major incursion of interstellar or cometary dust; see paper posted at solar.html. The date of this event, beginning 13,880 B.C. and tailing off 13,785 B.C., closely corresponds to the date encoded in zodiac star lore marking the arrival of a galactic superwave.

From an email he received 12/26/05 before the interview:

<< Would you please prepare number (range of years) that represents the statistically most significant window for the next galactic center energy burst, based upon observed historical data. >>

P L: A conservative guess would be that there is a 90% chance that a superwave will arrive in the next four centuries. I cannot rule out the possibility that one might arrive around the time of the Mayan calendar end date of 2012, as some proclaim. And others have felt that a catastrophic event might occur even sooner. It is just that investigations of the Galactic center mass (Sagittarius A*) show that the core continues in its present quiescent state. Whether this present tranquil state will without warning come to a sudden end, I cannot say. All we can do at present is talk of future probabilities by looking at what has happened in the past. A study of the past shows that we are overdue for a small event, one similar to the bursts that resulted in the 14 gas expulsions which issued from the Galactic center over the past 5300 years. It has been 700 years since the last event and on only two occasions was there a time lapse between events longer than this. Whether the next event will be a small superwave event (Magnitude 1 event) or a much larger climatically significant event (Magnitude 3 or 4 event) is difficult to say.

In referring to past events, it helps to use a magnitude scale as is used in describing the strengths of earthquakes and tornadoes. However, since we do not have real time data, such a scale is understandably very qualitative. We might rank the severity of Galactic superwaves as given below.

Galactic Superwave Event Ranking

Magnitude 1: A superwave cosmic ray burst that is not detectable above cosmic background levels but which carries a gamma ray burst and gravity wave pulse at its forefront. This would likely produce seismic and EMP effects much stronger than the December 2004 earthquake and gamma ray burst.

Magnitude 2: A short duration superwave cosmic ray burst that produces a moderate increase above cosmic background levels and a minor climatic disturbance. This would be similar to the events that occurred around 5300 years ago which produced approximately a 50% increase in the cosmic ray background over a period of about one to two hundred years. This resulted in some temporary climatic change such as blizzards, but was not severe enough to perturb climate from its present interglacial phase.

Magnitude 3: A long duration superwave cosmic ray burst that produces a major increase in the cosmic ray background level, doubling the background level, lasting several hundred to a thousand years, and injecting interstellar dust in sufficient quantities to destabilize climate initiating a period of glacial growth. Examples would be the events that initiated glacial stage 5-d about 110,000 years ago or stage 4 about 70,000 years ago.

Magnitude 4: A much longer duration superwave cosmic ray burst capable of increasing the cosmic ray levels 2 to 4 fold above the background level and lasting several thousand years, with dust injection into the solar system maintained long enough to activate the Sun into a state of excessive flare activity. Such an event would induce climatic effects more extreme than a Magnitude 3 superwave, sufficient to initiate a global warming period that would terminate an ice age or induce an interstadial. Examples would be the superwave events that ended the Illinoisan glaciation (stage 6) about 130,000 - 140,000 years ago or ended the Wisconsin ice age about 16,000 - 10,000 years ago, the more recent precipitating the Pleistocene extinction. Another event around 34,000 - 37,000 years ago occurred around the time of the demise of Neanderthal Man.

Paul LaViolette

--------- commentary follows:

by Christopher Rudy

Is Most of Mankind -- and Most Other Life -- Living on Borrowed Time?

Perhaps you've also read that Earth was "scorched" about 13,000 years ago as carbon dated by carbonized material found in subsurface layers in different parts of the world.   This "anomaly" has been well-documented by numerous geological archeologists.

My own theory, since Earth is now fully within the Photon Belt, is that there are electromagnetics going on in quantum "What the Bleep Do We Know!?" terms" that McCanney is well known for.  Obviously, mainstream understanding of quantum physics is suppressed or we would have free 0-point energy running our cars and heating our homes.

The question is, what kind of new electromagnets are we already getting... or about to gett?  Has civilization risen to a level of gross incompetence?  Would things change if we knew our lives depended on it?  If man has free will, what happens if enough good people go to their knees... in fervent prayer?

Or even deeper, is it the Mercy of the Great Law that Earth gets "cleansed" cataclysmically for failure to do it ourselves?

If you believe there is a divine order to the universe -- and a Higher Power with higher intelligence at the heart of divine order -- then you are more likely to connect the dots in full faith that everything is -- and will be -- according to divine order.  Those who don't, won't... believing in random chaos, coincidence and populist BS that won't even consider the truth of global transformation according to universal laws of accountability for humanity's behaviour.

If we don't get a cosmic spanking now -- humility therapy that comes into alignment with Cosmic Law, how soon will we be made accountable for abuse of our planetary life support systems?  Remember what it was like talking about "9-11 truth" just a few years ago?  No one wanted to hear it - wouldn't go there.  And look what has happened to the U.S. during all that denial.  War has become institutionalized, media propaganda has become blatant, and the economy is being bankrupted as though there were no tomorrow.

I repeat, "as though there were no tomorrow".  The powers that be are KNOW what's coming with massive planetary Earth changes.  Is the terror war a strategic "mass diversion" (minds and money) to secret "underground projects" (sheltered cities underground) that the elite have been feverishly building all over the world the last ten years?  Do you think the nine-level city under the Denver Airport is for civil defense?  Than why haven't we been told about it or the hundreds of other giant "shelters" built across the U.S.?  What are the elite preparing for that they haven't told the public?

If the elite have known about this coming Galactic Superwave and inbound Planet X for decades... but decided to cover it up to save themselves at public expense... what better way to divert public attention then creating an attack on America with a life-threatening terror campaign that would fool Americans into surrendering freedom for police state security?  Or were the PTB counting on Martial Law to lock-down public awareness of the REAL danger BEFORE all hell breaks lose? 

I know, this is all too terrible to believe.  But what if it's true?  What happens if a massive cosmic shockwave has an effect several times the order of a distributed electro-magnetic pulse attack.  All computer chips, communications and the Internet will be dead.  Cars won't run with their on-board electronics fried.  Who could drive to the shelters anyway?  And what about 300 mph winds?  Who will survive without an underground shelter?

I won't speculate WHY the public is not being warned by our governments about Planet X.  But I assure you, it's the same reason they won't be announcing a cosmic blast "tsunami" if it is indeed coming.

Which leads me to the "deeper" question.  What if the level of evil that has come upon Earth -- with all the man-created plaques, vaccines, chemicals and DU radiation making crap out of the genetic material of the human race -- was reaching a point where our DNA and Earth itself was no longer a viable platform for the evolution of healthy souls?  What if only "radical correction" of a cosmic nature could provide the great purging, cleansing and "reboot" necessary? 

I am well aware that there is a unique cosmic event in process with the alignment of the Earth with the Galactic Center "wormhole".  And what if the Photon Belt is energizing a higher intelligence within our entire galaxy that would avert Bush's WWIII bid for nuclear Armageddon (Iran plan)?  Who will stop the mad dash of mad scientists being funded to BUSHwhack America with biowarfare agents sprayed from planes to create plagues that justify Martial Law? 

Where is the SOUL -- the CONSCIENCE of Americans -- that would STOP the insanity destroying our bodies, our minds, and civility within civilization?  Where it's going is inextricably linked to HOW humanity responds to the "coming test".  Will humanity rise the occasion? 

I've always believed that a global revolution of higher CONSCIENCE of a
LOVE-centric nature could turn-around the downward spiral and "raise the shields" (power of LOVE) in the Morphegenic grids of the consciousness-planet connection. Like Jonah at Nineva, there could be salvation if people turned back to divine LOVE en masse.  Think Sodom and Gamorrah.  Are there enough good souls to warrant divine intervention?

How long do we wait and wonder when "more light" (conscience) will neutralize the insanity?  Will the "living dead" wake up or will they be "neutralized"?  Have the cosmic councils decided, like Patton, who said, "Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out"?  Or will the public wake up in time and get rid of the war-crazed psychopaths destroying everything sacred and life on Earth?

Mankind has free will. Fearless faith conquers faithless fear.

- Christopher

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