Perception is Reality?

[a continuation from the article "The Big Shift Cometh"]

From Mark Hazelwood

Mon, 8 May 2006

Imagine if you will that reality is not what it seems to be. That each of us seem to be just individual little wind-up or electric toys that are perhaps plugged into a small socket of sorts & the plug keeps falling in & out, which would be a description of ones energy coming and going.
Then magically one day you're upgraded to a much higher current and the plug is modified to stay plugged into a much larger socket. This is where things only just begin to get interesting. What you thought was you, everyone else, & everything else starts to flicker and fade in & out. Your awareness suddenly slips, shifts, & focuses onto a greater awareness of being a huge fantastically energetic blob/being of sorts that's actually directing all the toys of form simultaneously as in an unseen holographic projector.

This blob/being/projector if you will that you are experiencing being seems to be directly below (in a way) all the form. Now the form and this huge thang which is you, (but you don't direct it) that does the projecting becomes your dual focus & the feeling is awesome, expansive, complete free, or just plain trippy. Your focus before of being a body or individual is now an afterthought. The body is hardly noticed what so ever, in fact when you move it it feels like you are directing a radio controlled toy of sorts that is definitely not you. If you talk it feels as though the sound is on some time delay mechanism & what is being said is a program of sorts. In fact death of that so-called individual body would make no difference to you what so ever. The knowing is perfectly  clear the body isn't you & just a tiny part of the projection of the one being doing the projecting of the illusion, which is all you (the projector and the illusion).
Talk about a huge home coming. This is obviously the ultimate. One minute you've lived your whole life thinking you were just one wind up electric toy or sorts with a shaky plug and the next minute your awareness is put onto or slips into a huge thang that is directing/projecting all the toys and cartoons or rather world of form all at once like an automatic machine. There's also a charged lightness and clarity that accompanies this new greater awareness and feeling that could also be described as highly pleasurable.
But all these words miss the mark and only elude to what is trying to be conveyed here. No description does this justice really because of the limitations of the words of form.
Scotty (of Star Trek) would have no reason to ask anyone to beam him up if he suddenly experienced this. lol
On a 1 to 100 scale, sex might be a 2 and this experience would be a 88 (leaving room for greater experiences).
BTW this may have been just a glimpse of sorts and not permanent since it was partly brought on by a little breath work. Who knows? Who cares? Next--->>>
Ok, that was a description -- written a month ago -- of clearly being over the Level of Consciousness of 600 that happened to this Mark thingy. It happened at a mini retreat here in Orlando April 7th. This was a pre-pop of sorts and didn't last but a few hours. Sometimes when people transcend or begin to transcend the ego realms (599.9 or below on Dr. David Hawkins scale of 1 to 1000) or become so-called enlightened-spiritually (don't know where those 2 words came from, they don't make since to me or match the experience in any way I can think of). Anyway, this first time gives one only a glimpse of 'the state,' thus the term pre-pop. Stepping out of the Matrix and realizing experientially that you are the projectionist and the projected would be more modern ways to explain this than those two other old words.
If 'the state' doesn't stick one falls back down below 600 for a while and then finally crosses up over 600 again permanently a little later. Some people experience this once in their lives and delude themselves into believing incorrectly that they are enlightened the rest of their life even though they drop down below 600 never to return to 'the state,' not really knowing how they got there.
There are also all kinds of hugely blissful & peaceful experiences that come and go on this path. Some are cartoonish others are just defy description.
Using K testing one can find out there are about 150 people in the world with a predominant level of consciousness over 600. A full 50 of them or about one third are working with a young man who's calibration is in the mid 900 range. He's only been doing this for about a couple years and is rapidly evolving his abilities to clear 200 and below energies (all the lower egoic levels that cause most all the pain of living). It took me about 10 months to experience this first full blown pre-pop and the majority of the 50 have fully transcended over 600 predominantly in 3 to 8 months. I guess I'm one of the slackers of the group because of other interests.
This may be unprecendented in human history that one teacher could accompany this many going over 600 in such a short period of time. Even Dr. David Hawkins hasn't displayed the teaching skills to do this although his books "I Subjectivity and Realivity" & "Eye of the I" lay a great foundation for understanding how it's done.
If interested goto The name is Brian Nager. His wife Nicky is also now over 600 and both have moved to Austin Texas.
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