(Management, Media, Mentoring, Medical, Marketing)

by Christopher Rudy

In the summer of 1974 I gave a presentation at the beginning of Buckminster Fuller’s month-long World Game Studies Workshop in Philadelphia.  The thesis was (is) that all problems are, at heart, communication problems, and the key solution to the “World Game” is therefore the global communication processes for individual and collective (local/global) win/win.  I explained that - like the first primitive nervous systems of biological organisms - communities and civilization-at-large are beginning to connect the “cells” (people) via satellite, CATV networks, public access to portable video and video production facilities, etc.  I dramatized the history of a simple yet profound model of universal law that I had developed as a model of Bucky’s Design Science process to serve as an interactive interface for mass-to-mass telecom.  And I explained how this “cultural DNA” would serve “homeostasis” (self-regulation) in civilization via “information’s ecology”, the recycling of general knowledge in the way that “geometrizes specific wisdom” (Bucky’s core vision) along more enlightened “lines” (crop circles 101) that frame the most valued cultural values “between the lines”.

   The result was two-fold:  The old paradigm of CONTROL felt threatened; the Director of the World Game thought I was trying to take over the agenda of that year’s World Game (hydrogen-based energy economy studies) for the next several weeks.  Someone did that the previous year but it never occurred to me. The other result was that influential members of the World Future Society and Committee for the Future asked me to attend a “SYNCON”  (SYNergy CONvergence/futures summit) to be held later in the year for 10 agencies of the Federal Government on Capital Hill.

   In November of 1974 I gave the final keynote address at the end of that 3 day Summit in the Science and Astronautics Chamber of the Rayburn Building.  Prominent futurists, high tech NASA scientists, unified field theorists, etc, were in attendance.  I explained how the nation was being wired with interactive capabilities… how laws had just been mandated to insure public access to the new CATV media…how our basic freedoms of speech, assembly and of the press could upgrade our horse-and-buggy legislative system… how portable video could upgrade “speech”, how electronic town hall meetings could upgrade “assembly”, Public Access to ugrade “press”,  and most important, why you could not expect citizens to be responsible for self governance without enlightened (informed choice) response ability – the interactive ability to respond to (define) conscientious value-added information content with the “information’s ecology” that distills the essence of issues whereby the best and brightest ideas “of, by and for the people” could rise to the top to represent us (U.S.) with responsibility and accountability.
    The New technology was installed and operational to do all of this except for the one critical factor.  How to a hundred, thousand or million people respond to the same program at the same time without creating noise? How do you involve and evolve (recycle) the individual and collective consciousness of the public in the way that raises consciousness?  How do you recycle knowledge with a communication process of citizen origination and evaluation of information that empowers specific wisdom -- with compassion -- at the heart of all our social, political and economic problems? HOW IS INFORMED CHOICE AT THE HEART OF GLOBAL TELECOMM QUALIFIED SO AS TO EMPOWER WISDOM WITH LOVE?

      The result was two-fold:  There was an unsettling stillness after I spoke.  I had clearly chunked out a blueprint for celebrating the New American Revolution over the Bicentennial Era (from ’76 to ratification of the Constitution in ’89). This was the supposed intent of this SYNCON which was then disbanded.  So right after my talk, representatives of the attending 10 agencies of the Federal
Government (U.S. Information Agency, U.S. Communications Agency, ARBC- American Revolutionary Bicentennial Commission, etc.) came forward to receive the paper detailing my proprietary mass telecomm interface model for information’s ecology.  The vice-president of a New York City junior college then came up to me and said, “The problem with this is… (he paused as his eyes got wide)… “This would eliminate bureaucracy and you’re not going to hear from these agencies of the federal government.” 

     Being young and naďve at the time, it never occurred to me that our government no longer served the purpose for which it was created.  What I’ve learned is that the “fix was in” (as Dr. Scott Peck says in his WORLD WAITING TO BE BORN) even back then with a behind the scenes agenda whose intent was to control communications technology to keep the power and wisdom of citizen involvement FROM the people rather than “of, by and for the people”.  
The other result, again in response to the CONTROL paradigm, was proactive.  Back home in Troy Ohio I organized a non-profit group, Community Video.  For a year we wrote and then published a definitive overview on the need to develop an interactive community CATV system with public access.  As an Eagle Scout, I got two Boy Scout troops to distribute this information to every home in the community (5000) right before July 4th, 1976 – the Bicentennial.  Troy was about the size of Philadelphia at the time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and after much media PR and legislative work with City Council, my call to organize the “First Community Congress” and for an electronic upgrade of our basic freedoms set in motion the process that created a model CATV system and Public Access facility for Troy. 

    The results were again two-fold:  Local officials would not let me have access to the equipment I had been responsible for getting. It was the same nationwide with access denied community activists who created public opinion pressures on elected representatives and special interests who had become comfortable controlling from behind the scenes. The other result was a complete disregard of the CONTROLLERS for the interactive capabilities as would make local government, the school board and other community services more accountable to the public they are entrusted to serve.  What I’ve learned is that the forces of CONTROL resist the public right to open networks with informed choices that challenges the CONTROL-centric status quo. (For more on the paradigm paralysis of ownership-to-CONTROL at the expense of freedom-to-LOVE, click here)

 THE WHOLE POINT:  The U.S. Government has become a growth industry that is increasingly in collusion with the most powerful corporate special interests in the world who have a vested interest in CONTROL for the benefit of a few (shareholders and paid-off parties) at the expense of the vast majority.  If new technologies are not part of the solution, they’ll compound this core problem that, “Whenever profits are at stake, the interests of shareholders comes before that of the public” [Red Lion decision: Henry Ford vs. the stockholders].  This profits-before-people precedence set by the archetype of the Industrial Age’s command-and-control paradigm (Ford’s 1st mass production line that could have lowered the cost of Model T Fords for consumers) is diametrically opposed to the trending of the Information Age paradigm where information wants to be FREE and the KEY is customer/community service (3rd Wave “local”) and public/planetary service (4th Wave “global).


When the love of power-to-control for the profits of a few (5% win/95% lose) is out of balance with the power of love-to-cooperate for win/win best for all, management become blind to core values at the heart of customer service.  The result is that burgeoning self-serving bureaucracy increasingly enforces manipulation and monopoly for win/lose at the expense of win/win until one’s sacred labor of, by and for GOD-LOVE Government  is subverted; big business increasingly buys off big government until Big Brother is in CONTROL.

This is what happens when organizations become closed and isolated with paradigm paralysis that is disconnected from customer needs like a military command-and-control management model that demands obedience with no feedback.  It’s just such organizations that do the thing right technically for manipulative CONTROL of people and markets, but do the wrong thing strategically to culture the spirit of cooperative win/win for everyone (all life) globally. 


see: Bill Joy article in April issue of WIRED re: this trend to technological self-destruct


We’re moving from paternalist management models with left brain linear/logical domineering modes of control (competitive aggression) towards more maternalistic, creative, nurturing models with “spherical”/spiritual values of intuition, creativity and holistic/connected empathy (cooperative love) factored in.  If you want to get the big picture of where we’re going to get ahead of the curve and seize the opportunity with a unique and exclusive management model that will be licensed and cultured worldwide – it’s important to understand where our self-governance vision/values have failed to factor in maternalistic checks & balances.  Without integration via the power of love for self-correcting the love of power, the people perish. 

All male/power-centric cultures throughout history have self-destructed
when out of balance with feminine values.  By default (without checks and balances), the foundation of civilization in the family unit (power of love) is corrupted via power struggles, divide-to-conquer energies (anti-love) and divorce.  More than half the marriages in America now end in divorce.  The law of the land has become abortion on demand, even full term, partial-birth one.  And history shows that infanticide always precedes the genocide of a people.

The force of anti-love is on the move.  It is the abuse of patriarchal power behind this force of dis-integration in all our social, political and economic institutions:


In the name “of, by and for the people”, government ends up serving powerful special interests that “make a killing” creating and managing crisis, terror and war worldwide. As a result, the world is a powder keg with a short fuse set to blow via nuclear and biological weapons of mass destruction on hair-trigger status… and terrorists itching for revenge. The military-industrial complex Eisenhower warned us against is alive and well with wag-the-dog conflicts as common as Clinton’s bombing forays to delay his impeachment vote.

  “If any question why we died, Tell them, because our fathers lied.” –Rudyard Kipling


In the name of “health care”, the most powerful special interests in America (Rockefeller oil, drug, banking and media cartel), have a vested interest in “disease care” via the indirect cause of disease (nutrition-stripped and chemical-laced “food”) and the direct treatment of disease via drugs for whatever ails you.  More than a million Americans die prematurely every year due to a “health care” system that is in fact 97.5% disease care while the FDA makes it illegal to make health claims with health-building nutritionals.  There are now more people making a parasitic living off of dis-ease (cannibalizing health) than dying from it.  "Malepractice" (abuse of women by male doctors) has statistics which reflect the extreme imbalance in the number of unnecessary surgeries for women.


In the name of “education”, social engineers of the power elite have emphasized conditioning (programming) of the left brain of students with politically correct “what to think” at the expense of right-brain common sense (how to think), making students co-dependent on highly specialized jobs where they can be cogs in the machinery of the control-centric organizations that perpetuate bureaucracies at the expense of creative collaboration.


In the name of “economics”, the scarcity-based economy conceals, wastes and outright destroys the abundance of every commodity of value in order to maintain the scarcity that keeps prices, profit and power-to-control high.  In fact, it is the paternalistic control-centric values at the heart of scarcity economics that has reverse-engineered the abundant life in all our social, political and economic institutions.  Without abundance vision, the people perish.

 How Patriarchal Laws of the Old Order/Paradigm
Inadvertently Sabotage (are blind to) the New
Matriarchal Language at the heart of a Golden Age


For example:

The United States of America as a model of divinely inspired God Government

How many Americans believe that the Founding Fathers of the U.S. system of government were divinely inspired?  The fact is they created the first working model of representative self government in the world which was definitely a new paradigm in social management.  But after hundreds of years looking at the fruits of that model, how many Americans understand the key reason that the greatest experiment in self-governance in modern history is failing our core institutions as referenced above?  THE REASON MAY SURPRISE YOU!

Modern history was rewritten to fit the Patriarchal Paradigm of conquest and dominance of indigenous cultures that had more balance with Matriarchal values of cooperation, tolerance and compassion.

How many Americans know that the Founding Fathers Madison, Franklin and Jefferson modeled our unique system of government after the Confederation of Iroquois Tribes that had lived peacefully for thousands of years along the Eastern seaboard?  There was 12 tribes with the 13th being the spiritual overseers as the Levites were the 13th priesthood tribe to the 12 tribes of Israel.  Jefferson went to study the ancient language of that tribe, the Montauk Indians on the end of Staten Island, which he found had the original pharaonic language of the pharaohs of Egypt.  The Montauk series of books on this by Peter Moon and Robert Preston explains that there are giant buried pyramids at Montauk Point that a secret government military installation has occupied since they were discovered.  That base is right on a major energy meridian of the earth that runs down through the Bermuda Triangle (where there is a giant underwater pyramid) and through sacred sites and pyramid complexes in Central and South America. The sacred energy vortexes of “Mother Earth” are part of the Grand Design.

The highest value of pre-history cultures (which “modern” history conveniently erases from historical memory) is cooperation; harmony with nature; connection with all life.  It’s the law of the circle whereby we are all ONE and everything is connected, no time or space, etc.  This was the Great Binding Law of the Iroquois Confederacy that governs the Iroquois Nation to this day.  It was the model that our Founding Fathers emulated with the Great Seal’s “E. Pluribus Unum” – “Out of Many, One”.  But the Founders inadvertently compromised the Great Experiment.

From the Iroquois model, James Madison took their idea of internal checks and balances, elected representatives, separation of judicial and executive branches and shared these ideas with Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson.  As early as 1754, Franklin invited 42 members of the Iroquois Confederacy to attend the Albany Plan of Union when the first try of representative government was discussed.  These three Founding Fathers integrated these ideas into the Constitution of the United States of America. They each wrote of this extensively in their papers.

Unfortunately they threw the “balanced” baby out with their old paradigm bathwater.  These men were steeped in the Greek and Roman models of empire and conquest.  The British Empire followed that model and leaders like Washington emulated it.  In fact, virtually all of the elected representatives at the Continental Congress were either landed aristocracy, business elite, or prominent navigators in those circles.  While these men agreed with the idea of clearly defined limits on the power of the central government that the Iroquois had in place for thousands of years, they had a lingering affection for the prerogatives of power.  The pride of their paradigm was predicated on the perks of prestige, profit and power-to-control.  And precluded the values of cooperation and collaboration that were perceived by men back then as effeminate weakness.  Remember, woman couldn’t even vote in the U.S. America until the 1900’s.

Now consider that the checks and balances on abuse of power in the Iroquois Confederacy was held by women!  Even though the elected representatives of the Iroquois was mostly men, they were elected only by the tribe’s women who also had the sole power to remove them from office.  Women of the Iroquois Confederacy also had the rule, which persists to this day, that ALL decisions of importance (such as waging war, changing national boundaries, altering relationships with other tribes, etc.) must be submitted to the local electorate by the elected representatives for discussion, debate and decision. 

Instead of feminine “matriarchal” checks on masculine “patriarchal” excesses, we have a system of government where macho-domineering values that love power-to-control above all are making decisions DAILY without consulting the electorate.  We get to vote for a surrogate king (President) once every four years while lobbyists are in the ears of our reps, paying them off 365 days of the year.  The gross defects in this unbalanced system is now clearly beginning to obscure the gains as parasitic government increasingly devours the host population which is increasingly fed up with mass mechanization, manipulation and merchandizing of our lives.

The power of love at the heart of true interactive communication in the spirit of win/win cooperation is the highest value of civility and civilization.  All studies have shown that healthy people are more motivated by true love than by money, sex, power or any other incentive.  But to sick, imbalanced people with paradigm paralysis or power-mad addiction affliction… that just doesn’t “make sense”.  They don’t “get it”.  And when so out of touch with spiritual reality, they may even see the power of love as the ultimate threat to their love of power; "The light shineth in the darkness but the darkness comprehendeth it not." 

The core value of our culture is not win/win cooperation-in-love but win/lose power to beat someone.  Power
of the power elite over the mighty corporations, power of one group of men over another; power of men over women, power over property, over ownership, over control.  Power of humans over the natural world.  Power.  

Unfortunately, modern civilization is extremely imbalanced in this regard, and the most powerful special interests of big business/big government collusion have a vested interest in keeping it that way (Big Brother)..  Without a global grass-roots revolution in higher consciousness, that serous imbalance can be powerfully magnified and multiplied by the technologies of mass-destruction. 

Studies by anthropologists and biologists have found that all species and nations that became extinct did so because of overspecialization and underadaptability to imbalances within their environment.  Have the imbalance of male power in our own system of government created the best enemies that money can buy worldwide, fueling the arms race with horrendous nuclear and biological weapons that are poised and ready under hair-trigger tension?

History of the power elite in America shows that the same Wall Street oligarchies that funded both sides of World Wars I and II have been aggressively building up Russia and China for World War III the last decade.  Is this much prophesied war the “3rd great peril” to come upon the United States as foreseen by George Washington in a vision at Valley Forge, and published in the Congressional Record? [ Many signs indicate this may well be the case if, by default, enough good people do nothing.