Understanding evil as the "denial of love" 

From: Love Without End... Jesus Speaks (name of book by Glenda Green)

----------------- background:

Glenda Green was a nationally prominent artist with paintings in such museums as the Smithsonian Institution and the Museum of the City of New York when Jesus appeared to her for the painting of His portrait. Nothing in the history of her career as an artist or university professor had prepared her for the life transformation that was about to take place.

He talked--she took notes!

He gave her the "secrets of the universe" and answered more than 400 important questions including who we are, how we came to be, how the universe was created, and how to live a joyous and successful life.

Jesus addresses the "
sovereignty of Being" (Love) in numerous passages.  Insight on this profound teaching on the Living Sprit of the Law of BEING (BE IN God-Love) is the heart of much of his dialogue with Glenda.

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"From the beginning there have been three holy elements -- the three pillars of Being.  (3 figures in the "Chart of the Presence" -CR)
   "The first and the Ultimate is the I AM presence which is the Source of Divinity. 
   "After that is Innocence, which is the spiritual presence of Divinity.
(Christic inner sense -CR)
   "And third, there is Love which is the manifest presence of Divinity and its power of creation.
"All three aspects of Being are extended to man for his blessing and fulfillment."

When Glenda asked about the nature of "evil", Jesus said (bold emphasis from the book), that "There is a reality to evil, and I give you the definition and reason for it."

  "Evil is derivative, not primal. Evil created nothing.  Through love, God created everything, and there are no other causes -- dualistic or otherwise. In the beginning there was not good and evil.  There was only good!  There is a difference between creation and derivation.  God is the only source of all creation. Derivation is the result of choices!

   "The source of all evil is the denial of love which results in the ill-fated chaos of life unsupervised by love.  When a person has denied the love that he is, he loses the power to command the affairs of his life.  In its place he will use force or deception.  Love commands.  It does not control. When any person, situation, or element of the universe denies the love that it is, it loses command, and so it snatches control. The result is a heartless momentum of debased values, implemented by deception and controlled by force.  Once a man has lost that deep indwelling power of love, when desperation strikes, he will strike back!  No one, however, can initiate evil without a long term progression towards it, for there is no evil at the core of any child of God.  Only through denying love and empowering one's life with attitudes of hatred, jealousy, and greed could one ever bring about situations which are ripe with evil.  This is what when I tell you that evil is derivative and not original."

Glenda:  So then I asked him, "Is evil just an illusion?"

   "No, the consequences of denying love are very real.  However, you must be careful not to judge what you see, for your judgment will be illusion!"    

    Then he explained: "Judgments are the mental mechanics of separation, therefore they could be nothing but illusion.  By comparison, the mental mechanics of involvement (in love) results in discernments based on reality.  There is (however) a reality to evil, and I give you the definition and reason for it."

   "Consummate evil is the intent or action of turning love against itself.  That is a presence which most beings, being love, never understand or magnetize.  There is no basis of coherence between evil and love,
unless love has been denied.

Antidote for evil

   "The greatest protection you have is to simply be the love that you are. In the two commandments which I gave to humanity -- to love God with all your heart and one another as yourself -- I gave the antidote for evil!  If evil approached, you could simply say, 'be gone' (in the power of love), and it would leave. The only reason evil is present at all is that the One Spirit includes even that.  God is greater than any rejection that can be made of Him, and He will not allow assaults of evil to disturb the oneness of spirit (in love).

"Once you have made the decision to love, evil has no more hold over you.  The right of choice is your freedom.  You can stay lost as long as you want, and you can come home when you're ready.  In the meantime, you may experience all the lessons that the denial of love can bring you!"

------------------ final note:

It's so easy to think that love is for getting that we forget it is for giving. We forget to forgive... ourselves most of all.

All Ways Victory When We LOVE Enough,