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Preface by Christopher Rudy:


The more difficult the problem’s denial that we overcome, the greater is the liberation of Conscience to make conscious choices.


The recent article article at "Corporatocracy" deserves your conscientious purview if you are serious about understanding what has happened to America and how to correct it.


All other seeming "choices" are just part of the fabric of a form of mind slavery, inserted during childhood by well-meaning parents and teachers who have simply passed on the lies about our public institutions that have been privatized by the corporatocracy.


More of the truth of this matter is told in the following article, as is rarely addressed so honestly.  Colors added for emphasis. ~ CR



Challenging ‘USA Incorporated.’

Kirwan 3-1-9

EXCERPT:  Full article at "Challenging USA Incorporated"

"The Fed (bank) is unconstitutional because Congress has no authority to grant any entity monopolistic powers that the Constitution does not give Congress. The US government has no authority to act as a deposit bank or a central bank. It does not really have any monopolistic powers to coin money as shown by the private minters of coins in the 19th century.”

 If this rebellion comes down to just a few states, then perhaps the doubters might be right - however: That alone could easily create a huge problem for "the nation." The reason this place is called the United States of America, is that it was supposedly composed of sovereign states, coming voluntarily together into a “Union” that willingly joined together to create a federal government that was supposed to rule Of, by, for, the people and with "the consent of the governed."

 Bush stole the National Guard units from the individual states that had created them: then he confiscated their equipment and sent the individual States' National Guard troops off to fight for multi-national corporate interests, (the Corporatocracy).

Bush then mislabeled those guardsmen as supporting forces for supposedly US troops, when in fact we have no US Troops any longer. Those people wearing backward American Flags on their uniforms, with the ever-expanding golden fringe are imposters. From troops to local cops, to press conferences and US courts, everywhere that symbol has in fact appeared; it has signified that those displaying the symbolic fringe are serving the enemies of the Constitutional form of the United States government. These people at all levels are in fact nothing more than mercenaries fighting to obtain illegal profits for the hidden-hand criminal-conspiracy that has taken over this country.

 The upshot of what will come, if these states push their demands is that the "Union" could be dissolved, and that the truth of what has happened (the feds have already nationalized the states by issuing unfunded mandates that require the states to pay for all of the federal congressional mismanagement of the nation's policieswithout having any voice in those mandates). All of this was supposedly done in the name of national security: when what has really already happened was indeed the bloodless coup that ended constitutional law, and installed a fascist police state, pure and simple.

 Since Bush stole his first election, the constitution has become officially just a piece of aging-parchment, while the real force behind the fraudulent posturing has become this fascist police state run by the New World Order and the Illuminatithat benefits only those that are controlling those ancient evil forces that have always hungered to own us outright.

 If the states continue to press their issues - then there might well be a massive confrontation between the rebels and the new fascist police state - where individual Americans will have to choose where their loyalties lie: Either with the old constitutional idea of government, by consent of the governed; or will they must choose the slavery brought about by the New fascist police-state in which the people have no voice, and shall remain the virtual slaves that we have become. If they choose the latter, then they will have to agree to having their dreams, their wealth, their goods, and quite possibly their lives; stolen or terminated, by those faceless foreign powers that have hated this nation since we first tried to break away from Old World Europe.

 Contrary to popular belief, the US was never quite able to completely sever that Pre-Revolutionary War monetary-bond for any real length of time - because we have remained tied to the dark powers of the Rothschilds and to others that have never relinquished control over the printing of our money. This is why and how we came to be where we are today!

 What the rebellious states might well succeed in forcing, in this entire farce over the existence of nationhood, could result in a much clearer light of actual reality - I think that's well worth fighting for, don't you?

 1) Firestorm brewing between US States and Federal Government:

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A funny thing about real freedom "from tyranny" is that it's catching; once there is a taste of reality.

And when the US military begins to realize that that phony symbol on the shoulders does not represent the ideal behind which they chose to be where they are today - then this government's ability to militarily enforce anything then through the whole spectrum of marital law becomes very different. Also since the US officer corp has to KNOW what's really been going on, maybe there are still some members of the general staff that will not just go along with whatever the dictates of the gang-in power wants them to do. "Power" is only powerful if and when those at the top actually can count on their underlings to do their bidding for them. If that begins to become suspect then the break-away states that are adding adherents daily, have nothing to fear from Big Brother or Homeland Security, all of whom are also wearing that false flag trimmed in golden fringe.

And of course the National Guard troops that were actually recruited to defend their individual states in time of need - might not be willing to stay in the situation they might soon find themselves in - visa-vie - to whom they actually owe their first loyalties to?  The situation surrounding the changes that implementing the Tenth Amendment could well bring on - would mark the first serious reversal suffered by the NWO in decades!

~ kirwan