Welcome to the Angel Fund Network™

A self-funding angel fund* with more profit potential
from mindshare-expanding megatrend-model mentoring
(media, management, medical, marketing, etc.)
than any comparable investment of your time and energy;

A gold mine if only you mind it!

*If you’ve seriously investigated the funding options for your ideas, product 
or a dream business, you’ve probably heard of
“angel investors”.  
Who are these "embodied angels" who represent what Thomas Paine called
"the angels of our better nature"?

“They are people who share your vision and provide wings such as emotional support, expert advice, and sometimes money… as a mother bird uses her wing to shelter her young.  By contrast, traditional investors and venture capitalists provide weights through their aggressive demands and desires for quick financial returns.
from SELLING YOUR DREAM  by Guy Kawasaki

 If you agree that you are the best investment you will ever make but are not earning what you are worth, then check out how you can emPOWER WISDOM with a special  (HEARTware™) that involves and evolves more ultimate value, easier and faster (the ultimate meaning of “survival” as the survival of ultimate meaning, value & purpose) via insight and outlook for understanding the overview. It’s all the way you see things:

   INsight – introduction affiliation as an “Affiliate” (I Am “altitude”)
 OUTlook – orientation initiation as an “Initiate” (I Can “attitude”)
UNDERstanding – net working as a “Messenger” (I Will “fortitude”)
 OVERview – Integral application as an “ADEPT” (I DO “aptitude”)

This is the membership model of
the Angel Fund Network™, providing
four foundational quadrants as archetypal
applications of the keys to the kingdom
whereby all (om) may be sovereign (king)
and own their own life by networking Net worth
of, by & for the Golden Rule/Law/Language VISION.


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An Equal Opportunity Trade Association and Co-Creation Guild