Your Assignment with Galactic Alignment:
Astonish the World with a Simple Truth.

by Christos Lightweaver / Sept. 16, 2011


Civility is the hallmark of civilization and
endless war is its self-destruction.
At the heart of civility is our
co-Creation with united
common sense as

We can't have a world
united yet divided against itself.
Unity in our diversity is our highest and best calling,
the Calling to Conscience.

Now is the time ordained for mainstreaming the
prime 'alignment' directive -- our assignment to
fulfill the
rules of Love whereby Love rules for
The United Sovereigns of Earth' (U.S.E.

Either we
USE it -- our freedom-in-love --
or for lack of love, we lose it...
our core Constitutional freedoms.

Conscience is the most sacred of all property."
~ James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution

"No provision in our Constitution ought to be dearer to man
 than that which protects the
rights of Conscience
 against the enterprises of the civil authority."
~ Thomas Jefferson, 1809

"Conscience is what Conscience does."
~ the Ascended Master Forest Gumption

Conceive it and believe it to achieve this
mastermind 'Alliance of Conscience',
our conscientious common sense.

This is your 3-fold 'Light~Life~Love'
assignment with Galactic Alignment:

Claim the victory of 'The Alliance'
 (the '
Light-side of The Force')

Champion the right to health freedom
(the '
Life-side of The Force)

Download the code to the codes
(the '
Love-side of The Force)

This 3-fold flame of Light, Life and Love
abiding in the core heart of your heart
wholEness-side of 'The Force')
is the heart of the '
Ascension Code'
for the global network of networks
-- the Mother of all networks --
as the "Inner Net" for Net reality

at the heart of your assignment.

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Cosmology tells us that our vast solar system is now
crossing the Galactic Plane in alignment with
hundreds of billions of Star Systems
in our Milky Way Galaxy.


What our Galaxy looks like from deep space [the Sombrero Galaxy]

Notice how our Sun is thousands of light years from the Great Central Sun of our Galaxy.
and that our solar system orbits ACROSS the Galactic Plane in a
year orbit.
And just as it takes the Earth a year to orbit around our WHOLE solar system,
it takes 225 million years for our solar system to orbit AROUND the
the spiral arm of the WHOLE Galaxy. Get it? Got it! GOOD


Consider the portents for a quantum shift in the energy fields of Earth at this time,
including the "lifting of the veil" (
mass awakening) as the 25,827 year orbit of our
 solar system (precession of the Equinoxes) crosses the Galactic Plane
in 2011!

The beginning of a new world of mass agreement for that which serves us all
Common Sense Unity Consciousness Co-creating Universally --
is the end of the world of disagreement, disruption and disservice to humanity.

  That's only the end of the world as we have known it.
The new world makes the old world obsolete
 just as bright light makes darkness obsolete.

If you understand how our solar system orbits ACROSS the Galactic Plane (GP)
in an orbit of 25,837 years... it stands to reason it will cross the GP twice.

This happens about every 13 thousand years, naturally with a great thrust of light
and advancements in civilization as seen in amazing technological development.

Watch the amazing recent YouTube video by David Wilcox called
The Source Field Investigations:

Read also the recent Sept. 16 blog by David Wilcox:


The last time this happened, the other half of the 25,827 year 'Great Crossing',
was the rise of the 'mythical' civilization of Atlantis right before the Earth's pole
   shift when global cataclysm and the 'Great Flood' rebooted Earth as we know it.

It's not foreordained or 'etched in stone' what will happen in 2011 or 2012,
  but there is indeed a great
surge of light with 'cosmic intelligence' that is
quickening the collective consciousness of the Family of Man with
awakening to the systemic problems of global humanity, and also
awareness of the 'gold standard' for personal/planetary evolution.

   Hint: It's not the 'golden calf' of money for salvation.
              That model of madness is no longer sustainable.
                It's already in the pit and the chasm is widening.
              It has deceived and suppressed us for too long.

We can't have a world united yet divided against itself.
Unity in our diversity is our highest and best calling,
the Calling to Conscience.

   The 'gold standard' I'm referring to is also known as the 'prime directive'.
It is sometimes referred to as the 'Common Sense' that sparked the
      original 'Tea Party' movement and Revolution in the American colonies.
    More recently, it is the impulse to freedom in the Middle East which
  has led to uprisings and transformations at the birthplace of the
major world religions of Judaism, Christianity and Muslims...
      all sharing the same core 'golden rule/law language' whereby,
Love as the rule, Love rules.

  Spirituality and science share the same core 'cosmic law' in
universal terms of reaction to action, response to stimuli
  and consequences whereby we reap what we sow, i.e.,
what goes around comes around to the same natural-
     universal law of cause and effect in the here and NOW.

Now is the time ordained for mainstreaming the
  prime ‘alignment’ directive -- our assignment to
  fulfill the
rules of Love whereby Love rules for
The United Sovereigns of Earth.

The huge contradiction of 'advanced' global civilization at this time
   is that we have the capability of instant-everywhere and interactive
   communications, thanks to the Mother of all networks, the Internet.
This Mother of Invention has created unprecedented opportunity
  with unparalleled freedom to know better and do better, and yet,
has been naturally resisted by those who do NOT want change.

Thankfully, our youth are naturally adaptable with optimism that
our future will be just as good as our optimism is bright.

"Conscience is what Conscience does."
~ the Ascended Master Forest Gumption

Unfortunately, many if not most adults lose that prevailing optimism,
forgetting that it's not aptitude but attitude that determines
ones ascending altitude... how high one truly flies in life.

"Can one generation bind another
and all others in succession forever?
I think not.
The Creator has made the Earth
for the living, not the dead.
A generation may bind itself
as long as its majority continues in life;
when that has disappeared,
another majority is in place,
holding all the powers
their predecessors once held,
and may change their laws and institutions
to suit themselves.
Nothing then is unchangeable
but the inherent and inalienable
rights of man."

~ Thomas Jefferson, 1781
[from: 'The Genesis of Freedom"]

   From the beginning of the ‘Great Experiment’ in self-governing
   institutions representing our best interests in the public sphere,
  the nemesis has been self-serving corporate law adverse to
 public-serving Constitutional law representing ‘best for all’.

   "No provision in our Constitution ought to be dearer to man
than that which protects
rights of Conscience 
against the enterprises of the civil authority."
~ Thomas
Jefferson, 1809

Well-informed Americans are well aware that, for a century,
  the robber barons of old have usurped and consolidated their
corporate power over Constitutional restrains on that power.
This 'power elite' has hijacked monetary control of currency,
    establishing mainstream monopolies with Big Oil (dirty power),
  Big Pharma (medical monopoly), Big Government (of, by and
  for Corporate profits), and Big Media control for suppressing
 the truth of this gradual betrayal of the ‘Great Experiment’.

Even though we now have u
nprecedented knowledge power
to do better as a unified Family of Man in our global village,
 we still all suffer from deeply entrenched social, political and
    economic institutions which have been 'privatized' to profit from
   centralized, top-down monopolies on power at the expense of
core Constitutional freedoms of, by and for global Netizens.

By usurping universal-cosmic law regarding the prime directive,
  the self-serving
love of power of a diminishing few 'power elite'
have inverted, subverted and perverted the 'Power of Love'.

Love of power, operating through greed and
through personal ambition, was the
cause of all these evils."
~ Thucydides

The ordained Power of Love has always
neutralized or otherwise made obsolete
the inordinate
love of power; in short,
love translates to less 'evil'.
('evil' is 'live' spelled backwards
with love entirely absent)

The 'energy veil' is what separates "US"
United Sovereigns) from a 'Unity State'
 of universal-cosmic law and language,
and that veil is now thinning rapidly.

 The only 'enemy' we have to worry about is
      systemic '
DUH' as in "Dumb, Unconscious and
Heartless'. Take AIM and have a blast
     with a good attitude of, by and for good
      in every direction to the all-connected center.

  Ascent Intent Motive (atonement) because
Ascent Intent Matters (self-mastery) and
Ascent Intent Manifests (co-creation) with
Ascent Intent Momentum (spiritualization).


 Alliance ascension by way of
  Inner retention of attention with
Momentous pure intention.

As the veil thins rapidly with Galactic Alignment,
the first principle of unity-in-diversity (
moves civility from imbalance towards balance,
and civilization from destruction to construction.

Authentic power of the Creator empowers co-Creation with
the "
Creative Ascension Process', the 'CAPstone' of
one's higher Self in 'alignment' (co-Creation with)
the prime directive of Galactic Conscience,
the ascent of global

Love is the Spirit at the heart of universal order.
This Spirit wants only to be universally free.
Freedom ultimately asks for
Love at the
heart of, by and for universal civility,
the holy Spirit of

Your assignment at this time is your final judgment.
Your connection with
Conscience is the judge.
Civility is the hallmark of civilization and
endless war is its self-destruction.
At the heart of civility is our
co-Creation with united
common sense as


More Love,
easier and faster,
is the end of the world
of destructive loveless war.
As this common sense of unity
for the purpose of 'universal Love'
goes mainstream with one
we can all agree to the
rule of Love whereby
Love rules the Family of Man in a global village.

Astonish the World with a Simple Truth.

The higher the concept of in form and frequency
- the holy Spirit of
-in-action as in frequently -
the greater the results, faster and easier as will thus
  make it so... rebooting common sense Conscience
between our ears... each one's platform for our
conscious evolution individually and together.

As the veil thins at an accelerated rate with Galactic Alignment,
this is
your assignment: to catch, ride, define and refine the
      'cosmic wave' of Galactic Light infusing the Earth with more light,
           in full
Conscience that what you do to others, you do to yourself;

Earth is the platform for the evolution of souls, and that platform
is now getting an upgrade with the Constitution of Conscience
that will DO what the poor in Spirit are not able or willing to DO:

1 - Fulfilling the 'LEGACY' of U.S. Founders in our global village
         of, by and for the
'United Sovereigns of Earth' (U.S.E.), whereby
       we either
USE it -- freedom in love -- or by default we lose it.

"We have it in our power to begin the world over again."
~ Thomas Paine, Common Sense

2 - Providing 'Universal Self Care' for all global Netizens based on
          informed choice for the holistic analysis, prevention and treatment
        of all dis-ease (spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically)...
            with self-correcting database standards based on empirical results
            showing what modalities work best in synergy with other modalities.

"When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself,
art cannot become manifest, strength cannot
be exerted, wealth is useless, and
reason is powerless."

~ Herophillies, ancient Greek Philosopher-Scientist

  3 - Optimizing
social Conscience in our all-connected social networks,
       upgrading the computer/Internet revolution from hardware, software
            and netware to integration with heartware: from 'the computer is the
to 'the network has a heart'...
cyberEthics at the heart of
   web 3.0 -- the web of conscientious common sense that reflects,
       corrects and perfects our
pure intention as focuses attention on
love's retention for evolutionary ascension in higher dimensions
    of Unity-in-Diversity for the United Sovereigns of Earth

This is your assignment at this time... should you accept it:

REALIZE (with real eyes) that sacred
Conscience IS what
-in-action DOES for up-wising and uprising.

- AFFIRMATION...  Universal Love is the rule for pure intention.
- CONFIRMATION... Know better to do better via focused attention.
- DETERMINATION... Take Heart - Be Smart with love's retention.
- INTEGRATION... the Power of Love for evolutionary ascension.

Assembling the components to the CAPstone vision of
Creative Ascension Process for the
United Sovereigns of Earth.


With as the rule, rules
The Constitution of Conscience.

Conceive it and believe it to achieve it...
the '
Mastermind Alliance' of, by & for
our conscientious common sense

 Claim the victory of '
The Alliance'
 (the '
Light-side of The Force
as your assignment with
  Galactic Alignment.
"Lead, follow, or get out of the way."
~ Thomas Paine, Common Sense

Onwards and Upwards,