Veterans Day Revisited
 Why We 'Fight for Love

Heartcom Network / 11-12-13

Honoring Love of God and Country
By the author of 'On the Path of God and Country'

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General Patton’s Victory Prayer


Since the Revolutionary War, many souls in America
have answered the call of their conscience to fight
for the rights of liberty, justice and civility for all.

The pure intention at the heart of what is 'right' was
divided in the Civil War; we fought among ourselves
over the Constitutional 'right' of States to secede from
the union. Since then, State rights were federalized
and sovereign rights have been marginalized.

As the Federal government expanded with privatization
of the Treasury 100 years ago by the Federal Reserve,
which is neither 'Federal' nor has any 'Reserves', core
Constitutional principles were again betrayed for the creation of U.S. debt, for profit of the banksters. This
led to World Wars I and II that consolidated power
for the banksters and giant corporations that profit
from the creation and management of endless war.


  The Big Lie of weapons of mass destruction
   was a mass deception that we pay for now.

   Bankrupt morality prefers the love of power
   that inverts and subverts the power of love.

  The out-of-control debt that "loves to fight"
   (for the profit and love of power of the 1%)
  has caused severe austerity for the 99%.

  This is a huge burden on the "fight for love"
  (for the profit and power of love of the 99%)
  but created extreme prosperity for the 1%.
Love for what is 'right' is the honor of all veterans
of foreign and domestic wars for good over evil.
In good Conscience, we all know the difference.
Without that VISION, the 1% plunders the 99%.
Here is a powerful video on this economic reality
that has almost 12 million views as of 11-12-13:

Video quote: "Wake up and realize that the reality in this country
is not at all what we think it is."
If you wonder why U.S. veteran benefits are being
cut back, the above video shows what happens when
profits are privatized by 1% and losses are socialized.
Core Constitutional principles have been betrayed
for more than 100 years in the United States, and
this serves no one but the real enemies within the
gates of privatized U.S. institutions that no longer
serve the Constitutional purpose of 'We the People'.
100 years ago, Big Oil created a monopoly on power
that continues to suppress free energy technology.

100 years ago, big money from Big Oil combined with
with other big money interests to privatize Big Banks
that continue to create austerity and 'debt servitude'.

100 years ago, Big Oil profits created the drug industry
that monopolized the medical-industrial complex by
financing of 1,100 medical schools with pharmacology
at the core of the curriculum, turning out drug-pushers
for whatever ails you. Big money financed legislation
to make this 'standardized medicine model' a monopoly.

In more recent times (70's), consolidation of money
and power from Big Oil, Big Banks, Big Pharma and
Big War industries monopolized stock ownership and
control of Big Media, monopolizing the mass mind by
creating vertical integration of print, TV and radio under
what is now a handful of giant media conglomerates
that serve the
corporatocracy of power over people.

NOTE:  Corporatism is the Belief System (BS) of the corporatocracy
- the merger of Big Business with Big Government, i.e. fascism -
as has increasingly suspended core Constitutional freedoms
to protect corporate interests that have a vested interest
in putting corporate shareholders before the public
whenever profits are at stake: ‘Corporate Law’.


All the fork-tongued, two-faced deception of a
superrich power elite hierarchy that talks of
serving the public while making a killing
on war, disease and drugs naturally
makes the public very unhappy.

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say,
and what you do are in harmony."
~ Mahatma Gandhi.

 We’ve all heard that power corrupts and absolute power
corrupts absolutely. The monopoly on power by the 1%
     thus resists public opinion and resents social conscience,
  and yet has no power except that which the 99% allows.

   This issue of public sovereignty, in good Conscience,
 was the core intent of the original Boston Tea Party
    and the pure intent of the Tea Party movement before
 it was largely hijacked by Big Government interests.

"Public opinion sets bounds to every government,
and is the real sovereign in every free one."

~ James Madison, 4th U.S. President

This is the same James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution,
who said, "Conscience is the most sacred of all property."

Great truth and love was the formula that
the "Great Soul" (Mahatma) Gandhi used
to liberate India from the British Empire
as did Thomas Paine's 'Common Sense'
that sparked freedom's flame in America.
India has since become a world leader
in technology with service capabilities.
The kind-by-nature service orientation
of the people of India has become the
backbone of customer services for
many U.S. corporation call centers.
But in colonial America, it wasn't kindness
that Common Sense mostly appealed to.
It was moreso justice and liberty for all of
"US" (United States of America), a name
coined by Tom Paine in 'Common Sense'.

Americans wanted to own their own lives,
even if it meant armed resistance against
the empire laws and totalitarian 'tyranny'
which the empire now considers 'terrorism'
in context of the monopolized matrix today.
We now live in a very different world of
instant-everywhere-interactive Net reality.
If Tom Paine were alive today, he would
probably be rewriting Common Sense for
the new "
US" (United Sovereigns of Earth).
Every empire becomes top heavy with the
concentration of moneyed power at the top.
Plunder by Wall Street banksters becomes
legal with no prosecution for corruption that
strips equity out of homes and investments,
creating debt servitude and austerity within
global markets, for 99% of 'We the People'.

Empire tyranny is now a worldwide issue.
Every dictatorship builds on terror laws.
Terror-for-tyranny is an 'old-age' tactic.
False flag events are often the trigger.
Wars 'for peace' thus become the norm.
A disease care system becomes 'health care'.
Public service values are thus superseded by corporate law that puts shareholders before the public when profits are at stake.

Knowing 'the problem' is half way to solution.
Many people can't see self-evident solutions
because they're so much part of the problem.
The Big Lie is so big and bold and so often told
that people believe the lies at the expense of
the whole truth that makes deception obsolete.

For more on the whole truth that sets us free,
12 Inconvenient Truths Often Ignored

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you,
then they fight you, then you win."

~ Mahatma Gandhi